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A ward is a type of skill affecting an area on the ground that stops enemies from passing through while allowing allies to move freely. There are two shapes of wards: a line that forces enemies to move around it and a circle which keeps enemies outside, or inside of it.

Enemies who come in contact with the ward will be knocked back. However, it is possible to pass the warded area of effect by using stability, invulnerability or even by jumping over the area (the latter only works with the line-shaped wards). They cannot, however be crossed by dodging. It is also possible to leave or enter a ring-shaped ward by using teleportation skills, but the player doing so will be interrupted in the process.

List of ward skills[edit]

# Skill Weapon Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian[edit]

5 Line of Warding.png Line of Warding Staff 1 30 Ward. Create a line in front of you that foes cannot cross.
5 Ring of Warding.png Ring of Warding Hammer 0.75¾ 30 Ward. Create a ring around you that foes cannot cross. Trapped foes cannot exit the ring while it is active.

See also[edit]

These skills are not classified as wards, but function similar to the skill type.

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian[edit]

Sanctuary.png Sanctuary 1 40 Consecration. Form a protective healing shelter for allies. Block foes and their missiles from entering.

Dragonhunter icon small.png Dragonhunter[edit]

Hunter's Ward.png Hunter's Ward Not available underwater 1 20 Form your arrows into a barrier, and deal damage at the location.
Dragon's Maw.png Dragon's Maw Not available underwater 0.5½ 40 Trap. Lay a trap that pulls enemies and creates a barrier that holds them in.

Untamed icon small.png Untamed[edit]

Nature's Binding.png Nature's Binding Not available underwater 0.75¾ 35 Cantrip. Surround nearby foes with a cage of nature they cannot escape. Enemies that were not struck are unaffected by active cages.

Thief icon small.png Thief[edit]

Seal Area.png Seal Area Not available underwater 3 Create an area that blocks projectiles and prevents enemies from entering or leaving.

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist[edit]

Unsteady Ground.png Unsteady Ground Not available underwater 0.25¼ 30 Create unsteady ground that foes cannot cross.

Any tango icon 20px.png Other[edit]

Force Wall.png Force Wall 12 Create a wall of force at the target area. Foes cannot pass through.

These skills cannot be evaded either, but produce other control effects instead of short knockback.

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Elementalist icon small.png Engineer[edit]

Slick Shoes.png Slick Shoes Not available underwater 30 Gadget. Spray oil behind you, knocking down foes. If underwater, foes entering the field are blinded and slowed.

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist[edit]

Static Field.png Static Field Not available underwater 0.75¾ 30 Create an electrical field that stuns foes crossing it.

Weaver icon small.png Weaver[edit]

Mud Slide.png Mud Slide Not available underwater 1 20 Dual Attack. Trip your foes with mud as you slide past them.

Necromancer icon small.png Necromancer[edit]

Spectral Ring.png Spectral Ring Not available underwater 0.25¼ 40 Spectral. Create a spectral ring that protects allies and inflicts fear on foes. Gain life force when a foe is inflicted by fear from this skill.
This skill can only inflict fear on the same foe once per interval.