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The Whisper of Jormag

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the foe encountered during the Voice in the Deep story step. For the strike mission creature, see Whisper of Jormag.

This is but a piece of me. An ambassador. The whisper that spreads my words.

The Whisper of Jormag

The Whisper of Jormag is the final foe in the Voice in the Deep story step in Shadow in the Ice. It is a Voice of Jormag through whom Jormag, the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion, can speak from a great distance.

Story involvement[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Icicle Throw - A fast ranged projectile with the circular ground marker. (Available from 100%)
  • Rimebreath - A narrow cone attack similar visually to Cone of Cold. (Available from 100%)
  • Icy Slice - A 180 degree cone which visually freezes the ground (Available from 100%)
  • Ice Tempest - Tornadoes of ice which spiral out from the boss. (Available from 100%)
  • Frigid Blast - Triggered when the boss reaches any of the 80/60/20% breakpoints. (Available from 100%)
  • Icy Slash - Large warning circles appear on the ground, followed by geysers and spikes. The player is forced into the air (players are able to use their glider afterwards). (Available from 80%)
  • Slithering Rime - Boulders of spectral ice which radiate out from the boss in straight lines (initially six, with more afterwards). (Available from 60%)
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