Final Charge

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Final Charge is a skill type unique to Firebrand's Mantras which make the last charge more powerful.

List of Final Charge skills[edit]

Final Charge Description
Rejuvenating Respite.png
 Rejuvenating Respite
Gain significant health. Grant aegis to you and allies before and beside you.
Flame Surge.png
 Flame Surge
Unleash a powerful wave of flame.
Overwhelming Celerity.png
 Overwhelming Celerity
Inspire allies before and beside you, greatly enhancing their speed and strength.
Clarified Conclusion.png
 Clarified Conclusion
Recite the concluding passage, converting corruption into enhancements for your allies and aiding them in recovery.
Voice of Truth.png
 Voice of Truth
Reveal a harsh truth to enemies before and beside you, devastating them with conditions.
Unhindered Delivery.png
 Unhindered Delivery
Your whispers guard your allies, stabilizing and breaking stuns on them while weakening enemies.

Related traits[edit]

Traits that improve final charges[edit]