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Abbreviations are often used in chat and other places in Guild Wars 2. The following article aims to document the abbreviations seen most usually. Note that none of these abbreviations are case sensitive in practice, and their appearance in-game will vary accordingly.

The page does not aim to be all-encompassing, but rather to cover:
  • Terms that are likely to be encountered (i.e. if you haven't seen it used commonly in chat, it's probably not well known enough and thus not likely encountered).
  • Terms that are relevant to gameplay (e.g. no need to explain meanings of widely known social abbreviations such as "lol")
Other abbreviations and terms may be found at the following links:
When adding new abbreviations:
  • If the abbreviated and non-abbreviated terms are both common, list both.
  • If the term varies in capitalization, just list the most common abbreviation. (e.g. AB instead of Ab.)

You can reach this page from in-game at any time by typing /wiki Lingo into the chat box.

List of abbreviations[edit]

Index: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Abbreviation Meaning Details
AA Auto Attack Pressing 1 over and over to auto-attack or letting the autoattack chain run through without button press.
AB Auric Basin A zone in Heart of Maguuma, part of the Heart of Thorns expansion.
AC Ascalonian Catacombs A dungeon in Plains of Ashford.
AC Arrow cart A siege weapon used in World versus World.
AFK Away from keyboard The player is not actively playing, but remains logged in.
AH Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout A Strike Mission of End of Dragons.
Akili Event Defend Akili while he recalibrates mirrors around the Astralarium.
Alac Alacrity A build that can provide and keep 100% uptime of Alacrity on its subgroup.
AoE Area of Effect A skill or gameplay mechanic that affects creatures in a specific radius.
AotJ / Ashes Ashes of the Just The epilogue skill of the Tome of Justice from the Firebrand specialization.
AP Achievement points Points awarded for completing achievements.
AP Aetherpath A specific path of the dungeon Twilight Arbor.
AR Agony Resistance Resistance to the Agony found in Fractals.
Arah The Ruined City of Arah A dungeon located in Cursed Shore. Also refers to the event chain allowing access.
ASS Antique Summoning Stone An item used in creating Generation 3 Legendary Weapons.
AT Automated Tournament The daily and monthly automated Structured PvP tournaments.
AG / Axe / Axemaster Kill Axemaster Gwyllion Refers to the event in Verdant Brink during Night and the Enemy.
BK Black Kiter Literally means black kiter, this is the same as Oil Kiter in the Deimos raid encounter.
BC Black Citadel The charr capital city in Ascalon.
Bag Bag of Loot 1) A ground item, appearing at a player's feet, containing a defeated enemy's loot in World vs World.
2) A negative term for bad WvW enemies, hinting on the spoils they'll leave, also see previous meaning.
Bal / Ball Ballista A siege weapon in World vs World.
Bio Bathroom Break Player has left to use the bathroom.
BL Borderlands Often prefixed with the specific world or color of the Borderlands,
e.g. TCBL for Tarnished Coast Borderlands, GBL for Green Borderlands or HBL for Home (your server's current color) Borderlands.
BRB Be right back The player is briefly not present, be it physically or with their avatar.
BS Berserker The warrior elite specialisation in Heart of Thorns.
BS Bladesworn The warrior elite specialisation in End of Dragons.
BS Boneskinner Used for the strike mission / strike mission boss.
BS Boon Strip Any class that can remove boons from enemies. Used Mostly in Fractals.
BU Backup A person to step in and complete a particular task or role, only if the original person in charge can't do it.
BW Backwarg Kills the Warg that spawns behind the team in wing 3 escort mission.
CA Celestial Avatar The Druid profession mechanic.
CA Conjured Amalgamate The first boss in the Mythwright Gambit raid wing.
Cata Catalyst The elementalist elite specialisation in End of Dragons.
Cata Catapult A siege weapon used in World vs World.
Cap Capture a point Fully capture a Capture point, either from neutral or enemy team color to friendly team color. Usually used in Structured PvP.
CC Crowd control Skills which hinder the enemies from doing certain actions, usually trying to control their movements. Depletes the Defiance bar
CD Cooldown The time it takes for a skill to be ready to use again. Referred to as Recharge.
