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The Olmakhan are a tribe of charr named after Olma, the first sandshifter. They fled from the Flame Legion before the eventual Charr rebellion. They now live in the village of Atholma in Sandswept Isles.


Early history[edit]

The Olmakhan tribe started out as a warband. Instead of joining the rebellion of Kalla Scorchrazor, they fled the charr homelands. They feared that the insurgency of Kalla was doomed, like other minor insurgencies before. Throwing off the caste system and the taboo on magic, they were able to make their escape from Ascalon. The trek led them along the Shiverpeak Mountains south towards the Crystal Desert. During the five year exodus their warband slowly changed into a tribe, led by a council of five elders.

Modern developments[edit]

The current home of the Olmakhan, Atholma.


The Olmakhan's separation from the High Legions and dislike of violence has diverted their culture from other charr. The core dictum of their lifestyle is peace with nature. They live maintaining balance with nature, and survive by hunting, fishing and farming. They utilize skimmers and magic and do not use the fahrar system of raising cubs. Instead they form families that take care of their children.

While the Olmakhan appear to know of metallurgy, they use it mostly for making fishing and farming equipment, for construction, and for defense, and not for warfare. Many Olmakhan appear to be adept at the use of magic, and seem to favor healing and elemental magic. They can create powerful sand elementals and protective shields for defense.


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