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This article page contains an overview of known family relations within the Tyrian universe.
Smaller and less notable families are not shown. Especially large and/or complex family trees have been given their own separate article, as linked to below.

Human family trees[edit]

Tyrian royalty

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Canthan royalty

Primary article: Canthan imperial family tree

Elonian royalty

Primary article: Elonian royalty family tree

Delaqua & Meade[edit]

Marjory's father
"isn't nice like yours was."
~Marjory Delaqua
Marjory's mother
"sews dresses for a living."
~Marjory Delaqua
Kasmeer's father
Murdered in debtor's prison.
Kasmeer's mother
Died when Kasmeer
was a young girl.
Belinda Jane Delaqua
Unnamed sister
Unnamed sister
Marjory Delaqua
Human detective of
Canthan descent.
Kasmeer Meade
Raised a noble, but her
family fell on very hard times.
Kyle Meade
Put his family
in heavy debt.


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Cobiah Marriner's grandfather
Fought to save Kryta from the White Mantle.
Cobiah Marriner's father
A former member of the military. Turned sailor, and disappeared at sea leaving Cobiah to live with his mother and his younger sister.
♀Cobiah Marriner's mother
Was an alcoholic. Turned abusive after her husband's disappearance.
Cobiah Marriner's younger sister. Died in an accident falling from the docks.
Cobiah Marriner
Tough childhood. Signed up as a sailor shortly after his sister's death. Witnessed the rising of Orr. Rebuilt Lion's Arch. Formed the first Captain's Council. Took the title of Commodore after Lion's Arch gained independence from Kryta. Buried at Deverol Island, a family homestead he purchased in 1244AE.
Isaye Marriner
Became captain of the royal vessel Nomad around 1237 AE. Married Cobiah Marriner shortly after a mutiny attempt on her life. Co-founder of Lion's Arch
Dane Marriner
Cobiah Marriner's son. Second Commodore of Lion's Arch
Lawson Marriner
Cobiah Marriner's grandson. Third Commodore of Lion's Arch, since 1300 AE.
Kerryn Deverol
Granddaughter of Cobiah Marriner. Used to maintain her family homestead on the Deverol Island in Lion's Arch (prior to the attack by Scarlet's Alliance in 1327AE). The Deverols have been seafarers for as long as anyone can remember.


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Unknown father
Died during the Searing.
Keiran Thackeray
Was a Lieutenant of the Ebon Vanguard and leader of the Ebon Falcons.
Gwen Thackeray
Maiden name unknown. Legendary hero: previous commander of the Ebon Vanguard and founder of Ebonhawke. Logan Thackeray's ancestor.
Unnamed son Cordelius Thackeray
Buried at the graveyard in Ebonhawke. His gravestone reads "I'll make you proud brother".
Dylan Thackeray
Logan's elder brother.
Logan Thackeray
Commander of the Seraph.
Unnamed mother Unnamed father
Phil Thackeray (NB: disputed!)
Bird collector. Lives in Queensdale. He claims to be the second cousin, twice removed, from Logan Thackeray. This claim has however been questioned by both player character and players, due to the nature of his dialogue.

Charr family trees[edit]


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Unnamed sire
A high-ranking Flame Legion shaman.
♀Unnamed dam
A Flame Legion runaway.
♀Unknown dam/s Rytlock Brimstone
A Blood Legion tribune. Wielder of the legendary sword Sohothin.
Crecia Stoneglow
A Blood Legion tribune, Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's second-in-command.
Unknown cub/s Ryland Steelcatcher
A Blood Legion centurion.