CDPS Condition damage per second A build based on condition damage with the main task to deal high damage.
CF Chest farming Exploring the Silverwastes with a group of people to collect as many Lost bandit chests as possible.
Champ Champion A very difficult enemy, intended for a group, indicated on its portrait by a gold outline with crossed swords.
Chrono Chronomancer The mesmer elite specialization in Heart of Thorns.
Claw / Jormag Claw of Jormag One of the many champions of Jormag in Frostgorge Sound.
This encounter is often confused with the actual Elder Dragon Jormag.
CM Caudecus's Manor A dungeon in Queensdale.
CM Challenge Mote An optional "hard mode" for some fractals, raids, and living world episodes.
CoE Crucible of Eternity A dungeon in Mount Maelstrom.
CoF Citadel of Flame A dungeon in Fireheart Rise.
Com / Comm / Commi / Cmdr Commander See also Tag / Taco / Pin / Dorito.
Condi Condition Damage over time or control effect.
CS Cursed Shore Refers to a champion and event farm with a designated commander in Cursed Shore.
CS Continuum Split Refers to the Chronomancer profession mechanic Continuum Split.
CT Chest Train Refers to the Bandit Chest farming period on the Silverwastes map.
CW Strike Mission: Cold War Refers to the Cold War strike mission.
DBS Death-Branded Shatterer One of the many champions of Kralkatorrik in Jahai Bluffs that spawns a Dragon Chest upon its defeat.
DD Daredevil The thief elite specialization in Heart of Thorns.
DE / DED Deadeye The thief elite specialization in Path of Fire.
DF Dragonfall A zone in Path of Fire, part of the Living World Season 4 episodes.
Decap Decapture a point Neutralize an enemy Capture point but leave it at neutral without being fully captured. Usually used in Structured PvP.
DH Dragonhunter The guardian elite specialization in Heart of Thorns.
Disc Discord A VoIP program for communication
DoD Defier of Doubt Title awarded after successfully completing the Challenge Mode in Sunqua Peak Fractal. Used in Fractals of the Mists Looking For Group to demand that the player has this title.
DPS Damage Per Second A value used to describe how much damage a player or other character is able to deal.
Additionally, a group may look for DPS players, which means they are looking for players whose primary group role is dealing damage to the enemy.
DR Diminishing returns Anti-farm code implemented to prevent bots and exploits from disrupting the economy and gaining an unfair advantage over legitimate players.
DR Divinity's Reach The human capital city in Kryta.
DRM Dragon Response Mission Destroyer fighting instanced mini-missions released as part of The Icebrood Saga chapter 5, Champions.
Dragon Claw of Jormag
Tequatl the Sunless
The Shatterer
Often confused with Elder Dragons, these three lieutenants are often referred to as dragons, due to their shape.
DS Dragonstorm Refers to the Dragonstorm instanced world boss accessible through the Eye of the North.
DS Dragon's Stand Refers to the explorable zone in the Maguuma Jungle and its respective meta event.
DSD Deep sea dragon A community nickname for Soo-Won prior to the release of End of Dragons. See Common terms for others.
DT Danger Time A chronomancer trait that boosts critical chance against slowed enemies.
DT Dry Top A high-level zone found in Maguuma Wastes, accessed through Brisban Wildlands.
Dudu Druid The ranger elite specialization in Heart of Thorns.
DwD Dances with Demons Title given upon completing Sunqua Peak Fractal on Challenge Mode with no members of your party dying.
Usually seen in the Fractals of the Mists Looking For Group section, to demand that a player has this title.
EA Empower Allies A Warrior Master trait in the Tactics line.
EB / EBg Eternal Battlegrounds The central map in World vs World. Location of Stonemist Castle.
Ecto Glob of Ectoplasm A max-level crafting material, only acquired by salvaging rare or better level 68+ items.
Ele Elementalist One of the eight core professions which wears light armor.
Engi Engineer One of the eight core professions which wears medium armor.
EoD End of Dragons Referring to the third Guild Wars 2 expansion, End of Dragons.
EotM Edge of the Mists A sort of overflow map for World vs World. Events grant rewards and achievements but do not count toward the Mist War score.
EotN Eye of the North An upgradable base for The Icebrood Saga living story arc.
