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Molten Facility

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Molten Facility

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Molten Facility map.jpg
Map of Molten Facility

Shiverpeak Mountains
Connects to
Diessa Plateau
Wayfarer Foothills

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Loading screen


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Molten Facility or Molten Weapons Facility, often abbreviated MF, was a dungeon and the focus of Flame and Frost: Retribution, the finale for the Flame and Frost narrative. The dungeon did not require players to have completed the previous Living Story missions. All players were scaled up to level 80 for the dungeon. This dungeon introduced items with the new Sentinel prefix (Vitality/Power/Toughness). Walls of steam blocked progress in most sections until the area was cleared. Completing the dungeon gave the Rage Against the War Machine achievement.

Shortly after their discovery, the Molten Facilities were assaulted by Vigil and adventurers and were destroyed.


There were six facilities and the location of the dungeon entrance changed periodically between Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. A progress bar for the special event tracked the Molten Alliance strength. The location of the facility was marked on the map as Molten Weapons Testing Facility and was guarded by Warmaster Uma Threshgrowl and Warmaster Buron Threestrike.


Area Area objectives
Molten Weapons Facility
Waypoint (map icon).png Cavern Entrance Waypoint
Waypoint (map icon).png Overlook Waypoint
Waypoint (map icon).png Ore Processing Waypoint

Dungeon information[edit]


  • Explore the caverns with Rox and Braham.
    • Survive the Molten Alliance ambush.
    • Protect Rox and Braham while the machine is drilling.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Follow Rox and Braham.
  • Stop the Molten Alliance's plan.
    • Make your way to the testing chamber.
    • Stop the weapons test by destroying the thermal core.
    • Survive the first weapons test.
    • Survive the second weapons test.
    • Thermal Core
    • Event bar.jpg Event cog (tango icon).png
    • Destroy the thermal core.
  • Push further into the Molten Facility
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Optional: Destroy coolant boxes to increase the room's temperature.
  • Free the prisoners
    • Free the prisoners: x/10
  • Escort the prisoners out of the Molten facility
    • Lead the prisoners toward the exit.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Defeat the Molten firestorm and Molten berserker.
    • Molten Firestorm
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Molten Berserker
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Plant explosives on the Molten weapon's outflow vents.
      • Explosives planted: x/3
      • Speak to Braham when all explosives are set.
    • Escape the exploding facility.
    • Facility will collapse in 1:00.
    • Braham
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png
    • Rox
    • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png


Boss chest

The chest will award 3 of the following items:

Dungeon reward
  • 13 Silver coin
  • 760 Karma
  • 35% of experience needed for character level



Players will be ambushed by the Molten Alliance, fight off the waves and the Veteran Molten Brawler.


The drill will slowly tunnel through the rock while you defend Braham and Rox from Molten Alliance popping out. Side caverns will open along. These caverns are randomized and have three possible configurations. Orichalcum Ore or Mithril Ore can be found in these pockets; the nodes are account based and can be mined daily. Azurite Crystals can be gathered from these ores and used for crafting new items. You will continue to fight through ooze and Molten Alliance.

Thermal Core[edit]

A cutscene will play, showing an NPC being crushed with a giant block of metal. Follow the path counterclockwise across the pit of lava. The boss is a giant sonic periscope, the thermal core. The fight is a 3 phase fight that changes phases at 25% intervals. The first three phases will consist of one of the following three weapons tests (detailed below), in random order, with each test only occurring once. The weapons tests occur before the thermal core becomes vulnerable and only after the weapons tests end can the thermal core be damaged. The core becomes invulnerable again at 75%/50%/25% accordingly or after a set amount of time at which, if enough damage has not been dealt to the core, the phase will repeat.

As soon as the weapons tests end and the thermal core becomes vulnerable, adds will spawn around the room whose attacks will need to be avoided while your party damages the core. For the second and third phases only, a Veteran Molten Protector will spawn immediately next to the core on the side closest to the original entrance to the room. This add will need to be pushed or pulled away from the core since, a few seconds after spawning, he will create a temporary ring around himself. For its duration, anything in this ring, including the thermal core, is immune to all damage. Pull, launch, knockback, taunt, or fear skills should be used to move this dredge away from the thermal core. It should be noted that if the dredge does create this invulnerability ring, although immune to damage, he is still susceptible to crowd control.

