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Might and Main

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Map of Might and Main

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The Might and Main is the heart of Hoelbrak. At its center is a large dodecahedral structure, with thick sheets of carved ice — one carving for each major lodge — chained to five of its upper faces. A brazier hanging below them projects each carving into the sky above the corresponding lodge.


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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Brawler's Bout
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Hoelbrak Refugee Camp





Merchant (vendor icon).png Brewer Alasyn
Merchant (vendor icon).png Evelina
Guild Commendation Trader.png Fenja
Armorsmith (map icon).png Geirhild
Armorsmith (map icon).png Haror
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Sludi
Guild Registrar (map icon).png Svein
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Syftun
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Torgard
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Vann


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For ambient dialogue during Dragon Bash: Dragon Bash/Festival content#At Might and Main 2
Wyld Hunt Valiant: Warmth and light, wolf brother. My fellow knight and I are stalking the most challenging prey. We need your help.
Wolfborn: Well, sprout, spit it out. I have patrols to get to.
Wyld Hunt Valiant: Have you knowledge of an agent of the Nightmare Court passing through here?
Wolfborn: Nightmare what? (laugh) I think you took a wrong turn somewhere, my leafy friend. But don't wallow. Let me buy you an ale!
Wyld Hunt Valiant: (Sigh) Although it is imperative that we track down our quarry, I have been curious to try norn ale.
Hemlig Hjordsdottir: They hide in plain sight; that's how they get close to you. Don't let them get you too.
Hemlig Hjordsdottir: They're like the old beings, like the Mursaat, manipulating from afar. They even make pawns of the Elder Dragons.
Wolfborn: Good to see you! When's your son breaking Jormag's tooth?
Local: I thought you heard. Fool boy tried, but got drunk first.
Wolfborn: What? Why?
Local: Why else? To impress women. Too bad he ended up making a Jormag's sized mess.
Local: Nothing going on here.
Wolfborn: I know. I'm just looking around.
Mist Warrior Qigga: Recruiter here. If you have questions about the Mist War, I'm all ears.
Mist Warrior Dravirk: Join us in the Mists! You may not get a whiskey, but I guarantee you'll get a few scars.
Mist Warrior Hjalla: Just do it! Join the battle for the Mists and put your muscles to good use.
Mist Warrior Hurstag: Ho there! Come play with us in the Mists! There's a war on.
Mist Warrior Qigga: We're taught to walk away from battles we can't win. Some days I ask myself why we're still fighting this Mist War.
Mist Warrior Hjalla: Because the alternative is extinction. So we go through the portal in Lion's Arch and pour heart and blood into defending our world.
Adventurer: You there. How do I get to the Mist War?
Mist Warrior Hjalla: You have to go to Lion's Arch to find the portal. You looking to build your legend?
Adventurer: Yeah, I heard the true battle between good and evil happens in the Mists. I'm ready for a real challenge.
Elder: Tell me what you hunt today.
Hunter: Nothing. I'm off to pay respects to the Spirits.
Elder: Huh. Time was I could visit the hallows daily, but not with these knees.
Hunter: That's a shame. I'll ask the Spirits to watch over you.
Kid: I want to know why the Spirits told Asgeir to put Hoelbrak over that big pit. I'm gonna go down into it.
Elder: Many have tried, but found nothing but darkness.
Kid: I'll find something down there.
Elder: The Spirits are wise, and you are wiser for searching for their motives, even if you find nothing.
Wolfborn: You, listen to what I have to say.
Wolfborn: This will not do!
Wolfborn: Bah, I'm done with this.
Wolfborn: Sigfast and I go way back.
Hunter: Yeah?
Wolfborn: Yeah, he got me into the Wolfborn.
Wolfborn (1): Think Eir will return to adventuring one day?
Wolfborn (2): Of course she will. She's norn!
Traveler (1): He killed 'em for the skins! And he left the meat behind!
Traveler (2): We should gather it all up and ship it back home.
Local: Wow, you actually shut up when I'm talking. I'd go crazy with nobody to listen to me.
Local: I'll grab your head and make a fist.
Local: Bones of my ancestors! You and your boots. You lost them, you find them.
