Shattered Observatory Fractal

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the fractal. For the achievement category, see Shattered Observatory Fractal (achievements).

Shattered Observatory Fractal

Shattered Observatory Fractal map.jpg
Map of Shattered Observatory Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

Fractals of the Mists loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Visit a familiar locale, twisted by the tides of time.

— In-game description

The Shattered Observatory Fractal is a Fractal and occurs at levels 24, 49, 74 and 99. It is set during an attack on the Mistlock Observatory.


  • Defend the Mistlock Observatory!
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Skorvald the Shattered
      Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Temporal Flux Active: x/4
    • Defeat Viirastra
      Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Defeat Arkk and deactivate the DDR.
    • Arkk
      Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Defeat the summoned cultists: x/1
    • Defeat the constructs of chaos: x/1


Starting from the entrance, jump carefully down the rocks until you reach the large circular platform. Shortly after, the first boss of the fractal will spawn.

Skorvald the Shattered[edit]

Skorvald will perform AoE attacks that cover 25%, 50%, and 75% of the arena, in cone shapes originating from the center. Stay close to him to make it easier to move into a safe area. Below 50% he will occasionally spawn Solar Blooms; these explode after a while, so keep them near the edge of the arena by hitting them to knock them back. At higher scales below 66% he will occasionally teleport to one side of the platform and a big eye icon will appear above his head with a blue line connecting it to your character if you face towards him. Turn your back to him, or the eye will damage and fear you, putting you at risk of running off the edge.

At 66% and 33%, he will turn invulnerable, and you will have to take the ley-energy wind that will spawn at the eastern side of the platform. After being propelled to the nearby island, you will have to defeat a Veteran Flux Anomaly. It knocks back, so be careful not to stand too close to the edge. After killing it, take another ley-energy wind in an anti-clockwise direction to the other islands. Move quickly, as Skorvald will throw firey AoE onto the island once its Anomaly has been defeated. At higher scales he will also channel an orange circle that will slowly radiate out from the center of his platform. If it reaches the edge before all Anomalies are dead, he will wipe the party. That attack can be mitigated with invulnerability, but it's rarely necessary as there is plenty of time, even at scale 99. After defeating all the Anomalies, return to the boss platform.

Galaxy islands[edit]

Once you've defeated Skorvald, take the portal that spawns. After a short cutscene, you will be teleported onto a large platform situated inside a galaxy. You will be effected with Cosmic Energy from now on, and have access to  Celestial Dash.png Nova Launch as a special action skill. There are three locked portals on this platform: north, east, and south. Yokko will unlock the south portal. Going through the north portal will lead you to a series of small islands, eventually leading to Simon, a cat part of the hungry cat scavenger hunt.

Go through; you will find yourself on a series of small island rocks. Jump to each one using the ley-energy winds or Nova Launch, and destroy the various golems you find there. After reaching the largest platform, a large blue globolla marble will spawn. The goal here is to "bounce" the marble on a player's head by standing under it as it lands. White circles will spawn ahead of each bounce to let you know where to stand. Once it is destroyed, take another ley-energy wind to the nearby island. Destroy the golems there.


After reaching the final platform with Nova Launch, you will come across Viirastra and her many clones. Bounce one of the silver globolla marbles to initiate a short dialogue and start the battle.

She will start the fight with her three jump agony shockwave, and then move into a corner and begin casting a large amount of AoE marks. She will also summon Elite clones; deal with them and their descendant clones first.

Mechanics for phase 1 onwards
  • Dome and Corporeal Reassignment - A red skull symbol causes players to explode if ignored; the chosen player should move inside the dome in the center of the arena to prevent damage to your allies.
  • Agony shockwave - Viirastra jumps around three times and then slams the ground, causing a shockwave which applies Agony and knockback. It can be jumped over, blocked or dodged.
  • AoE marks - She covers the floor in expanding AoE circles throughout the fight.
  • Clones - Smaller versions of herself; these Elite clones, when killed, will split into 3 Veteran clones, and those into Regular clones. These clones will attack and channel lightning between each other and players.

After a period of time she will move to another corner and repeat her attacks.

On reaching 66% health she will split into 4 clones (1 per corner). They take insignificant damage from attacks. Breaking the defiance bar on each clone will destroy them, continuing the fight. During this split phase and the one following, players will be under the Determination effect. If all clones are destroyed, any downed or dead players will be revived.