The fourth phase consists of every weapons test occurring at once while simultaneously destroying the remaining 25% of the thermal core. It is generally a good idea to save your damage cooldowns for the fourth phase since it is the only phase that your party must damage the core while dealing with weapons tests.

Fireball Barrage[edit]

In this phase, multiple fireball barrages will be launched into the area, painting the ground with red circles. Avoid all the fireballs for the duration. There are various safe spots around the room at any given time during this phase, usually these spots are near the corners along the walls or toward the center. The fireballs count as projectiles and can be reflected.

Ground Pound Shockwaves[edit]

In this phase, heavy weights will pound down in corners of the area, causing circular traveling shockwaves. The shockwaves will not cover the entire room, but will at least reach the thermal core and a bit farther. The party will need to either run away from the shockwaves, jump over them, or dodge through them.

Fire Tornadoes[edit]

In this phase, a series of fire tornadoes will start on one side of the area and surge like a rake to the other side of the room. Getting hit will damage and knock the player back. The party needs to squeeze themselves into the free areas between the tornadoes, dodge them, or use the thermal core for cover. The tornadoes count as projectiles and can be reflected.

Final phase - Full Monty[edit]

In this final phase, the party will face all previous phases at once. The thermal core shield is constantly down, though, so focus fire on it to end the phase.


Continue west and fight through the Molten Alliance, including a Veteran Molten Gunner and Veteran Molten Blademaster. You will face a Molten Brawler and Molten Gunner in the next room. As you head south, the next room will have multiple Veteran Molten Blademasters, a Molten Shaman, and a Veteran Molten Effigy. Continue south to the southwest portion of the dungeon and take down the Faulty Gate and the Molten Brawler and Molten Gunner. Head east to the next area.


Head clockwise around the area, fighting the Molten Alliance along the way. Rescue the Prisoner along the way. These prisoners will assist you in battle along the way. Pick up the Crumpled Pages from the dead prisoner's body in the central prison. Head counterclockwise in the other direction and defeat the molten foes. You will make your way to the lower levels, rescuing prisoners along the way. This will lead eastward into some mines along with mine carts and giant wheels, where you will find the final prisoners. This will also be the location of a waypoint. You should find two other dead prisoner along the way, one under a bridge (Torn Letter), and the other one right after the waypoint (Crude Drawing).

Final room[edit]

Head southeast and battle some Veteran Molten Mining Suits. Fortunately, Dredge Excavators will come out of the suits instead of molten foes. Some steam jet traps will hinder movement to the next area. Heading east will bring the group to a cavernous room. There will be Steam Pipe Controls players can use to turn off the steam jet traps. This room contains a massive molten weapon that will be in the in the background during the fight with the final boss.

The final stage pits the party against two bosses, Molten Firestorm and Molten Berserker.

  • The Berserker has abilities similar to those of Veteran Molten Brawlers, being able to shadowstep to players and dealing heavy damage in close range. It also creates two kinds of shockwaves which can be dodged. The first is made when slamming the floor and can be jumped over, while the second is made from slamming his gloves together, and knocks back those who jump or, sometimes, even dodge. He can create up to four waves in a row, depending on the health of the Molten Firestorm, with more consecutive shockwaves at the Firestorm's lower health.
  • The Firestorm throws projectiles of flame which can bounce and create lingering area of effect fires. As the Berserker's health lowers, it will shoot more fireballs than previously.
  • Once you damage one boss to a 25% interval, the other boss will gain 50 stacks of enraged. While enraged, the boss will take and deal double damage. The enraged boss can be rid of the enraged status by attacking it. Every couple of hits will remove one stack. When the enraged buff is completely gone, its Defiant stacks will reset and it will be stunned for a few seconds.

Once one boss is defeated, it will be absorbed by the other boss, making him much more powerful.