Local: Asura? Bah! Puny bodies hiding behind metal men.
Local: Pff, last time I got that drunk, my friends rolled me in grub spit and stuck moa feathers all over me.
Local: I've heard that Skarti Knutsson is torn between his father and his brother over something, but it's all secretive.
Local: : None of your nonsense! The Spirits gave us our task, and that is what we'll do.
Local: : Oh ho! Your devotion to Bear is strong. But can you test your mettle against me?
Local (1) I swear, he was wearing nothing but a helmet!
Local (2): He does that sometimes.
Local (1) Storm's coming.
Local (2): I should hope so.
Local (1): There's a human taking wagers on the pit fights.
Local (2): Coin wagering. Bah! There's no pride in that.
Local (1): Speak for yourself! I'd fight for glory and take their money. I've plenty of uses for coin.
Local (1): I'm taking Asgeir's lead. I'd rather reach for my dream and die than live and fade away.
Local (2): You think he reached his dream?
Local (1): Oh, yes. He showed us we could fight the dragon. If I can make my mark like that, I'll die with a smile.
Local (1): You stand here so much I'm starting to think you don't do anything else.
Local (2): Aye. The Might and Main is my second home. Look at it!
Local (2): Crisp snow, the bite of frozen air, the painful screams from the fighting pit.
Local (1): You're such a norn.
Astyr Eyrbirgen: I haven't gone to see Valharantha in a long time. I wonder if she still thinks of me.
Astyr Eyrbirgen: These snow leopards are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you, Brud.
Local (1): I need someone to mend clothes, and I've got plenty of furs.
Local (2): My wife loves to sew. I'll let her know you're up for a trade.
Local: It's a good night to hunt.
Hunter: ??? night?[verification requested]
Local: Well, yeah. That's why what I said is true.
Local (1): Finally I told him, "My fist, your face. That's how these things always end.
Local (2): Seems like you need better luck.
Local (1): I know. I can never find a solid guy. It couldn't be me.
Local (2): Impossible. It's always their fault.
Local (1): I'm in love. I thought it wouldn't happen, but there it is.
Local (2): Do you even have the energy for that?
Local (1): Sure. Juggling a couple of males is easy.
Pit Fighter: Over already?
Kyril Stansturm: What does this mean? It's so bright and vivid. It's so beautiful.
Kyril Stansturm: (laugh) It's so intense.
Artist: I'm going bear hunting soon. You can use the hide for so many things.
Elder: You don't want the meat?
Artist: Of course I do! I'm not a wastrel.
Traveler (1): They're making more ale. They need more grain.
Traveler (2): Next caravan, we'll make a killing.
Outside the Bear Lodge
Eran Kryfjord: Ah, that broodmother took a chunk out of you, didn't she?
Local (1): She walked out of here a month ago. I don't know if she's coming back.
Local (2): If she's not here by the spring moot, I think you should move on.
Local (1): It's a tough choice. I could always go look for her.
Local (2): That depends on whether she wants to be found.
Ana Feldarken: Those filthy moles! Polluting Hoelbrak with their stench and grime.
Urth: So, little brother, what shall we do for fun today?
Skald: Urth, you're only older by minutes. Why do you continue to call me "little brother"?
Urth: Because it always rubs you the wrong way.
Urth: Skuld, could you lift the stone carving of Bear mounted inside Bear Hall?
Skald: That's nothing, Urth. I could lift that with one arm. Sometimes I doubt we shared the same womb.
Skald: So Urth, what is the challenge today? Juggling bears?
Urth: Don't be silly, my challenge for you today is simple. Keep your mouth shut.
Skald: Agh. What does that have to do with strength sister?
Urth: Nothing. And I win.
Skald: You're as cold as the heart of the shiverpeaks.
Urth: Oh my heart has been wounded by such cold, cruel truth!
Skald: Urth, how could you possibly think you can lift that statue?
Urth: It is simple leverage. With the right angle and a long enough plank. I could do it.
Bear Shaman: Welcome to the shrine, Bear's daughter. How are you?
Petitioner: My children are happy and healthy. My family prospers.
Bear Shaman: Then commune with Bear, my child. May her blessings be upon you.
Bear Shaman: You are hurt child. What troubles you?
Petitioner: I have survived the depths of the wilderniss. The frost almost killed me. But I have returned.
Bear Shaman: Bear sustains you. You have her strength. Commune at the shrine and be renewed.
Farmer: Crush them into the dirt.