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Legendary Alliance Stance

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Legendary Alliance Stance

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Invoke the power of the legendary champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor.

— In-game description [?]

Legendary Alliance Stance depicts the collaboration between two rival Canthan champions—Saint Viktor zu Heltzer of the Kurzicks, and Archemorus of the Luxons.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Energy/Upkeep cost Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


Selfish Spirit.png Selfish Spirit 10.5½ 10 10 Legendary Alliance. Channel your rage into the nearby area, healing and empowering yourself for each enemy struck.
ChainSelfless Spirit.png Selfless Spirit 10.5½ 10 10 Legendary Alliance. Heal allies in an area.


Nomad's Advance.png Nomad's Advance 0.75¾ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Lunge forward, damaging foes and gaining might for each target struck.
ChainBattle Dance.png Battle Dance 0.5½ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Evade backward, granting boons to allies.
Scavenger Burst.png Scavenger Burst 0.75¾ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Unleash your rage at foes in the area, gaining quickness and endurance for each foe struck.
ChainTree Song.png Tree Song 1 20 10 Legendary Alliance. Grant regeneration and cleanse conditions from allies in the targeted area, healing them for each condition removed. Gain endurance for each affected ally, and gain additional endurance for each condition removed.
Reaver's Rage.png Reaver's Rage 0.5½ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Break stun and attack nearby enemies, gaining stability and fury for each target struck.
ChainAwakening.png Awakening 0.5½ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Break stun on nearby allies and grant protection.


Spear of Archemorus.png Spear of Archemorus 0.5½ 20 12 Legendary Alliance. Call upon the spirit of Archemorus to hurl his spear at your foe, dealing significant damage.
ChainUrn of Saint Viktor.png Urn of Saint Viktor 10 2 Legendary Alliance. Become the Urn of Saint Viktor, taking continuous damage while healing nearby allies. You take reduced damage while in this state, but you cannot be healed.
ChainDrop Urn of Saint Viktor.png Drop Urn of Saint Viktor 1 2 Legendary Alliance. Slam your Urn into the ground, ending the ability. Grant boons and heals[sic] allies based on your health threshold.

Related traits[edit]

Corruption Corruption

Salvation Salvation

Invocation Invocation

Vindicator Vindicator


Upon activating Legendary Alliance Stance:

Saint Viktor: I have no time for weak opponents.
Saint Viktor: Make them concede!
Archemorus: Raise your weapon!
Archemorus: Been itching for a fight.

Idle conversations[edit]

Archemorus: Viktor and I were somewhat famous, back in the day. We also conquered a god.
Saint Viktor: Correction: Shiro thought he was a god, but I assure you he was not.
Archemorus: Eh, what's the difference?
Archemorus: We didn't save Cantha standing around, did we, Viktor?
Saint Viktor: We certainly did not. Though I'd prefer it if you called me by my full title.
Archemorus: Apologies, most revered Saint Viktor of zu Heltzer.
<Character name>: I thought the Luxons and Kurzicks didn't get along, but you two seem pretty friendly.
Saint Viktor: Oh, it wasn't always this...cordial. After we awoke in the Mists, Archemorus was angry.
Saint Viktor: It took a long time for him to accept death. But we did what lost souls should: we stayed together.
Archemorus: Oh, Vikky... I—
Saint Viktor: I hate him—I meant to say I hate him.


Primary articles: Archemorus, Saint Viktor

The Kurzicks and Luxons were bitter enemies in Cantha, but their greatest champions Saint Viktor zu Heltzer and Archemorus united to help slay Shiro the Betrayer, who had killed Emperor Angsiyan at the Harvest Temple. In the moment before he died, Shiro let out a wail that unleashed the magic of Dwayna which he had stolen from the emperor, causing the Jade Wind which turned all it touched into stone, including the two champions and their allies. Saint Viktor's ashes were placed in the Urn of Saint Viktor, while Archemorus's bones were made into the Spear of Archemorus.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

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