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Special action skills are additional skills which can appear above the skill bar during certain fights. By default, they are bound to the - key.

List of special action skills[edit]

Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description Location Requirement
Celestial Dash.png
 Celestial Dash
10.25¼ 5 Dash at the speed of a shooting star to your target location. Source: prison waters Bastion of the Penitent Gained after walking through the Mystic Waters.

8 Claim a tile for your team. Bastion of the Penitent During the fight against the Mursaat Overseer.

Communicator Ping.png
 Communicator Ping
1 5 Use your communicator to detect the direction and proximity of other communication signals.

A blue ping response indicates the signal is far away.
A yellow ping response indicates the signal is nearby.
A red ping response indicates the signal is very close.
A Meeting of Ministers Gained after the fixing the gate golem and talking to Taimi.

 Coordinated Attack
1.25 Successfully performing a coordinated, well-timed attack with Aurene will stun the creature and give Aurene an opening to break through the creature's defenses.

This must be timed correctly with Aurene. Otherwise, you run the risk of Aurene missing her attack window.
Precocious Aurene Gained when standing in the white circle during the battle against the Mordrem Leyleecher.

Return to Sender.png
 Counter Magic
1 Counter certain magical attacks, and remove any lingering effects. Bloodstone Fen Gained during fights with some enemies in Bloodstone Fen after the Counter Magic mastery is trained.

Mursaat Overseer's Shield.png
18 Dispel the protective shield surrounding an enemy game piece. Bastion of the Penitent Gained during fight against Mursaat Overseer.

Summon Familiar.png
 Feline Communication
5 Communicate with this cat in a way you don't quite understand. Anywhere with a Feline Familiar Gained by walking up to a Feline Familiar.

Stab (Rusty Old Torch).png
 Flickering Flame
0.5½ There is just enough heat to light a single fire with this torch. Chaos Isles Fractal Gained at the start of the blizzard section.

Activate... (blue).png
 Hex Shield
32 Protect a platform from disappearing. Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Gained during the fight against the Thaumanova Anomaly.

Stab (Rusty Old Torch).png
0.5½ Use a torch to ignite your target. Snowblind Fractal Gained at the start.

15 Harness the excess ambient magic to create a dome that protects against Xera's deadliest attack. Stronghold of the Faithful Gained during the fight with Xera.

Over Here!.png
 Over Here!
3 Call your ally to your location. Stronghold of the Faithful Gained during the Siege the Stronghold encounter.

180 Create a protective dome that nullifies all incoming damage for a short time. Bastion of the Penitent Gained during the fight with Mursaat Overseer.

Purge Slothasor's volatile poison, leaving a damaging pool behind. Salvation Pass Caused by Slothasor.

Fight against the corrupted blood magic and purge it from your soul. Salvation Pass Caused by Matthias Gabrel.

Rally the Crowd.png
 Rally the Crowd
Shout to the crowd to gain their favor and gain an effect that gives your team +50 to all stats. Eternal Coliseum Gained after reaching 7 stacks of Coliseum Prestige.

1 ... Spirit Vale When trapped in a Ghastly Prison created by Gorseval the Multifarious

Impaling Throw.png
 Return to Sender
0.75¾ 1 All Legendary Bandit Executioner locations, as well as White Mantle locations. Gained after using Counter Magic before being struck by Sword of Vengeance, a skill used by Legendary Bandit Executioner and several White Mantle foes.

Sapper Bomb.png
 Sapper Bomb
0.5½ Throws the sapper bomb in your hand. Explosion damages allies and enemies. Spirit Vale Caused by Bandit Sappers while fighting Sabetha the Saboteur.

0.5½ 2 A portable scanner. Heart of the Volcano (story) Given by Taimi.

6 Use the technomagic detector to locate nearby Zinn's stashes. Draconis Mons Using an Ancient Asuran Power Source.

Sensor Tracking.png
 Sensor Tracking
10 Activate the guidance enchantment to indicate the direction and proximity of magical sensors. Bloodtide Coast, Frostgorge Sound, Lornar's Pass, Snowden Drifts, Southsun Cove Gained after talking to the Elemental Sprite.

 Spectral Smite
0.75 While infused with Lazarus's power, harness it to smite your foes. Dragon Vigil Gained after throwing a destroyer's pustule bomb at the Veteran Destroyer of Hope.