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The bottommost rank in the High Legions is the gladium. A gladium is a charr without a warband; they are the lowest grunts, given little respect or responsibility—regardless of their previous titles or rank. Without a warband, a charr is not trusted. It is every gladium's duty to rejoin a warband as quickly as possible. Until they do, they are seen as a black mark on the legion's record and are looked down upon.

The Legions of the Charr

A gladium is a charr who has lost their warband. It is the lowest rank in charr society as the charr has lost what they consider to be more important than their family. Many of the charr who become gladiums end up outside of the chain of command—it is up to them what they do after that. Some, like Rox, might seek to join another warband, and will be given a test to prove themselves; others, like General Almorra Soulkeeper and Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw, find their place outside of the charr society. It is acceptable for a group of gladiums to form a new warband on their own. Soldiers who have just lost their warbands must report to their former tribune in order to register themselves as gladiums. Some gladiums may even seek employment as free agents who go on various, often discreet missions for the High Legions.

Known gladiums[edit]


  • "Gladius" means "sword" in Latin. "Gladiator" (Roman arena fighter) is derived from this. Gladium is the accusative singular of gladius.