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Your mother's name is Eir Stegalkin. Remember that, but I will tell you what I told Yngvi and Brynhildr. No one must send word to your mother that I am gone. I forbid it. She is capable of great things, as are you. She must not be tempted to stray from her path. Wolf walks beside her. But you mustn't worry. He walks beside you as well, my son. Never forget that.

Borje the Sun Chaser

Borje the Sun Chaser was Braham's father and mate of Eir Stegalkin. He is described as having dark skin and was once a legendary hero.


Early years[edit]

Borje was a legendary hero among the norn. Some time after he and Eir Stegalkin had begun a relationship, Eir gave birth to their son Braham. When the threat of the Sons of Svanir grew greater in the Shiverpeak Mountains, Eir left to confront them. She did not initially intend to be away for long, but she was caught in adventures in the north, keeping her away from home for an extended period of time.[1]

Borje arrived at Cragstead with Braham when his son was just a baby, and lived there the rest of his life until he passed away in roughly 1316 AE. On his deathbed, he believed that Wolf would take his soul to the Mists, and told the 7-year-old Braham to stay in Cragstead with Yngvi Rugnar and Brynhildr the Mother Bear so they could raise him and he would protect them in turn. Borje forbade any message to Eir of his death, so that she would not stray from making her legend, but he also comforted Braham with the thought that Wolf would always walk beside the young norn to watch over him.


Living World Season 1[edit]

Eir eventually learned of Borje's passing but chose not to visit Braham because she had been away for so long and had learned that her son had been growing up under the guidance of the respected Yngvi and Brynhildr. She instead focused on keeping Braham safe by battling the Elder Dragons and their minions.[1] Braham's lineage was kept secret from most people, including respected norn like Knut Whitebear, until Eir had to reveal it following her reunion with her son during the Molten Alliance invasion of Cragstead in 1326 AE.[2]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1332 AE, Braham was surprised to see what appeared to be a revived Borje while fighting the Sons of Svanir in Bjora Marches. However, Borje ultimately turned out to be a hallucination from Braham's mind which was being manipulated by the Elder Dragon Jormag. After coming to his senses, Braham swore to make Jormag pay for making him relive the painful memories of his father's passing.[3]

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