Molten Boss Fractal

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Molten Boss Fractal

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Map of Molten Boss Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Defeat the twin champions at the heart of the Molten Alliance weapons facility.

— In-game description

The Molten Boss Fractal is a boss fractal in Fractals of the Mists. It occurs at 10, 40, 69 and 90.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Stop the Molten Alliance's plans.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Reward Level: x
    • Investigate your surroundings.
    • Defeat the Molten firestorm and Molten berserker.
    • Molten Firestorm
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Molten Berserker
      Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png


Primary article: Fractals of the Mists#Rewards


Pre-boss Mobs[edit]

The Molten Boss Fractal consists of 8 mob fights (one being a mini-boss), and an end boss. Throughout the fractal, you can save Prisoner NPCs who will join you, increasing allied numbers should they survive the fights. Each of the groups are centered around one or more significant enemies, and also contain a group of ordinary Dredge and/or Flame Legion (referred to as 'Molten') soldiers. The eight groups are as follows:

  • Pack 1: Veteran Molten Protector - One Dredge Protector and a handful of regular Dredge.
  • Pack 2: Elite Molten Smoke Shaman - One Elite Smoke Shaman, another Protector, and several more Dredge.
  • Pack 3: Elite Molten Brawler - One Elite Molten Brawler, a handful of Dredge, and two Protectors. These Protectors may protect each other, making them difficult to take down.
  • Pack 4: Elite Molten Flame Shaman - Across a bridge over a lava flow, One Elite Flame Shaman, protected by a Dredge Resonator and a handful of Dredge. The Resonator must be killed before the Flame Shaman can be damaged. Beware of fireballs impacting across the bridge.
  • Pack 5: Champion Molten Effigy - The Champion Molten Effigy, supported by an army of Molten soldiers. At high tiers, there is a phase that spawns excavators and there is an additional Dredge Mining Suit.
  • Pack 6: One Elite Molten Smoke Shaman, Elite Molten Brawler, and Veteran Molten Protector, and a group of Dredge.
  • Pack 7: Veteran Dredge Suit - One Veteran Dredge Mining Suit and a group of other Dredge. This Suit uses attacks and mechanics that come into play on higher tiers of the final boss fight. [verification requested]
  • Pack 8: No significant Veteran or Elite enemy, just a group of Molten soldiers.

After defeating the eighth group, head down the ramp and cross the catwalk towards the circular platform where a short dialogue sequence will introduce the Molten Berserker and Molten Firestorm, bosses of the fractal. Both must be defeated to finish the fractal.

There are several enemies that are unique to this fractal.

  • The Molten Protector is a Dredge or Flame Legion soldier who does not directly attack on their own, but instead targets another enemy and makes them invulnerable. The Protector will break its protection if it is stunned or killed.
  • The Molten Smoke Shaman is a Flame Legion soldier who targets players with smoke bombs. These bombs have a long detonation time and the targeted player will be marked well in advance (similar to the targeting mechanics of the Flux Bombs from other fractals). On detonation, the bomb will create a field of smoke which repeatedly damages and Blinds players in it.
  • The Molten Brawler is functionally a small version of the Molten Berserker met as one of the final bosses of the fractal. It uses the same attacks, described below.
  • The Champion Molten Effigy is not a unique enemy in the world, but it does have unique abilities here. Notably, it has stomps and shockwaves, can release multiple burning fields, and can launch a long-distance charge (indicated by an arrow on the ground showing the direction).

Phase 1 - Berserker and Firestorm[edit]

The two bosses have different mechanics:

  • The Molten Berserker (the charr) shadow steps around the platform and does a 4-part chain melee attack that will end in a small shockwave shooting out in the direction he's facing. Occasionally he will also perform some stomps that send out traveling circular shockwaves. The white ones will travel along the ground and can be jumped over or dodged, while the other blue stomp will travel through air. The attack will not deal damage unless the player is jumping, in which case it will cause damage and a knockback, which might push you over the edge, and into your death.
  • The Molten Firestorm (advanced Dredge power suit) hovers around the platform shooting flaming AoE shots at the party that persist on the ground for several seconds. The shockwaves and flaming projectiles both cause Agony.