Mechanics for phase 2 onwards
  • Globolla marbles - Bouncing these silver marbles refreshes Nova Launch, and prevents the appearance of red marbles.
  • Red marbles - Inflicts conditions when they come into contact with a player. Only appear when a globolla marble is dropped. [verification requested]

Upon returning, she will quickly channel a large AoE covering most of the platform and a shockwave. Her defiance bar will now lock. She then moves back to a corner and throws a globolla marble, which again is marked on the ground with silver circles moving in a circular fashion around her corner. Bounce it as before until it reaches Viirastra, where it will unlock her defiance bar once more. Dropping the marble causes damage to the party and spawns red marbles which complicate the fight and inflict many conditions. If it is dropped, she will also immediately summon a new one. Assign one or two players to bounce the marble.

At 33% health, she will split into 5 clones. 1 per corner, and 1 in the center. The central clone will throw orange orbs at various corners and add additional AoE circles, but can otherwise be ignored. Continue as you did at 66% health. Clone spawns increase in frequency as the fight continues.

Once she is defeated, your Nova Launch will be upgraded to Hypernova Launch and you can enter the spawned portal to return to the three-portal platform. Yokko will unlock the big, western portal; enter it to reach the final boss.


Use your  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch to reach the boss platform which has an electrified perimeter and a reactor in each corner. To start the fight, you have to destroy the four reactors using the explosions of the Solar Blooms that spawn on each side of the platform near the edges. To get them into the corners, either push them using your basic attacks or don't attack at all and have the fixated person stand next to a reactor. Once all the reactors are destroyed, Arkk fires a giant laser through the middle of the platform that deals high damage and grants the achievement Blinded with Science. Arkk will then teleport to the platform and the actual fight begins. If you wipe during the fight, this part does not get repeated and the fight will start immediately.

Most of Arkk's attacks have long wind-ups and obvious telegraphs, you can just walk out of most orange AoE indicators. The Corporeal Reassignment mechanic carries over from the fight with Viirastra: The player with the red skull still has to stand in the black dome when it explodes. Don't hesitate to use  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch to get there or to use it in place to avoid attacks that cover the entire dome; its cooldown will be reset if you explode inside the dome. Occasionally the big eye from the fight with Skorvald the Shattered appears above Arkk, turn your back to him or you'll get feared and damaged. This is especially important if you're targeted for Corporeal Reassignment since getting feared out of the bubble will result in a huge amount of damage to your whole party. If you get hit by the fear you can use  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch as stun break. When a red marble appears above Arkk's head, shortly after it disappears again he'll shoot a ball at every player that bounces outward and leaves AoE fields behind which deal high amount of damage. These balls can be reflected or negated by projectile destruction. Alternatively you can just walk a few steps back when the marble appears and dodge/jump/use  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch back inwards as soon as it disappears.

At 80%, 50% and 30% of his health, Arkk will become invulnerable, charge a big attack and summon a Solar Bloom on each side of the platform. They fixate on the player closest to their spawn location and need to be pushed into the reactors just like at the start of the fight. When Arkk's big attack is charged, all remaining solar blooms will explode. If any reactors are still active after that, Arkk will deal a huge amount of damage to the whole party. The attack can still be dodged or negated through invulnerability. Arkk will then restart his attack and summon a new set of solar blooms. Once all the reactors are destroyed, Arkk's Defiance bar will unlock and must be broken in time to avoid another big attack. Remember that  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch includes a launch that can help with that.

At 70% Arkk will teleport away and summon an elite version of the Legendary Archdiviner and four Fanatics from the Cliffside Fractal. Try to kill the Fanatics first so you don't have to deal with them when Arkk returns to the platform after the Elite Archdiviner has been slain.

Below 70% Arkk gains a new attack: A ring that expands outward and floats anyone that gets caught in it. It can be jumped over to avoid it.

At 40% Ark will disappear again and summon an elite version of the Legendary Brazen Gladiator as well as the four kitty golems from the Chaos Isles Fractal. Deal with the golems first and jump over for the shockwave the Elite Brazen Gladiator occasionally sends out. Make sure to interrupt his big pull attack below 50% health by breaking his Defiance bar. Remember your Hypernova Launch, it can be used as CC or to get to safety if the CC fails.

