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1 Initiative  0.5½ Activation time  0.5½ Recharge time  
Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief (skill list)
Deadeye tango icon 20px.png Deadeye
Weapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot empty tango.pngWeapon slot filled tango.png
 → Free Action.png
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Become immobile and gain access to kneel skills, which have increased projectile velocity. You can still dodge roll while kneeling. Kneel is canceled if you swap weapons or become disabled.

 Miscellaneous effect.png Initiative: 1
 Interval.png Interval: 3 seconds
 Miscellaneous effect.png Velocity Increase: 50%
 Range.png Range: 1,500

— In-game description [?]


  • Kneel skills are enhanced versions of the deadeye rifle skills, which become available after using Kneel. Swapping weapons, becoming disabled, or activating Free Action cancels kneeling.
# Skill Activation.png Initiative.png Description
1 Deadly Aim.png Deadly Aim 0.75¾ Kneel. Fire a shot that inflicts vulnerability on your target. Applies additional vulnerability against your marked target.
2 Spotter's Shot.png Spotter's Shot 0.75¾ 3 Kneel. Fire a bullet that grants you boons and inflicts conditions on your target.
3 Three Round Burst.png Three Round Burst 1 4 Kneel. Fire three bullets that grant might if they hit your target.
4 Sniper's Cover.png Sniper's Cover 0.25¼ 4 Kneel. Create a barrier of shadows that blocks incoming missiles.
5 Free Action.png Free Action Kneel. Stop kneeling and move freely.


  • Causes the kneeling effect.
    • While kneeling, the deadeye recovers 1 extra initiative every 3 seconds.
  • A lightly-colored ring will appear around the player to indicate the 1500 unit range
  • Your character will occasionally shout out one of the following lines upon activating this skill.
    • Lock and load.
    • This looks like a good spot.
    • This seems like a good spot.
    • Setting up.
    • Sniper's position secured.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
July 10, 2018
  • The transition to the kneeling state now happens immediately on activation to allow for smoother skill queuing. The aftercast has been slightly reduced.
May 08, 2018
  • This skill no longer uses the ammunition system.
  • The recharge remains at 0.5 seconds to prevent thieves from unintentionally reentering this mode after exiting from their kneel stance, and initiative regeneration is now increased while kneeling.
September 22, 2017 Path of Fire release:
  • Kneel has been added to the game.