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Jotun scrolls are ancient artifacts of jotun origin which can enchant weapons with powerful fire magic when invoked.


According to a norn legend, a jotun scroll was used by the norn hero Asgeir Dragonrender during the battle against the Elder Dragon Jormag to chip off one of its fangs before he led the norn south to found Hoelbrak in the norn exodus in 1169 AE. The fate of the scroll remained unknown since.

In 1325 AE, the Durmand Priory found a reference in an old tome about a magical scroll hidden somewhere in the Shiverpeak Mountains although it was unclear if it was the same scroll Asgeir had used or a similar artifact. Priory member Talon Bladedancer and her warband were sent to Hoelbrak to study the Grakk paintings which were believed to hold a clue about the location of the scroll. However, the Priory remained unaware at the time that the scroll did not contain knowledge about the Elder Dragons but a powerful enchantment.


A known invocation to enchant a weapon with the scroll's fire magic consists of two phrases which are uttered while holding on to both the scroll and the weapon which one wishes to enchant:

For the might of the fire lives in my heart and in this [weapon]. No chill will extinguish its light.[2]


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