  • If Molten Berserker is defeated first, the Firestorm takes the gloves (though not visibly apparent) and creates a sonic storm on the outer ring of the arena, causing any who don't stay within the inner arena to be pushed off the ledges - effectively decreasing the size of the arena and making it more difficult to dodge the Firestorm's attacks.
  • If Molten Firestorm is defeated first, the Berserker takes its jetpack, gaining abilities to create fiery shockwaves which can easily one-shot players who don't evade it and is harder, but still possible, to jump over. In this second phase, the Berserker also causes debris to continuously fall on the arena.

Note that the Molten Berserker's shockwaves do not originate at his feet. Instead, the shockwave starts at a short distance away - about as far as his targeting circle. By standing in the center of the targeting circle, it is possible to avoid being hit by all of his shockwaves. This is particularly useful if the Molten Firestorm is slain first, as the Berserker will use many more shockwaves. For this reason, it may be easier to kill the Molten Firestorm first if group members struggle to avoid his powerful fire-based AoE.


Head east up a ramp and grab some Molten Explosives. Carry the bundle counter-clockwise up the ramp to the outer ring encircling the giant molten weapon. Place the explosives on the Outflow Vents and head back to Braham. Tell him you're ready and detonate the explosives. A passage will open to the south and head west. Make your way past the flame jets and get to the elevator. Braham and Rox will have a dialogue and you will receive the dungeon reward. Hit the Facility Escape Lever to exit the dungeon. After completing the dungeon, Braham will send a mail and finish up the Flame and Frost narrative.

Karma items[edit]

There are three items players can return to specific NPCs to receive a Jug of Liquid Karma. These jugs gives Karma based on level and do not stack with normal jugs.






At the Entrance:

If a party member has not done it before:
Rox: We should wait for the others. Name's Rox. You?
Braham: Braham. I'm not good at waiting. Not when I have friends in trouble. Dredge took them prisoners. I'm here to get them out.
Rox: I get it. Flame Legion took mine. But don't worry, we'll go at exactly the right time. Our destinies dictate our every move. You'll see.
If all party member have done it at least once:
Rox: I don't like the look of this. One well-placed charge could bring it all down on our heads. We could be buried in here.
Braham: Got no choice, Those dredge are keeping prisoners. Some are friends of mine.
Rox: Okay. I just hope that dredge and the Flame Legion build this place for the long run.

Speaking to Rox:

Rox: No time to lose. Are you and that red-headed norn ready?
Talk ready option.png We're ready! Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png Hold on. We're not quite ready.
Wayfarer version:
Braham: We need to get going. Spirits know what they're doing to their prisoners. But I don't see a way to get out of here.
Rox: I hear you. Okay, there's that drill over there. It means their caverns can't be far.
Braham: I don't know anything about machines like that.
Rox: I do. Used to be on a mining crew. Follow me.
Diessa version:
Rox: It's time. I'm going to go check out that drill over there, see if I can get it started. The caverns must be behind this wall.
Braham: Why don't we just kuh-bam our way through?
Rox: You get points for enthusiasm, cub, but that'll take forever. I know about these machines. Let me work some miner magic. Follow me.
Vigil Tactician: It's an ambush!
Braham: We can handle them! Spread out!
Molten Brawler: You will die in flames.

After defeating the ambush:

Rox: Got it! Okay, don't follow too close. These things can spit hot rocks! Here we go!

Speaking to Rox in Tunnel section:

Rox: I hate tunnels. So dark. I'll try not to shoot you in the back of the head by accident.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.

Speaking to Braham in Tunnel section:

Braham: I wonder what surprises lurk in the heart of the Shiverpeaks. Spooky.
Talk end option tango.png We're about to find out.

In the tunnel (in random order when a pocket has been opened):

Braham: Watch out! We've hit a pocket of... What is that?
Braham: Oh, ew. Is that thing normal?
Braham: This must be a lair.
Rox: Knock, knock! Exterminator's here.
Rox: Local wildlife! Heads up.
Rox: Stay alert. These underground creatures can be cunning.

When the NPCs moving through the steam jets in the corridor:

Rox: Ow! Rawr!
Rox: C'mon, Frostbite. Let's go.
Braham: Hurry!
Rox: Ignore the pain! Move!