Every time one of the bosses loses 25% health, the other one will become Enraged, significantly increasing the rate at which he uses his skills and consequently his damage output. It's possible to remove the Enraged buff by hitting that boss 50 times (every hit removes a stack), after which it will become stunned for a few seconds. Another option is to concentrate only on one boss, enduring the other one in Enraged state for nearly the whole duration of the fight.

Phase 2 - Combined Tech[edit]

Once one of the bosses are defeated, the remaining boss's health will be completely refilled and any players that have died will revive at full health. The surviving boss will walk to the corpse and "upgrade" his attacks:

  • The Molten Berserker gains an improved stomp and causes debris to fall down on the platform.
  • The Molten Firestorm creates a windstorm that covers about the outer third of the platform. Players who enter the windstorm will be repeatedly pushed towards the edge of the platform, which can result in death from falling off the platform. (Entering the wind is not a death sentence, but sustained fighting in it is not practical.)

Defeat whichever boss is left to finish the fractal.

  • If the party wipes in this phase, they will only need to continue Phase 2 instead of restarting the whole fight.
  • At 50% Veteran Molten Mining Suits are summoned. Tier 3 summons 3 while tier 4 summons 5.


Molten Boss Fractal Stabilizer Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
You've completed the Molten Boss fractal inside the Fractals of the Mists.The Molten Alliance just lost its two heaviest hitters. 1 Fractal 5Achievement points
Fractal Recursion: Molten Boss Flame and Frost 3Achievement points
Complete the Molten Boss Fractal after completing the Flame and Frost episode.
Prerequisite: A Quiet Celebration
Completed the Molten Boss Fractal 3Achievement points
Shockwave Skipper Fractals of the Mists Central Tyria mastery point 5Achievement points
Defeat the leaders of the Molten Alliance without being hit by a shockwave.They can't hurt what they can't hit. 1 Challenge 5Achievement points

Dodge or jump to avoid Molten Berserker's shockwaves, both on the ground and in the air. If the player is defeated it does not count.

Firestorm Extinguisher Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
Defeat the Molten Firestorm before defeating the Molten Berserker in the first phase of the encounter,
then defeat the upgraded Molten Berserker in the second phase of the encounter in the Molten Boss fractal.
Defeated the Molten Firestorm Before Defeating the Molten Berserker 5Achievement points

As the upgraded Berserker is far more dangerous than his counterpart in Phase 2, this is best done on level 10, and it is not recommended to try for the Shockwave Skipper achievement at the same time.

Going Berserk Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
Defeat the Molten Berserker before defeating the Molten Firestorm in the first phase of the encounter,
then defeat the upgraded Molten Firestorm in the second phase of the encounter in the Molten Boss fractal.
Defeated the Molten Berserker Before Defeating the Molten Firestorm 5Achievement points



  • Braham
  • Elderly Prisoner
  • Prisoner


Charr (Molten Alliance)
Dredge (Molten Alliance)



