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Frozen (lore)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the group in lore. For other uses, see Frozen.

They're not dead. One day, long after you've lived and died, they'll thaw. And I'll be there to lead them. Until then, their sacrifice will help unchain Jormag.

Ryland Steelcatcher in Dragon Response Mission: Lake Doric

The Frozen are individuals frozen in the Elder Dragon Jormag's corrupted ice by the Sons of Svanir and Frost Legion shamans under the command of Ryland Steelcatcher. The Frozen cannot be burned by destroyers and are connected to Jormag to help empower the Ice Dragon. According to Jormag and Ryland, the Frozen will eventually thaw out, alive, in the decades to come,[1] though they are unsure how the Frozen will be affected by this.[2] It is left ambiguous as to whether they will corrupted into minions, but those trapped in the ice do not appear to be altered. They have not been observed to be corrupted from the dead.[3]



  • The visual effects on the ice is the same ice used when Jormag uses Frozen Wave at the end of One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion, which is notably different from ice used by Jormag's minions elsewhere in the game.
  • In Frozen Out, Rox suffered a similar effect when she was frozen solid by the Champion Ice Beast's attack while the Pact Commander managed to unfreeze thanks to the protection provided by the Thaw Elixir. Thawing after the champion's demise, Rox likened the experience to having a vivid dream without even realizing that she had been frozen for the entire length of the battle.[4]


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    Logan Thackeray: Jormag's forces keep trying to herd people, not kill them outright.
    <Character name>: Herd them? For what?
    Crecia Stoneglow: Freezing. The Svanir shamans work some sort of spell—doesn't take long, but it seems to have a limited reach. [...]
    Ryland Steelcatcher:: Destroyers can't burn Jormag's Frozen. This is how we destroy Primordus. Get your priorities in order.
    Crecia Stoneglow:: What's wrong with you? These aren't fighters, they're farmers. You're cutting down innocent people!
    Ryland Steelcatcher:: They're not dead. One day, long after you've lived and died, they'll thaw. And I'll be there to lead them.
    Ryland Steelcatcher:: Until then, their sacrifice will help unchain Jormag. Welcome to the new world.
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    Aurene: You're dooming those mortals to centuries of—darkness, limbo, who knows what?
    Jormag: I confess I do not.
    Aurene: That's the point. For all you know, they're in pain. Tortured.
    Jormag: Their lives are preserved. When they thaw, they'll be in exactly the same condition they were when frozen.
    Aurene: Physically, maybe. But mentally? Emotionally? You don't know, you don't care. You need to care.
    Jormag: My dear, I do care. Of course I care. But you've left me no option.
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    <Character name>: Jormag's not making new Frozen from the dead. So what are their lackeys doing here?
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    <Character name>: I must be able to break the freeze because of the elixir... But Rox... [...]
    Rox: Cough! Cough! What happened?
    <Character name>: You were frozen.
    Rox: I was frozen? So weird. It was like a dream, and I was on the beach. You think it'd be the opposite...