Epi Epidemic A Corruption Utility skill for the Necromancer.
ess Unstable Cosmic Essence Trophy for 100 CM fractal. Usually seen/wanted to be pinged in Fractal LFG's to show a players' experience. See also KP.
EWP Emergency Waypoint Tactic WvW tactic to provide emergency waypoint, useful to summon players from different other WvW maps to guard invaded objective.
EXP Experienced Often seen in LFG (such as fractals) where a group wants an experienced player who knows the fractal.
F&P / P+F Fractal Potion & Food Often found in the LFG when looking for fractals or dungeons. Players in this group are expected to use potions and food for their run.
FA Fresh Air An Elementalist trait.
FB Firebrand The guardian elite specialization in Path of Fire. Specific build variations can we written as HFB or QFB for Heal Quickness or CDPS Quickness Firebrand respectively, for example.
FGS Fiery Greatsword An Elementalist elite skill.
FotM / Fractals / Fracs Fractals of the Mists A dungeon in Lion's Arch.
FC Full Clear Commonly seen in the raid and strike lfg when people want to clear an entire raid wing or all strikes.
FS Forging Steel A strike mission.
FPS Frames Per Second Denotes the number of frames per second that the client is currently able to render. Can be observed in the options menu.
Frogs Kill Cotoni and Huetzi Refers to the event in Verdant Brink during Night and the Enemy.
Gar / Garri Garrison The large central keep in a World vs World borderland.
GH Guild hall Guild halls are areas designed for guilds.
GH Mordant Crescent Great Hall Refers to the Sunspear Uprising meta event in the Domain of Istan.
GitV Gazed into the Void A title rewarded by completing the achievement End of Dragons (achievements).png End of Dragons: Gaze into the VoidIn the Xunlai Jade Junkyard Strike Mission with challenge mode active, defeat Ankka while she has 6 or more stacks of Power of the Void. (5Achievement pointsTitle: Gazed into the Void).
GM Guild Mission Guild activity which members can do together. Rewards the participants with Guild Commendations.
Golem / Alpha / Omega Siege Golem A mobile siege weapon in World vs World.
Gor / Gors Gorseval the Multifarious The second boss in the Spirit Vale raid wing.
GPH Gold per hour The amount of gold earned by some farming method if all loot is converted to gold.
GotL Grace of the Land A Druid Grandmaster trait.
GS Greatsword A two-handed melee weapon used by Warriors, Guardians, Rangers, Mesmers and Reapers.
GTG / G2G Good to go / Got to go Interchangeably, the state of being ready or needing to leave based on context.
GW / GW1 Guild Wars The original Guild Wars installment. Sometimes inaccurately used to refer to Guild Wars 2, if the 1 is omitted.
HAM Heal Alacrity Mechanist Refers to a support variant for Mechanist.
HB / HFB Healbrand / Heal Firebrand Refers to a support variant for Firebrand.
HK Hand Kiter Refers to a specialized role used in the Deimos encounter in Bastion of the Penitent.
Holo Holosmith The engineer elite specialization in Path of Fire.
HoT Heart of Thorns Referring to the first Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns.
HotM Heart of the Mists The main hub for Structured PvP.
HotW Honor of the Waves A dungeon in Frostgorge Sound.
HP Hero Point A character currency used to progress characters through training skills and traits.
HS / HSc Heal Scourge Refers to a support variant for Scourge
IA Improved Alacrity A chronomancer trait that improves alacrity.
IBS / TIS The Icebrood Saga Refers to the fifth Living World season. In LFG often refers to the strike missions released during the season.
ICD Internal Cooldown Used mainly for trait and skill systems, and indicate that a particular trait/skill enters an internal cooldown before producing its effect.
For example, the skill Meteor Shower has an ICD of 0.5sec, it means each meteor will only produce damage once every 0.5sec,
if the meteor hits a target and the cooldown is up the damage will simply be negated.
Inc Incoming Used in World vs World to indicate that the enemy is approaching.
Ini / Init Initiative The skill cost mechanic for thieves.
IP Internet Protocol Each instance/shard of every zone in the world has its own unique IP address, which can be determined by typing /ip.
JP Jumping puzzle A platforming puzzle with a chest reward at the end.