Approaching the weapon test area (cutscene):

Braham: Uh-oh. The wolf in me is growling.
Rox: Mine, too. I mean... You know what I mean.
Braham: Believe me. I do.
Rox: They're testing weapons here...on their captured prisoners.
Braham: Is that—great Spirits, I know him!

At the Thermal Core:

Weapons Test Engineer: Bug off! I'm workin'. Too many buttons, pile of...
Weapons Test Engineer: Wait, intruders? Intruders! Finally, an interactive audience. (cackles)
Weapons Test Engineer: (laugh) New test subjects have arrived. Their timing is exquisite.
Braham: Hey! You'll pay for this!
Weapons Test Engineer: It keens with outrage, the vermin. As if that will save it. As if! (snickers) Begin test now.

After first weapon test complete

Rox: The guts of the machine are behind those doors. Give it all you got!

If weapon being tested is fireball:

Weapons Test Engineer: Gah, it's overheating! Outta my way, outta my—oh, that's supposed to happen. That's right! (laughs)
Weapons Test Engineer: Any time now, you clunky machine.

If weapon being tested is crusher:

Weapons Test Engineer: Uhh. Excuse me. (mumble) Crummy Flame Legion and its shoddy... Ah, here we go!
Weapons Test Engineer: They're survivors; I can relate. Until they're dead.

If weapon being tested is fire tornado:

Weapons Test Engineer: Shuh, getting stuffy in here. How about some fresh air?
Weapons Test Engineer: Let me adjust the "kill" setting. There!

After all three weapon tests complete:

Weapons Test Engineer: This thermal core is crap! Where are my results? I want results! Fire EVERYTHING!

After destroying the thermal core:

Version 1:
Weapons Test Engineer: My—my weapons! You'll pay for this! Some...other time.
Version 2:
Weapons Test Engineer: They've ruined the tests. Ruined everything! GRAHH! I'll deal with them myself!
Weapons Test Engineer: Just give me, uhh, give me a moment. (mumble)
Weapons Test Engineer: Aha!

Post-thermal core conversation:

Braham: That was a lot of weaponry.
Rox: They sure packed for invasion. Probably going for the Black Citadel.
Braham: Or Hoelbrak. Maybe both. We have to get out of here and warn them.
Rox: Well, there's the exit. Let's go.

Checking Workbench outside Testing Chamber:

Workbench: Unfinished weapons are strewn across the workspace. It looks like Molten engineers are combining Flame Legion and dredge technology.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Checking Molten Device outside Testing Chamber:

Molten Device: A prototype of some sort. While its exterior is dredge-made, its inner components are of Flame Legion design.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Speaking to Rox in Corridor section:

Rox: Bat goo! You make a better wall than you do a door. Move!
Talk end option tango.png Okay.

Speaking to Braham in Corridor section:

Braham: I have to keep moving. If I stop for too long, I start thinking about what they've done to their captives here. It makes my ears hot.
Talk end option tango.png Yeah, it's terrible.

Approaching the prisoner cave:

Wayfarer version:
Rox: Proceed with caution. This doesn't seem—
Braham: Oh, no. Look. We found them. Oh, Spirits. We have to help them!
Rox: Easy, there. Don't rush in. Stop, look, and listen. Then we get them out.
Braham: Now?
Rox: Now.
Diessa version:
Braham: I don't think this is the exit.
Rox: No, but look. We found the prisoners. They're forcing them to mine!
Braham: We have to get them out. I wouldn't wish mining on my worst enemy.
Rox: Me, either. Let's go.

Speaking to Rox in Prison section:

Rox: This is what we came for. Focus!
Talk end option tango.png Will do.

Speaking to Braham in Prison section:

Braham: We found them! Now to get them out.
Talk end option tango.png We're on it.

Checking fallen prisoners for Crude Drawing, Torn Letter, and Crumpled Pages:

There's something inside the pocket of this prisoner's shirt.
Tick green.png Take it.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.

Checking fallen prisoners after taking items:

The body of a fallen prisoner lies here. Nothing else stands out.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.

