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Disambig icon.png This article is about the user interface. For the achievement, see Hero (achievements). For the NPC, see Hero (NPC).
General view of the Hero panel.

Hero panel Menu Bar icon.png The hero panel (default H) is a user interface element which displays information about the character and account and provides extensive character customization options.


  • Hero panel equipment icon.png Equipment: This tab gives an outline of the character and allows the player to see and change the equipment used. There are ten sub tabs to this tab;
    • Equipment — displays items in the character's inventory, current equipment (armor, weapons, trinkets, and gathering tools), and character information (name, level, profession, attributes).
    • Wardrobe — allows usage of Transmutation Charges to change the character's equipment to a skin from the available unlocked skins.
    • Outfits — allows an outfit to be selected that is shown above the armor of a character.
    • Dyes — allows dye to be applied to the currently equipped armor or outfit.
    • Glider Skins — allows players to preview gliders as well as to select which glider they want to use when gliding.
    • Mounts — allows players to preview mounts as well as to change the mount to a skin from the available unlocked skins.
    • Fishing — allows players to preview, change and equip fishing rod skins, lures and baits.
    • Skiffs — allows players to preview and change skiff skins.
    • Novelties — allows players to select and equip novelties, like musical instruments, chairs, kites and toys as well as to see the available unlocked items.
    • Jade Bot — allows players to equip power cores and, while next to a jade bot workbench, additionally sensory array and service chip modules.
    • Miniatures — allows players to select miniatures that follow the character.
    • Finishers — allows players to select the finisher used.
    • Mail Carriers — allows players to select the mail carrier used when sending mail to players or receiving game mail.
  • Hero panel skills and traits icon.png Build: used to equip skills and traits.
    • Weapon Skills — shows the character's weapon and downed skills available.
    • Slot Skills — shows the character's healing, utility, and elite skills.
      • Terrestrial — show the skills for on-land combat
      • Aquatic — shows the skills for underwater combat
    • Traits — shows the character's traits.
  • Hero point.png Training: used to unlock skills and traits with hero points.
  • Hero panel story journal icon.png Story Journal: show the character's progress in the Personal Story and Living World.
  • Hero panel crafting icon.png Crafting: shows the character's crafting disciplines and all learned recipes.
  • Hero panel achievements icon.png Achievements: shows the account's progress with achievement categories.
  • Hero panel masteries icon.png Masteries: lists all available End of Dragons, Path of Fire, Heart of Thorns and Central Tyria mastery tracks, and allows the choosing of one specific track to train as well as the allocation of available mastery points.


Build and Training