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Dragon's Stand (Heart of Thorns)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story instance. For the open world zone, see Dragon's Stand.

Dragon's Stand (Heart of Thorns)

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Dragon's Stand (Heart of Thorns) is a staging area for Hearts and Minds, the final Heart of Thorns story mission. It is a massive and ancient tree where Mordremoth took root eons ago, with the tree becoming the core of its domain and the center of the Maguuma region.[1]

Getting there[edit]

Characters find themselves in this area immediately after completing Bitter Harvest. Thus, joining someone for Bitter Harvest, even if your own story progress is not at that point yet, brings you to the lobby area, from where you can also join other people for the following quest Hearts and Minds. To return to this area, talk to Agent Zrii who can be found at the Pact Base Camp and will smuggle you back in when asked to. This however only works if you completed all previous quests. If you skipped the previous quests with the method mentioned above, you have to redo Bitter Harvest to get to the lobby area again. A Teleport to Friend will also work.

Aside from standard map traveling, you can leave the area by either talking to Aviator Bladespinner, or by exiting via the portal at the bottom of the Helix - both of which will teleport your character to the entrance to Dragon's Stand, by the Pact Base Camp Waypoint.




Historical NPCs[edit]