Prisoner conversation

Wayfarer version:
Rox: Tribune Brimstone sent me to get you out. Report. What have you seen?
Prisoner: Flame Legion, and lots of 'em, in full-on war mode. They've got dredge working with them. It's crazy.
Rox: Okay, let's get out of here. One of us has to make it back to warn the citadel.
Diessa version:
Prisoner: Eirsson, is that you? What—
Braham: No time. Help the others find weapons. We're gonna have to fight our way out of here.
Prisoner: But there are...
Braham: Better dead than in a cage. C'mon.

While freeing the prisoners:

If prisoner is charr (one of the following):
Prisoner: Let's get a move on. Some of us don't want to end up a fur carpet.
Prisoner: Listen, the moles mentioned other bases. These mountains could be full of 'em!
Prisoner: Did the legions send you?
Prisoner: It's about time!
Prisoner: We're not free yet.
Prisoner: (grumble) No meat, no whiskey. What good are you?
Prisoner: Hey, cutie, you looking for a new pet?
If prisoner is norn (one of the following):
Prisoner: Look at you, Braham. Your legend is being born.
Prisoner: The heat... It's hard to breathe.
Prisoner: Bear's will—is that you, Braham? Finally, a competent warrior!
Prisoner: My partner was taken to another base. Have you...found any others?
Prisoner: The skaalds will sing of our escape.

Sixth prisoner (Diessa):

Prisoner: Braham! They're all over these caves. We have to hurry. Everyone pick up a weapon!
Braham: Are you okay?
Prisoner: I can't think about that now. Let's just get out of here.
Braham: Ottilia?
Prisoner: Don't...don't ask me that. Not now. You and your friends just need to get us out.
Braham: Okay.

After freeing all prisoners:

Braham: That's the last of them. Now what?
Rox: Now we get the flock out of here. Okay, everyone. We stick together, do you hear me? You're the sheep, and I'm the ram. Follow me.
Braham: How come you get to be the ram?
Rox: I've got the horns.

Speaking to Rox while escorting prisoners:

Rox: Not on our watch, right? Let's show 'em how unwelcome they are!
Talk end option tango.png Okay!

Speaking to Braham while escorting prisoners:

Braham: If only my mother could see me now. Kuh-bam!
Talk end option tango.png Let's do it!

Approaching the central area:

Rox: I admit, I didn't expect this. When I tell my tribune, he's going to think I've been dipping into his brandy.
Braham: You don't have any of that on you, do you?
Rox: Sorry, cub. This is not your lucky day.

Appearing of the final bosses (cinematic):

Braham: Oh, we're so dead.
Molten Firestorm: Squeeee! We've got company! Hey, bruiser. You see what I see?
Molten Berserker: (ROAR)
Molten Firestorm: I'll take that as a yippee. Let's see how colorful a smear we can make.
Braham: We can handle them! Spread out!

During the fight:

Molten Berserker: Flames take this dredge garbage!
Molten Berserker: Let's try a more hands-on approach!
Molten Berserker: Positions! Gah, what's wrong with these things?
Molten Berserker: Are these gauntlets working? They're not bloody enough.
Molten Berserker: These rutting gloves better work, mole.
Molten Berserker: (roar) I'll grind you into the ground!
Molten Berserker: Flames take this dredge garbage!
Molten Berserker: Dizzy, yet? How 'bout now?
Molten Berserker: I'll knock you to your knees!
Molten Firestorm: Jetpack, on! I'm getting the hang of this!
Molten Firestorm: Let's take this UP a notch! Wait, too many notches!
Molten Firestorm: Ch-ch-changing gears! Now who's got the upper hand, hmm?
Molten Firestorm: This isn't working! Fire, I need fire!
Molten Firestorm: Don't get too comfortable. It's about to get hot in here!
Molten Firestorm: Here I go—gah! Is this thing supposed to rattle?

After defeating the Molten Firestorm:

Molten Berserker: Gimme that pack. You fleas won't last long now!

After defeating the Molten Berserker:

Molten Firestorm: Couldn't handle the gloves, huh? Let's try things my way: double the tech!
Beginning of second phase
Braham: You can do it! C'mon!
Rox: I'll cover you! Go, go, go!

After defeating both bosses:

Braham: Okay. Okay. That wasn't so bad. Where's the next one? I'm ready.
Rox: Relax. We got them all, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I saw explosives over there while we were fighting.
Braham: Explosives?
Rox: Rust my britches—yeah. Explosives. You all should blow this place up.
Braham: What about you?
Rox: Me? I'll be over there, by the door. Let's just say, explosives and me—we don't get along.