KC Keep Construct The third encounter in the Stronghold of the Faithful raid wing.
KP Kill proof Often used in high level fractal and raid LFGs; usually items unique to the content, such as a decoration token or unique gear.
LA Lion's Arch One of Tyria's cities, which connects all other major cities together.
Lab / Laby Mad King's Labyrinth Refers to the map available during the Halloween holiday event, the Mad King's Labyrinth.
Largos Twin Largos (Nikare and Kenut) The second encounter in the Mythwright Gambit raid wing.
LB Longbow A ranged weapon used by Warriors, Rangers and Dragonhunters.
Ld / LD / ld Legendary Divination Item acquired from bosses in Path of Fire raids, used in the creation of the legendary ring Coalescence.
LF Life force Resource pool for Necromancers.
LFG / LF#M / LFT Looking For Group
Looking For # More
Looking For Team
Used to search for party members (usually for dungeons, raids and strike missions).
LFR Looking For Raid Poster is looking to join a raid.
Li / LI / li Legendary Insight Item acquired from bosses in Heart of Thorns raids, used in the creation of legendary armor.
LI Low Intensity Used to describe character builds with a very low input required to function, often useful for players with various disabilities.
LNHB Leaves No Hero Behind Refers to the title gained from completing the T4 Shattered Observatory CM fractal without a single party member dying. Usually seen/wanted in Fractal LFG's to show a players' experience.
LS / LW Living World Refers to the Living World update structure between expansions.
LT / Lieut Lieutenant A "rank" inside a Squad with elevated permissions. Can only be assigned by the squad's Commander.
Mat / Matri Kill the wyvern matriarch Refers to the event in Verdant Brink during Night and the Enemy.
Mats Crafting material Materials used in Crafting.
Matt Matthias Gabrel The final boss of Salvation Pass.
Maw The Frozen Maw The meta event and world boss event in Wayfarer Foothills that takes place every two hours.
MC Mystic Coin Refers to Mystic Coins which are often used as an alternative to Coins.
Meta Meta event Refers to dynamic events that take place in a certain map.
Meta Metagame The most appropriate builds of the moment. Simply put, it refers to the most effective group composition and specializations of the classes making up that group.
MF Magic Find Attribute that increases chance of higher-quality loot from defeated foes.
MF / Forge Mystic Forge An interactive object in certain places around Tyria and the Mists used to acquire and gamble with various recipes.
MO Mursaat Overseer 2nd boss of the Bastion of the Penitent raid wing.
MO Mike O'Brien Co-founder and former president of ArenaNet.
MP Mastery point An endgame progression element available in any one of the expansions.
MS Meteor Shower Elementalist fire staff skill with a large radius and long recharge.
Necro Necromancer One of the eight core professions which wears light armor.
NM Normal mode Normal mode, that is without activating the challenge mote. Often used in strike missions.
Node Resource node A gathering location to mine, harvest, or chop to acquire ore, cooking materials, or wood.
Obby / Obsi / Obi Obsidian Shards A rare crafting material which is needed for Ascended equipment and Legendary weapons.
OOC Out of Combat Mainly used so party members can heal or teleport/revive at a waypoint.
OP / Op Overpowered Used to describe something too powerful.
Pala Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Meta event in the Domain of Istan.
Pat / Patri Kill the Wyvern Patriarch Refers to the event in Verdant Brink during Night and the Enemy.
PBAoE Point Blank Area of Effect Refers to area of effect attacks that are centered around the player, sometimes referred to as player-based area of effect.
PHIW Play How I Want A tag for groups where players are not required to run (popular) meta classes. (see meta)
PI Perfect Inscriptions A Guardian Grandmaster trait that improves their Signets and share the passive effects with their team.
PoF Path of Fire Referring to the second Guild Wars 2 expansion, Path of Fire.
PoI Point of interest The points of interest (little squares) that are required for map completion. Alternatively, a former show about the game.
Port Portal Entre A mesmer skill which is used to teleport people from one place to another nearby.
Pot Potion A consumable which grants effects that are helpful against specific type of NPC enemy.
PPK Points Per Kill Points awarded towards war score per enemy players killed in World vs World.