Below 40% some of the platforms start to disappear. If you fall down, you'll get teleported high above the platform and have one more chance to get back on the platform with your  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch. If you miss the platform while falling down, you'll be killed instantly. Additionally Arkk will now start to roll red marbles over the platform. A small arrow will indicate their path, so they're rather easy to avoid.

Now you'll just need to keep calm, do the last reactor phase at 30% and remember that Celestial Dash.png can get you out of any sticky situation. It can even be used while downed for a short window of invulnerability!

Once Arkk is defeated, the fractal is complete. If you want, you can leap over to the DDR platform with your  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch or use the ley-wind to reach the portal back to explore the rest of the Fractal.


In Bloom Shattered Observatory Fractal 5Achievement points
Defeat Skorvald the Shattered without being hit by a Solar Bloom explosion.Look in the face of death... Defeated Skorvald while Avoiding Solar Bloom Explosions 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Extracurricular Studies of the Astral Kind Shattered Observatory Fractal 3Achievement points
Discover the truth.
Reward:Data Key Log- Extracurricular Studies.png Data Key Log: Extracurricular Studies

1 Data Disk Found 0Achievement points
2 Data Disks Found 0Achievement points
3 Data Disks Found 0Achievement points
4 Data Disks Found 0Achievement points
5 Data Disks Found 3Achievement points
  • Collect the five data disks that can be found scattered about the rock islands prior to the fight with Viirastra.
Playing for Keeps Shattered Observatory Fractal 3Achievement points
Bounce a single globolla marble on your head eight times in a row. Successfully Bounced a Marble Eight Times 3Achievement points
  • "Catching" a marble will refresh the cool-down on your Nova Launch special action skill, allowing you to jump to the next marble spot immediately.
Be Reactive Shattered Observatory Fractal 3Achievement points
Defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory while all the reactors are active. Defeated the Mastermind While All Reactors Were Active 3Achievement points
Blinded with Science Shattered Observatory Fractal 1Achievement points
Vaporize yourself in the mastermind's projection beam before the fight begins. Vaporized by the Mastermind 1Achievement points
  • Stand in the red AoE that Arkk spawns at the beginning of the fight. Note that it will only occur once, even if you wipe and reset.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Live Wire Shattered Observatory Fractal 0Achievement points
Suffer the shocking fate of curiosity. Vaporized by the Active Spire of a Highly Charged Coil 0Achievement points
  • Fall off Arkk's platform and you will be teleported above the arena. While falling, use Hypernova Launch to land on top of one of the reactors in the corners. It is strongly recommended to attempt this achievement after the boss fight is over, as it will kill you.

Challenge Mote Walkthrough[edit]

Players attempting this Challenge Mote should be comfortable using their Special action key and using Crowd Control skills. They should also be able to turn-around (or "about-face") quickly. While not required, it is recommended that groups bring at least one player that has consistent Boon removal for the Mistlock Instability No Pain, No Gain.png No Pain, No Gain Instability, and one player that has a focus on healing. Note that in order to start challenge mode all normal mode achievements for shattered observatory must be completed by the person activating it.


Skorvald's attacks in Challenge Mode are similar to his attacks in normal mode, though they may cover a larger area, do more damage, and occur more quickly.

Initial attacks

For the first 66% of the fight, he will alternate between several attacks. He will create a circle of triangle AoEs, in a line-pattern. Rotating clockwise after each one spawns and dissipates is one way to avoid recieving damage. While this attack is in effect, he will frequently cover 75% of the platform in another AoE circle. It can be hard to see if your post-processing settings are turned on, as the AoE markers of these two attacks overlap. A floating Eye will occasionally appear above his head or to the side of the platform. Looking at the eye will damage you and cause fear. The eye will also fire a laser, which will be marked by a set of horizontal AoEs.