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Pyre Fierceshot, 1078AE: "When I was a cub, my grandfather used to light a flame under a moa bird's feet and watch it squawk. If we don't get moving soon, I'll introduce you to him."
Vatlaaw Doomtooth
Pyre Fierceshot, 1078AE: "My father was a great soldier. Without him, Ascalon would not be the smoldering ruin it is today. I will honor his memory."
Vatlaaw played a major role in the Searing. He was spotted south of The Wall in 1070AE, whereupon he was hunted down and killed - just moments before the Searing - by a small group of the Ascalon Vanguards, led by Prince Rurik.
Pyre Fierceshot
Legionnaire of the Fierce Warband (Blood Legion). Under Pyre's leadership, his warband began a revolution within the Charr in 1078AE to renounce all gods and the Shaman caste's leadership.
Imperator of the Blood Legion. Supported her daughter[verification requested], Kalla Scorchrazor, in her fight against the Imperator of the Iron Legion and her fight for female rights.
Kalla Scorchrazor
Blood Legion. Fought for the rights of female charr, and won the right to fight alongside males when she defeated Iron Legion's Imperator, Forge Ironstrike, in one on one combat. Thanks to her actions bringing the females to assist the rebelling Legions, the Flame Legion was outnumbered by double the forces on the Plains of Golghein. After the battle, Kalla was assassinated by the Flame Imperator but was quickly avenged by Forge who slit the killer's throat.
"At least, I die knowing my sisters are free."


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Drub Gorefang
Ferro the Butcher
Formerly of the Iron Legion. Was obsessed with the tainted legacy of his grandsire, Drub Gorefang. When his son was born, he selflessly volunteered to answer for his ancestor's crimes, so that Bhuer could reclaim the Gore warband name with honor.
Bhuer Goreblade
Tribune of the Iron Legion. Commanding officer of the Adamant Guard and other Iron Legion forces within and near the Black Citadel. Took part in the defense quorum convened to fight back the Molten Alliance.


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Efram Greetsglory
The acting Imperator of the Flame Legion.


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Unknown sire Almorra Soulkeeper
General, founder of Vigil. Sole survivor of Almorra's Massacre.
Bangar Ruinbringer
♀Unnamed daughter
Ash Legion soldier.
Ajax Anvilburn
Renegade leader.
Ember Doomforge

Norn family trees[edit]


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Einar Cliffstrider
Father of Eir Stegalkin. Fell with honor at the Battle of Ice Crest.
Eir Stegalkin
Once the leader of Destiny's Edge. Also a renowned sculptor of wood and stone.
Borje the Sun Chaser
Once a legendary hero. Arrived at Cragstead with his son when he was just a baby, and lived there the rest of his life until he passed away in roughly 1316 AE.
Braham Eirsson
Norn Guardian. Raised in Cragstead. Didn't know who his mother was until his father died. Starting with the Molten Alliance attack on Cragstead in early 1326AE, he played an active role throughout the battle against Scarlet's Alliance up until 1327AE.


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Asgeir Dragonrender
A norn hero. Lived during the rise of Jormag, and took one of Jormag's teeth from it's maw. Established Hoelbrak, and placed the fang in the Great Lodge.
Knut Whitebear
An elder of the norn. Master of The Great Lodge, and current defender of Hoelbrak.
Gaerta Whitebear
Knut Whitebear's wife. Currently off on adventure somewhere in the Shiverpeaks.
Skarti Knutsson
The oldest of Knut Whitebear's two sons, and leader of the Wolfborn together with his younger brother Sigfast.
The youngest of Knut Whitebear's two sons, and leader of the Wolfborn together with his older brother Skarti.


Parents unknown
Legendary norn hero.
Slew her corrupted
brother Svanir.
Corrupted by Jormag,
slain by his sister Jora.
Jhavi Jorasdottir
One of the leaders
of the Vigil.

Other family trees[edit]

The Crystal Dragon family[edit]

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♀Unnamed mother
~Kralkatorrik's last words.
The Elder Dragon of Crystal and Fury.
Also known as Glaust. Prophet, scion and champion of Kralkatorrik.
Also known as "Gleam". Fought against Kralkatorrik's corruption. Killed by the rogue god Balthazar.