Dual Wield

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the thief skill type. For the ability to wield the same weapon in both hands, see Weapon#Weapon usability by professions. For the Weaver's mechanic, see Dual Attack.

Dual Wield is a skill type exclusive to the thief profession. They are weapon skills that are determined by the combination of main hand and off hand weapons that are currently equipped. The damage is determined by the main hand weapon only. They are located in the third slot of the skill bar.

List of dual wield skills[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Initiative.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


3 Death Blossom.png Death Blossom (with offhand Dagger) 0.5½ 4 Dual Wield. Do an evasive attack over your target, striking nearby foes three times. Each hit causes bleeding.
3 Shadow Shot.png Shadow Shot (with offhand Pistol) 4 Dual Wield. Fire an unblockable shot at your foe, which blinds them, and then shadowstep to them for a dagger strike.


3 Shadow Strike.png Shadow Strike (with offhand Dagger) 4 Dual Wield. Stab your foe, then shadowstep away and shoot them. Unlock Repeater for a short time.
3 ChainRepeater.png Repeater (with offhand Dagger) 10.25¼ 3 Dual Wield. Blast your foe with rapid fire from your pistol.
3 Unload.png Unload (with offhand Pistol) 10.5½ 5 Dual Wield. Blast your foe repeatedly with both pistols. Gain initiative if all attacks hit.


3 Flanking Strike.png Flanking Strike (with offhand Dagger) 0.5½ 4 Dual Wield. Evade and stab your foe.
3 ChainLarcenous Strike.png Larcenous Strike (with offhand Dagger) 0.5½ 2 Dual Wield. Stab your foe and steal boons from them. Deals increased damage if it hits a foe with no boons.
3 Pistol Whip.png Pistol Whip (with offhand Pistol) 0.75¾ 5 Dual Wield. Pistol-whip your foe, stunning them, then slash repeatedly with your sword.


3 Twilight Combo.png Twilight Combo (with offhand Dagger) 0.5½ 4 Dual Wield. Fire a slow-moving projectile, then fire a quick shot that accelerates the first.
3 Measured Shot.png Measured Shot (with offhand Pistol) 0.5½ 3 Dual Wield. Shadowstep and fire a shot that hinders foes and helps allies.
3 ChainEndless Night.png Endless Night (with offhand Pistol) 20.25¼ 3 Dual Wield. Fire a beam that hinders foes and helps allies.

Related traits[edit]