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You can unlock skills by spending hero points in the training tab inside the hero panel. Hero points are earned by leveling up and by completing hero challenges found throughout Tyria.

— Hero Points

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Hero points are character currencies used to progress characters through training skills and traits.



Hero points are spent in the Training tab of the Hero panel. See Training for the hero point costs of each unlock.


  • With the Hero points gained only from leveling a character to level 80 it is possible to unlock all core skills and traits entirely.
  • It is possible to have excess Hero points after unlocking all skills and traits with no way to spend them.


  • Skill point.png Skill points were replaced with hero points:
    • Unspent skill points earned through level rewards and skill challenges were converted to hero points.
    • Any remaining unspent skill points were converted to Spirit Shards.
  • Trait point.png Trait points were replaced with hero points:
    • Trait guides or trait specific tasks are no longer required to unlock traits.
  • When the patch hit, each character got automatic unlocks based on the skills and traits equipped before. Low level character often found themselves with more unlocks than hero points available at their level. In that case, they had a negative amount (even though the value displayed did not reflect it) and were barred from gaining Hero points on level up until they had gained back those missing points. They could still gain points through Hero challenges.

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