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A painting of Drakkar Lake.

Drakkar Lake was a frozen lake in the Far Shiverpeaks where Drakkar, a dragon champion of the Elder Dragon Jormag was trapped.[1]

Over 250 years ago, when the norn still lived in the Far Shiverpeaks, the lake was treated as forbidden territory. Around 1078 AE, the norn siblings Svanir and Jora were hunting wolves which ran across the lake. As the siblings crossed the lake, they felt an ancient, and bitter cold, power in the area. Svanir performed a simple spell to reveal the nature of the power they felt, which drew Drakkar's attention, and sent Jormag's power into them. Jora resisted the power, and was in turn cursed, incapable of Becoming the Bear, while Svanir accepted the power and was transformed into the Nornbear and a new champion of Jormag.[2][3]

Around 1165 AE, when Jormag awoke to the far north and made its way south, it shattered and sunk portions of the Far Shiverpeak Mountains, flooding the place with a large inland sea. Drakkar Lake was part of the Shiverpeaks consumed by this sea. Though the body of water has grown greatly, consuming landmarks such as Sifhalla, it is still called Drakkar Lake by the norn, and has since re-frozen by Jormag's draconic ice magic.


Shiverpeak Mountains



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