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Luxon are a unique type of skill used only by the vindicator themed around the Luxon Armada.

List of Luxon skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Vindicator tango icon 20px.png Vindicator

Selfish Spirit.png Selfish Spirit 10.5½ 10 Legendary Alliance. Channel your rage into the nearby area, healing and empowering yourself for each enemy struck.
Nomad's Advance.png Nomad's Advance 0.75¾ 10 Legendary Alliance. Lunge forward, damaging foes and gaining might for each target struck.
Reaver's Rage.png Reaver's Rage 0.5½ 10 Legendary Alliance. Break stun and attack nearby enemies, gaining stability and fury for each target struck.
Scavenger Burst.png Scavenger Burst 0.75¾ 10 Legendary Alliance. Unleash your rage at foes in the area, gaining quickness and endurance for each foe struck.
Spear of Archemorus.png Spear of Archemorus 0.5½ 12 Legendary Alliance. Call upon the spirit of Archemorus to hurl his spear at your foe, dealing significant damage.

Related traits[edit]