On reaching 66% health

Every 33%, Skorvald will become invulnerable and begin channeling a massive attack. Players will be prompted to jump to one of the nearby islands and kill a Veteran Flux Anomaly. These Anomalies have 2 main attacks to worry about. They have a nasty knockback/crowd control combo that can isolate and knock a player off the small island. They may also "jump" into the air, evading attacks and slamming back to the ground. This slam sends out a shockwave that knocks players down and deals massive damage. It's best to dodge into this attack. Once an anomaly has been slain, Skorvald will throw a fire-bomb onto the platform, forcing you to move on without a break. Taking too long to kill an anomaly will cause an AoE circle to appear under each player, burning them and forcing them to dodge or take massive damage. Once all Anomalies have been slain, players can return to a stunned and dazed Skorvald.

After the first split phase

All attacks continue as before, but now players will also have to worry about Solar Bloom orbs. These orbs will fixate on a particular player, drawing a line to them. If they stay near their target for long enough, they explode, dealing massive AoE damage. Use ranged attacks to push it to one side of the platform, away from allies. It will eventually explode on its own.

On reaching 33%

He will become invulnerable and force players to go to surrounding islands. This phase is the same as at 66%

After returning

Skorvald will become enraged shortly after players return to the main platform. He will spin around at the center of the platform, unleashing massively damaging purple lines in the direction that he is facing. He will have a locked defiance bar during this attack and it is advised for the group to stack together and share Stability to avoid the knockback that comes with Skorvald's attack. Do not stand inside his hitbox during this attack as it will instantly down players. After finishing his first spin attack, Skorvald will summon a set of clones that will dash through the center of the arena, one by one. They will fixate on one player with a purple marker above their head. Their attacks can be dodged or blocked. Skorvald will also begin dashing around the room as well, occasionally returning to the center for his first spin attack. During the entire last phase, Solar Blooms will keep spawning; Eyes and their lasers will continue to pop up.

  • Skorvalds Explosion at 66% and 33% can be dodged


Artsariiv is quite similar to her normal-mode counterpart, though her bomb-shelter is less accessible, and she covers the floor in AoE markers. It is vital that players understand how to use their Special action skill  Celestial Dash.png Nova Launch, as the Aegis, stun-break, and evade it provides are invaluable in staying alive.

Throughout the fight

Main Attacks:

  • Staff Leap Combo - Artsariiv moves across the room in a 3-hit chain, unleashing a shockwave at the end. This shockwave may be blocked, evaded, or jumped over.
  • Corporeal Reassignment - Artsariiv places a bomb inside a player indicated by a skull icon Jade Maw agony attack.png. That player must get to a nearby bomb-shelter as quickly as possible to avoid damaging allies.
  • Eye Laser - Artsariiv occasionally unleashes a massive laser attack in 3 directions. Players looking towards the Eye marker will be feared and take additional damage.
  • Various AoE attacks - Artsariiv and her clones will cover the platform in Aoe circles, often in patterns.
  • Throws red marbles - Artsariiv will throw red marbles, which cause damage and knockdown upon hitting.
  • Red orbs - Artsariiv throws clumps or lines of red agony orbs, similar to those found in the bullet-hell sections of the Nightmare Fractal.

After beginning the fight, she will leap her way to a corner of her platform. Purple particle effects appear below her, keeping players from standing right under her. Along with her 2 initial Clones, an Anomaly will spawn [verification requested]. Killing this anomaly will spawn the Bomb Shelter in the middle of the arena. If this anomaly isn't slain quickly, the player affected by Redirect Anomaly.png Corporeal Reassignment (Red Skull/Bomb) will explode, massively damaging allies. The bomb shelter will last until after she phases, in which case, another Anomaly must be quickly slain. While you can't stand under her, melee players may stand just outside the range of the purple dust. Keep in mind that Mistlock Instability Social Awkwardness.png Social Awkwardness is in effect while positioning. With the amount of AoEs that she puts out, it is actually easier to mitigate damage by staying closer to her, rather than farther. This also doubles as making group healing and boon sharing easier. AoE skills should be brought to handle the Clones and their spawns. CC her as often as possible to halt her attacks and deal increased damage. She will attack using all of her main attacks, listed above.

On reaching 66%

Upon reaching 66% health, she will disappear and summon 5 clones. 4 in the corners, and 1 in the center. Break the CC bar of each clone as you would in normal mode. Be wary of the additional AoE circles along the ground. Players will have the Gambit Exhausted.png Determination effect, resurrecting them as long as the phase is completed.