Entering the fractal
Dessa Observation Mode: Strange. I'm reading energy spikes all around you, but I only observe ambient geothermal kinetics. [verification requested]
Braham: I don't think this is the exit.
Rox: No, but look. We found the prisoners. They're forcing them to mine!
Braham: We have to get them out. I wouldn't wish mining on my worst enemy.
Rox: Me, either. Let's go.
Speaking to allies
Rox: Not on our watch, right? Let's show 'em how unwelcome they are!
Talk end option tango.png Okay!
Braham: If only my mother could see me now. Kuh-bam!
Talk end option tango.png Let's do it!
Freeing the first group of prisoners
Prisoner: Braham! They're all over these caves. We have to hurry. Everyone pick up a weapon!
Braham: Are you okay?
Prisoner: I can't think about that now. Let's just get out of here.
Braham: Ottilia?
Prisoner: Don't...don't ask me that. Not now. You and your friends just need to get us out.
Braham: Okay.
Freeing the second group of prisoners
Rox: Tribune Brimstone sent me to get you out. Report. What have you seen?
Prisoner: Flame Legion, and lots of 'em, in full-on war mode. They've got dredge working with them. It's crazy.
Rox: Okay, let's get out of here. One of us has to make it back to warn the citadel.
After killing the Effigy's group
Braham: That's the last of them. Now what?
Rox: Now we get the flock out of here. Okay, everyone. We stick together, do you hear me? You're the sheep, and I'm the ram. Follow me.
Braham: How come you get to be the ram?
Rox: I've got the horns.
After killing the Mining Suit's group
Rox: I admit, I didn't expect this. When I tell my tribune, he's going to think I've been dipping into his brandy.
Braham: You don't have any of that on you, do you?
Rox: Sorry, cub. This is not your lucky day.
Enter the boss platform
Braham: Oh, we're so dead.
Molten Firestorm: Squeeee! We've got company! Hey, bruiser. You see what I see?
Molten Berserker: (ROAR)
Molten Firestorm: I'll take that as a yippee. Let's see how colorful a smear we can make.
Braham: We can handle them! Spread out!
Dessa Observation Mode: Oh, that explains the spikes. Those two don't look friendly.
Dessa Observation Mode: Hmmm. Dredge and charr, working together. Charrdge? Dreharr? And just how do two xenophobic cultures align with each other?
Dessa Observation Mode: Oh I got it! Chredge! Hmmm. Sounds like a skin condition.
During the fight
Molten Berserker: This isn't working! Fire, I need fire! (When Molten Firestorm is at 80% health)
Molten Berserker: Uhh, the smoke is just for looks, right? Right? (When Molten Firestorm is at 60% health)
Molten Berserker: I'll knock you to your knees! (When Molten Firestorm is at 50% health) [verification requested]
Molten Berserker: All this spinning's making me MAD (When Molten Firestorm is at 50% health) [verification requested]
Molten Berserker: Let's try a more hands-on approach! (When Molten Firestorm is at 40% health) [verification requested]
Molten Berserker: Flames take this dredge garbage! (When Molten Firestorm is at 20% health) [verification requested]
Molten Firestorm: Don't get too comfortable. It's about to get hot in here! (When Molten Berserker is at 80% health)
Molten Firestorm: Let's give this a whirl! (yelp) T-too much whirling! (When Molten Berserker is at 60% health)
Molten Firestorm: Jetpack, on! I'm getting the hang of this! (When Molten Berserker is at 50% health)
Molten Firestorm: Things are looking up! Oh, ah! And down, sideways! (yelp) (When Molten Berserker is at 40% health)
Molten Firestorm: Ch-ch-changing gears! Now who's got the upper hand, hmm? (When Molten Berserker is at 20% health)

[verification requested]

Molten Firestorm: Let's take this UP a notch! Wait, too many notches!
Molten Firestorm: Uhh, the smoke is just for looks, right? Right?
When one of the bosses is defeated
Dessa Observation Mode: It's absorbing the energy of its fallen comrade. Its power rating is off the charts. Be careful.
(When defeating the Molten Firestorm first)
Molten Berserker: Gimme that pack. You fleas won't last long now!
(When defeating the Molten Berserker first)
Molten Firestorm: Couldn't handle the gloves, huh? Let's try things my way: double the tech!
Molten Firestorm: Don't get too comfortable. It's about to get hot in here!
After defeating the second boss
Dessa Observation Mode: There. Fractal stabilized. I wish I was there. So many questions, not enough answers. (sigh) Come on through.

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  • This fractal was added in the Fractured release.
  • If the player turns around upon loading into the map, they can use leap or blink skills to work their way through some high-damage steam vents. They can then walk all the way through the old Molten Facility dungeon, though no npcs will spawn. Likewise, after defeating the Molten Berserker and Molten Firestorm, the player can continue onwards to where the old dungeon exit was located. The elevator lever does not work.