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Maguuma Wastes

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Maguuma Wastes

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Map of Maguuma Wastes

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Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle

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The Maguuma Wastes is the area north of the Tarnished Coast. They are formed from the portions of the Maguuma Jungle that have mysteriously dried out over the years. Although this is commonly attributed to the Elder Dragons, there may be other agents at work.[1]


Long ago[edit]

Little is known about these lands, except that there have long been tribes of centaurs, though some inhabited the northern part now known as the Silverwastes, where once the land was green, lush, and full of life. There was also a refuge where there was a gigantic tree, where a centaur named Ventari was found who lived far from the conflicts of war and was a refuge for those travelers who wanted to get away from those problems.

However, over time the area also came into conflict due to the war, for which Ventari decided to leave the refuge and go find a new one towards the Tarnished Coast.

In the year 1078 AE world-shaking earthquakes occurred and the destroyeres, minions of the Elder Dragon Primordus, arose, which needed them to some races moved and fled from the Depths of Tyria, among them were the Skritt who would then return to whatever safe cavern they could find to form new Fissures.

Intermediate years[edit]

In the intervening 250 years there have been a great deal of earthquakes in the region since it was last charted and as such, Dry Top's weather is now severe and prone to sandstorms, much like the Silverwastes, the area began to dry out, although some rivers, lakes and little vegetation can still be found. However, there is still a Oasis where you can see lush vegetation, which is kept under the care of centaurs, where they keep this place under constant rain.

It is unknown when the Town of Prosperity was founded, however, what is known is that Ceara came to live here, who years later would be known as Scarlet Briar, here she spent her first days as a engineer, in a room she rented for her various experiments and plans.

In the northern part of the region, I inhabit another tribe of Maguuma, twenty years before the awakening of Mordremoth. However, they were eliminated by Caithe, Faolain and the people who would form the Nightmare Court while searching for Wynne.

Living World Season 2[edit]

In the year 1327 AE. Mordremoth awakens and soon after, while spreading his corruption through the underground of Tyria, he destroys the City of Prosperity and sends his army of mordrem to attack the region. That same year the Zephyrites and their shrine crash-landed on Dry Top due to sabotage by the Sylvari Aerin.

Meanwhile, the Pact Commander along with his allies receive a letter from E to investigate disturbances in the Brisban Wildlands upon reaching an outpost called Tangle Root they find with robust ivy blocking a path, getting rid of them, they see a passage that leads them to Dry Top, where they meet the Zephyrites after the impact of their airships. Upon arrival they speak with a survivor of the impact, who informs them that the Master of Peace, their leader, was in danger from the sylvari. For which they decide to investigate in the region, in the end they meet Aerin and the Master of Peace, after the training and death of Aerin, the Master of Peace assures that he is safe and that he leaves with the egg to a golden place.

After that, the Commander and his allies continued to investigate the events in the region, while they were in the room where Scarlet Briar was, an earthquake occurred, where a tunnel was revealed that led to the interior of Cima Seca, there they found a group of centaurs that inhabited and found the laboratory of the Inquest, which carried out research on the ley lines, there they arrived at a cavern where there was a Ley Line Hub and they fought against the Inquest, after the confrontation, Taimi began to investigate and they used the Omadd's Machine which resulted in an explosion. Later, when investigating the waypoints, the place was invaded by the Mordrem, but the Commander and his allies were able to finish them off and secure the place.

Later that same year Trahearne sent a message to the Commander, informing that the Fort Vandal had been vacated by the banditss, that place allows access to the Silverwastes , where the Pact would establish Camp Resolve for their campaign against Mordremoth, there Trahearne managed to gather some members of the Destiny's Edge, except for Rytlock, and makes that the Commander goes in search of Caithe and Canach, who were missing, in the end he manages to find them. Some time after an arduous battle in the Silverwastes, the Pact is about to leave to defeat the dragon before it fully awakens and gains sufficient power, however an army of Mordrem attack the camp, but with the help of the Commander and the Destiny's Edge, they manage to beat them, after that the Commander says goodbye to them.

Finally the Commander, Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham and Rox go to the northern part of the Silver Wastes, to be able to access The Sealed Cavern using the Divine Fire, to be able to open it. Once inside they fight against spiders and other creatures, and the Commander is using some seeds, which reveal visions of the past about Caithe and Faolain, he finds out that Caithe killed Wynne, when the vision is completed, Caithe appears and refuses to return the Egg, however the Shadow of the Dragon appears and attacks the Commander and his allies, causing them to split up. Rox and Braham release bursts of Divine Fire, allowing the Mordrem dragon to be trapped and defeated. Meanwhile, Caithe escapes again.

Geography and climate[edit]

As its name indicates, the region is moorland, which has highlands, cliffs, quicksand, and generally has a great drought, so much of the region does not have so much vegetation, and it is an almost arid place. with some rivers or small lakes, where little vegetation can be seen. Part of the region is prone to sandstorms.

Despite little plant life, the site boasts a network of underground caverns, where there is a Ley Line Hub used by the Inquest, a labyrinth overrun by the mordrem, a cavern where the civilization of the Forgottens inhabit and finally a fissure that is inhabited by the skritt they have made their home. There is also a mining city living in the place and a group of centaurs from the Maguuma tribe who have made a Oasis in in the middle of these desert moors and try to keep this area under constant rain, so that there is abundant vegetation.

In recent years with the awakening of Mordremoth, the region has been corrupted by roots spreading from underground and invaded by the Mordrem dragon army.


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  • Internally at ArenaNet, this area was known as "Arid."[2]