Speaking to Rox while setting explosives:

Rox: I'm not the one you want handling explosives. Trust me. My shakes would have the shakes. You do it, okay? Let Braham know when you're done and it's ready to go boom.
Talk end option tango.png Check.

Speaking to Braham while setting explosives:

Braham: Time to blow it all sky high. Have we got all of the explosives set?
Talk end option tango.png Give me a minute.
Rox: This door is locked! You're lucky I'm here. I picked locks on plenty of these dredge mechanisms back in my mining days.
Braham: Great! The rest of you—if you're not setting charges, go wait by Rox. Otherwise, help me place these explosives around.
Rox: FUH! Great. Explosives again.

When setting explosive:

Outflow Vent: This Molten weapon will overheat if its vent is destroyed. Your explosives should do the trick.
Talk combat option tango.png Plant explosives.

After planting the explosives / on the run (prisoners quotes vary):

Rox: Got it! And not a moment too soon!
Braham: Everyone out! I'll clear the path. Follow me!
Rox: Trust me, We don't want to be here when it blows!
Braham: Whole place is coming down!
Braham: You can do it! C'mon!
Rox: Ignore the pain! Move!
Prisoner: We need to leave before this place falls apart!
Prisoner: MOVE IT!
Prisoner: Hraah!
Prisoner: "Braham Eirsson and the Escape from Death Mountain"—yes! I should be a skaald.
Prisoner: Watch out—the cave's collapsing!

Speaking to Braham while escaping facility:

Braham: Run!
Talk end option tango.png Okay!

After the facility collapsed:

Previous facilities:
Braham: Most of us made it out alive.
Rox: This time. The Vigil thinks the army also has other testing facilities like this one.
Braham: Well, that's a problem for another time. First, I need to get these prisoners safely to Hoelbrak.
Rox: Agreed. I'll escort mine to the citadel. I need to report in, anyway.
Braham: Hey, do me a favor. If you find another one of those dens, let me know.
Rox: Sure. And you, me—right? We made a good team, all of us.
Braham: Farewell.
Final facility:
Braham: Is it suppertime yet?
Rox: The Vigil thinks that was the last of the weapon caches. I have to get these prisoners back to the citadel.
Braham: I'm going straight back to Hoelbrak with these others. I feel good but exhausted.
Rox: And hungry.
Braham: Yeah! So, if you're ever near Cragstead, you'd better stop by.
Rox: If I come to Cragstead, it won't be to lounge around your hearth. It'll be to grab you for mission support.
Braham: I'll keep my mace handy.
Rox: You do that. I'll see you around, cub.
Braham: Not if I see you first. (snort of laughter)

Follow-Up mail[edit]


Braham Eirsson

No Rest for Me

<Character name>, I can't thank you enough for helping me avenge Cragstead, my home, by fighting the Molten Alliance. I'm on my way to Knut Whitebear in Hoelbrak. I owe him nothing, but reporting what happened is the right thing to do. Besides, I heard from one of the prisoners that Ottilia might be there.

Rox sends her thanks too. She's taking captured Molten criminals to the Black Citadel Stockades. We've all got separate lives to lead, I know, but Rox says we were thrown together for a reason. She doesn't think this will be the last time we meet. I hope she's right. Maybe I'll see you in Hoelbrak. Oh, and Rox suggests you go to the citadel to help her with the interrogations there. May Wolf guide your steps, my friend.

—Braham Eirsson

Show Me

(Rox and Braham are taking the final steps on their journey. They'd appreciate your assistance.

Braham is on his way to speak with Knut Whitebear in Hoelbrak's Great Lodge

Rox is heading to the Stockades to interrogate Molten Alliance Prisoners)


  • This dungeon did not count towards the daily achievement Dungeon Completer.
  • Events of this dungeon have been recreated in the Molten Furnace Fractal and the Molten Boss Fractal.
  • A single story instance of this dungeon, located in Diessa Plateau, was reintroduced of the story journal version of Living World Season 1: Flame & Frost.