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Mastery interface:
(1) The active track,
(2) The ability being trained by gaining experience,
(3) Mastery points needed to finish training this ability

The Mastery system is an account-wide progression system available once players reach level 80, the maximum level available. The mastery system interface is accessed through the bottom left tab of the hero panel. The user interface contains several mastery tracks, organized by expansion, with each track typically providing multiple tiered abilities. The abilities gained are unique to each mastery track and include auto-looting, gliding and mounts.

Each mastery ability is permanently acquired by (1) selecting the mastery track as the active track, (2) earning Experience in the appropriate region, (3) going to the marked Mastery Point(s) in the appropriate region (Central Tyria, Heart of Thorns, or Path of Fire) and earning that type of Mastery Point(s), and finally (4) spending those earned mastery points in your chosen Mastery Track.

Mastery track[edit]

Mastery tracks are split by expansion; each expansion has a separate set of mastery points earned by playing its content, which can only be spent on the respective masteries. The Central Tyria tracks are available for owners of any expansion. Before mastery abilities from a given track can be trained, the entire track must be unlocked by completing a certain task.

Category / Track Total Mastery point Unlock requirement
Central Tyria 49 Central Tyria mastery point HoT Texture Centered Trans.pngPoF Texture Trans.png
Pact Commander 19 Central Tyria mastery point Unlocking a mastery track from another category
Legendary Crafting 19 Central Tyria mastery point Unlocking a mastery track from another category
Fractal Attunement 11 Central Tyria mastery point Unlocking a mastery track from another category
Heart of Thorns 144 Heart of Thorns mastery point HoT Texture Centered Trans.png
Gliding 31 Heart of Thorns mastery point Completing Torn from the Sky
Itzel Lore 31 Heart of Thorns mastery point Completing Torn from the Sky
Exalted Lore 19 Heart of Thorns mastery point Entering Auric Basin
Nuhoch Lore 31 Heart of Thorns mastery point Entering Tangled Depths
Raids Heart of Thorns mastery point Killing a boss in the Forsaken Thicket or Bastion of the Penitent raids
Ancient Magics 24 Heart of Thorns mastery point Entering Bloodstone Fen or Ember Bay
Path of Fire 69 Path of Fire mastery point PoF Texture Trans.png
Raptor Mount 10 Path of Fire mastery point Saving Seeker's Village during Sparking the Flame
Springer Mount 14 Path of Fire mastery point Purchasing the springer from the Highjump Ranch task vendor in the Desert Highlands
Skimmer Mount 14 Path of Fire mastery point Purchasing the skimmer from the Skimmer Ranch task vendor in the Elon Riverlands
Jackal Mount 14 Path of Fire mastery point Purchasing the jackal from the Sand Jackal Run task vendor in the Desolation
Griffon Mount 12 Path of Fire mastery point Reaching the Sunspear Sanctuary in the Domain of Vabbi and completing the Open Skies collections
Crystal Champion Path of Fire mastery point Entering Domain of Istan
Total 262 Mastery point

Mastery experience[edit]

When you own an expansion, and one of your characters reaches level 80 and fulfills the condition for unlocking a mastery track (shown above), the Masteries tab will unlock in the Hero panel for your account. You can also open this panel by clicking on the experience bar. In this tab, you can select one unlocked mastery track per category as active by clicking on the check mark icon on the left of the chosen mastery's row. There are currently three mastery categories: Central Tyria, Heart of Thorns, and Path of Fire.

All experience gained on any level 80 character on your account while in a given region will be applied to the respective active mastery. You can freely switch the active masteries without any cost, as the amount of experience previously gained will be saved until you return to train that mastery. Once the current active mastery is fully trained by obtaining enough experience, the experience bar will start blinking and you can spend a certain amount of mastery points in the Masteries tab to permanently unlock the mastery on your account. Before you spend the points or switch to train another mastery, any experience gained will be redirected to train the first unlocked, untrained, least progressed mastery track in the list for the same category instead, if one is available.

While training a mastery track, the icon for the mastery ability appears in the bottom right corner to the right of the experience bar. If no tracks are available, the spirit shard icon will be shown instead. To the left of the experience bar, the total number of mastery points spent will be displayed, referred to as your "Mastery rank".

Mastery points[edit]

Primary article: Mastery point unlocks
A mastery point symbol

Mastery points can be spent on selected Mastery tracks; they are earned from completing achievements within the game marked with the relevant mastery point symbol, but may only be spent after reaching level 80.

These achievements include but are not limited to:

  • Interacting with Mastery Insight locations
  • Completing achievements for a story chapter or step (a maximum of one point per chapter on an account basis, up to a total of 11)
  • Finishing various scavenger hunt/location hunting achievements
  • Defeating certain world bosses
  • Earning silver or gold in an adventure
  • Achieving world completion

Masteries interface[edit]

In addition to the above, the Masteries hero panel interface also:

  • Indicates the total number of spent mastery points in the top left corner.
  • Indicates the total number of available mastery points in the top right corner.
  • Shows locked mastery tracks with a padlock.


  • The hero panel to change your current mastery cannot be opened by clicking on the experience bar while in combat; the current mastery can, however, be changed at any time in the hero panel if it's opened previously or by any other means.
  • Almost all obtained Masteries are active regardless of level. That means even a Level 2 character can glide if Glider Basics has already been unlocked on a Level 80 character on the same account.
  • Experience acquired in maps will only contribute to the masteries that those maps belong to:
  • Once all tracks in a region are unlocked and completed by unlocking with mastery points, experience goes towards a 254,000 repeatable track to gain 1 Spirit Shard.png. If the XP bars are full on all tracks but you have not purchased all the masteries, your XP bar will not gain XP until you complete them all.


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