PPT Points Per Tick Points awarded towards war score every 5 minutes for locations controlled in World vs World.
Pre Pre-event Events that are part of an event chain and lead to a particular, sought after event. Pre is rarely used for precursor weapons.
PS Phalanx Strength A build-defining Warrior Grandmaster trait in the Tactics line.
PUG Pick Up Group A group of randomly matched players.
PvD / PvDoor Player versus Door Players attacking gates with their weapon skills in World versus World to break them faster.
PvE Player versus Environment The gameplay mode which solely focuses on pitting players against AI-controlled enemies.
PvP / sPvP Player versus Player The gameplay mode which solely focuses on pitting players against other players.
PvX Player versus anything A PvX player is a player who enjoys doing both PvE and PvP. Similarly, a PvX guild is a guild which does both PvE and PvP.
QB / QFB Quickness Firebrand Refers to a support and CDPS hybrid variant for Firebrand.
QQ / Rage / Salt Crying / Lashing out Used for pointing out sore losers or players complaining about events, battles or teammates.
Q1 Qadim The third boss of Mythwright Gambit raid wing.
QtP / Q2 / Qadim 2 / QTPie Qadim the Peerless The third boss of The Key of Ahdashim raid wing.
r / r? ready Used in chat for ready checks, on occasions where the game does not provide a built-in ready tool.
Rec / Recs Recommended Fractals Refers to a set of daily fractal achievements.
Ren Renegade Refers to the Path of Fire elite specialization for the Revenant profession.
Rep Represent Representing a guild.
Rev Revenant A profession introduced in and available by owning Heart of Thorns.
Rez / Res Revival Refers to the act of reviving a player from downed or defeated state.
RI Righteous Indignation An WvW NPC effect that grants invulnerability against damage of all sources and provides a significant damage boost.
RI Righteous Instincts A Guardian Grandmaster trait that significantly increases critical chance and generates might. Used in opposition to Perfect Inscriptions. See also PI.
RIBA Red-Indigo-Blue-Amber A casual-oriented Silverwastes event farming method referring to the order of event-tagging.
River River of Souls The second encounter in the Hall of Chains raid wing.
Rota, rot Rotation A sequence of actions performed by players to achieve a desired outcome. Often a skill sequence.
RP Role Playing Where players act out their character's attitude, actions and speech within the game setting.
RR Righteous Rebel Often used to indicate a variant of a condition Renegade build which will provide alacrity
SA Shadow Arts Shadow Arts is a core specialization for the thief that focuses on survival, defensive abilities, and stealth.
SAB Super Adventure Box An 8-bit platformer inspired mini-game.
Sab Sabetha the Saboteur The third boss in the Spirit Vale raid wing.
SAK Special action skill/key Additional skills which can appear above the skill bar during certain fights.
Sam / Sama Samarog 3rd boss of the Bastion of the Penitent raid wing.
SB / Behe Shadow Behemoth Epic nightmare boss in Queensdale, that appears on a fixed schedule.
SB Short bow A ranged weapon used by Rangers, Thieves and Renegades.
SB / SPB Spellbreaker Warrior elite specialization featuring dual daggers, interrupts, and heavy boon removal.
SB / Slb Soulbeast Ranger elite specialization featuring mainhand dagger and pet merging.
SE Sorrow's Embrace A dungeon in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.
SH / Desmina Soulless Horror The first boss in the Hall of Chains raid wing.
Shroud Death Shroud Refers to the necromancers profession mechanic.
Sloth Slothasor 1st boss of the Forsaken Thicket raid wing.
SM / SMC Stonemist Castle The main fort in the Eternal Battlegrounds.
SP Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass Refers to the strike mission.
sPvP Structured PvP PvP mode which allows competition on an even footing. Available in the Heart of the Mists.
Stab Stability Boon that prevents players from being affected by hard crowd control effects.
Statues Statues of Grenth The third encounter in the Hall of Chains raid wing.
StM Seize the Moment A Chronomancer major Grandmaster trait that provides quickness for each clone shattered.
Sup(s) Supply A currency that allows a player to construct siege, deploy a trap (environmental weapon), or repair a damaged gate or wall.
SW Silverwastes Refers to activities in Silverwastes - typically either doing meta events, doing meta bosses, or a Lost Bandit Chest train.
