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Mastery skill

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Mastery Skill menu with the Skyscale skill selected for the "Activate Mastery Skill" keybind.

Mastery skills are additional skills unlocked by various masteries or mastery tracks, accessible account-wide. On the skill bar they appear in the Mastery Skill menu, accessed through a small icon with an arrow below the weapon swap button.

One of the mastery skills can be selected as a default and then activated by left-clicking the menu icon or by using the "Activate Mastery Skill" keybind (default J). Alternatively, right-clicking the mastery skill menu opens the pop-up where any of the unlocked abilities can be activated. Additionally, every mastery skill can be assigned to an individual keybind in the Control Options.

List of mastery skills[edit]

End of Dragons[edit]

Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description Requirement
Start Fishing.png Start Fishing Swap to your fishing pole and open the fishing skill bar.

Requires bait or a lure to be equipped.
Fishing unlocked
Summon Skiff.png Summon Skiff 1 Summon your skiff in a nearby body of water. Skiff unlocked
Jade Bot- Personal Waypoint.png Jade Bot: Personal Waypoint 70.5½ 600 Create a jade tech waypoint on your current map.

This skill cannot be used in instances.
Jade Tech Waypoint.png Jade Tech Waypoint mastery

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description Requirement
Scan for Rift.png Scan for Rift 30.5½ 8 Scan the area for signs of a nearby rift. Rift Guidance.png Rift Guidance mastery
Skyscale mastery skill.png Skyscale 180 Leap into the air, then summon and mount your skyscale. Combat Launch.png Combat Launch mastery