Dual Wield

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the thief skill type. For the ability to wield the same weapon in both hands, see Weapon. For the Weaver's mechanic, see Dual Attack.

Dual Wield is a skill type exclusive to the thief profession. They are weapon skills that are determined by the combination of main hand and off hand weapons that are currently equipped. The damage is determined by the main hand weapon only. They are located in the third slot of the skill bar.

List of dual skills[edit]

Main-hand weapon Off-hand weapon
Dagger Pistol No off-hand
Death Blossom.png
 Death Blossom
Shadow Shot.png
 Shadow Shot
Twisting Fangs.png
 Twisting Fangs
Shadow Strike.png
 Shadow Strike
Redirect Arrow.png
Flanking Strike.png
 Flanking Strike
Redirect Arrow.png
Larcenous Strike.png
 Larcenous Strike
Pistol Whip.png
 Pistol Whip
Stab (thief sword skill).png