Often accompanied with XX%, indicating how far along the map is towards the meta boss events.
T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 Tier # One of the 4 difficulty tiers in the Fractals of the Mist.
Often used as a synonym for the daily fractal achievements on the respective tier.
TA Twilight Arbor A dungeon in Caledon Forest.
Tarir Battle in Tarir Referring to the meta event in Auric Basin which involves the defense of the Exalted city of Tarir.
TC Tarnished Coast A World in North America.
TC Twisted Castle An encounter in the Stronghold of the Faithful raid wing.
TD Tangled Depths A zone in Heart of Maguuma, part of the Heart of Thorns expansion.
Tetrad Kill the tetrad of Mordrem champions Refers to the event in Verdant Brink during Night and the Enemy.
Teq / Taco Tequatl The world boss Tequatl the Sunless.
TM Treasure Mushroom Events in HoT maps that have a daily rare chance of rewarding Invisible Boot Box.
TP Trading Post An in-game tool for buying and selling loot, accessed by default with O.
TP Teleport/TP to Friend Portal Entre, Teleport to Friend or skills with similar mechanics.
Train / KTrain Train A great amount of players using the strength of numbers to achieve a task with little difficulty. May in particular apply to
Karma Train (capturing camps/objectives/towers/keeps in WvW or EotM in a cycle to acquire a constant stream of karma, experience, and loot)
Champion Train (circling a set amount of places where Champions spawn to kill them efficiently for loot, or swarming an event to make more of them spawn)
or sometimes Fail Train (staying at a place farming an event or an event chain that restarts faster or is more lucrative when failed).
Taxi / Ferry Taxi Referring to moving players to a particular instance of an explorable zone
Treb Trebuchet A siege weapon used in Player vs Player and World vs World.
Trio Protect the caged prisoners The 2nd encounter in the Salvation Pass raid wing, which contains 3 individually weaker bosses.
TS TeamSpeak A third party tool mainly used for voice communication.
TT Triple Trouble Referring to the Three-Headed Wurm world boss.
UF / UFE Unstable Fractal Essence Item acquired from completing Nightmare Fractal, Shattered Observatory Fractal, or Sunqua Peak Fractal with challenge mode active.
UM Unbound Magic Refers to the Living World Season 3 global map currency Unbound Magic.
VB Verdant Brink Refers to the explorable area in the Maguuma Jungle and often its associated meta events.
VG Vale Guardian The first boss in the Spirit Vale raid wing.
VW Vinewrath Refers to the boss of the meta event that follows The Breach in the Silverwastes.
Vet Veteran Refers to a veteran rank NPC, indicated by a bronze border on its portrait.
VitV Voice in the Void Refers to the title gained from completing all achievements in the Hall of Chains raid wing, also known as Silencer.
VM Volatile Magic Refers to the Living World Season 4 global map currency, Volatile Magic.
W1 / W2 / ... / W7 Wing # Commonly seen in the raid lfg to refer to one of the raid wings based on the order released.
WB Welcome Back Return greeting after being Away From Keyboard.
WB Willbender The guardian elite specialization in End of Dragons.
WB World boss A special kind of event that gives a daily reward at the end of an event chain culminating in the battle against a powerful enemy. Some of them are on a precise schedule.
WoJ Strike Mission: Whisper of Jormag Refers to the strike mission and its boss, Whisper of Jormag.
WP Waypoint Allows fast-travelling across the map.
WTB Want to buy Often seen in the LFG
WvW World versus World A form of Player versus Player that pits three worlds against each other in a weekly match.
X/X Weapon set Format: Mainhand/Offhand. Example: D/P is short for dagger/pistol. With No offhand its D/X. With two handed weapons like Greatsword its just "gs"
Yak / Dolly Dolyak An animal in Tyria. Most commonly used to refer to supply caravans in World vs World and The Silverwastes.
Zerg / (Map-)Blob Zerg Massive group of players. A zerg is any group above 10-15 players, Blobs are generally maxed out squads of 40-50 ppl, or more.
Zerk / Zerker Berserker's A widely-used stat combination improving purely strike damage attributes (power, precision and ferocity), or a character wearing such equipment.