As soon as the phase ends, she will cast a large AoE circle covering most of the platform. Time your dodge to coincide with the indicator, move to a corner of the platform, or use your  Celestial Dash.png Nova Launch to evade it. A shockwave will follow the attack. After the shockwave, she will spawn another Anomaly, begin casting an interesting pattern of circle AoEs, unleash an Eye Laser, and mark a player with a bomb. Kill the Anomaly as quickly as possible and continue almost as before. (Try not to panic, there's plenty of time, as long as you focus the Anomaly) As in her standard mode, Artsariiv will drop a blue marble. One Player must "catch" the marble by standing under it as it bounces. The bounce directions aren't as linear as in normal mode, so be careful and plan ahead. One player should be named as a back-up catcher in case the primary gets a bomb.

On reaching 33%

She will disappear and summon 9 clones. 3 along each side, and 1 in the middle. Players will have the Gambit Exhausted.png Determination effect, resurrecting them as long as the phase is completed. CC them as quickly as possible to halt their AoE attacks. A Clone may drop a Blue Marble, so be prepared to catch it.


She will cast the same set of skills as she did after the 66% phase. Again, pay extra attention to the dropped marble, as its path will vary. Continue on as before.


Arkk utilizes the same skills as in his normal mode, with increased damage, area covered, speed, or another, extra mechanic. He copies challenge mote versions from Skorvald and Artsariiv. Bringing Crowd Control skills (cc) is required. It should be noted that your special action key has been upgraded into  Celestial Dash.png Hypernova Launch, which features an evade, stun break, Aegis, Launch, and Blast Finisher. Using this skill often is important in staying alive. A brief summary of his skills:

Re-used mechanics/skills
  • Blinding Radiance: First move when you engage Arkk in combat, an Eye will appear above his head, look away or else you'll get damaged and feared. Used throughout the fight.
    • Blinding Radiance Laser: A large rectangular AoE signals that a laser attack is imminent. Staring at the "source" of the laser (an eye marker) will cause your character to take damage and be feared. Similar to Artsariiv's.
  • Red Skull/Corporeal Reassignment: A red skull will appear above a player's head, as before. But as in Artsariiv's fight, a blue anomaly must be killed to spawn the shelter.
  • Triangle AoEs: Arkk will summon rings of triangle AoEs, similar to Skorvald's. These are easily avoided by stepping counter clockwise or by stepping between the triangles as they disappear.
  • Solar Fury: Arkk will pause his attacks and a red marble will appear above his head. When it disappears, he will launch it along the ground, where it will bounce, leaving behind pink/purple AoE. It can be blocked or reflected.
  • Triangle Cannon Slam: This attack is similar to Skorvald's. Arkk will single out one player and bring his cannon back behind his head. He will track the player as they move until the last second before he slams the hammer/cannon down. Shift your character back and forth to check for when he stops tracking you. Stay close to him to give yourself more room to dodge. Be aware of where your allies are and where the bomb-shelter is and if it's being used.
  • Gravity Well Shockwave: A small orange circle will flash below Arkk. This is a warning that he is about to spawn a set of shockwave circles that pulse first outwards then inwards. You can dodge or jump over the shock waves. If you are hit, your character will take significant damage and Float for a short duration.
New mechanics
  • Green Circle/Temporal Realignment: A green circle appears on one player. If two players are not in the circle when it times out, everyone will take massive damage.
  • Diaphanous Shielding: Arkk deals 25% more damage and takes 10% less for every active reactor.

The fight will start quite chaotically, so it's important to be prepared for every mechanic. A blue Temporal Anomaly will spawn somewhere near the side of the platform. A green circle will select a player, and Arkk will focus a player using his Triangular cannon slam. Within 5 seconds, a player will be selected for Corporeal Reassignment. Once all this clears, the fight proceeds in more of a rhythm. Arkk will fire off red marbles and alternate between attacks. It should be noted that the bomb shelter is a one-use shelter in this fight, so every time a Blue Anomaly spawns, your team should kill it as quickly as possible, as a bomb isn't far behind.

On reaching 80% (Solar Bloom Phase #1)

At 80%, Arkk will become invulnerable and begin channeling a massive attack. If the 4 reactors are not disabled in time, it is usually a party wipe. Lure or knock Solar Bloom orbs into reactors to destroy them. If the orb bugs out (stops moving), but is close enough to a pillar that it explodes on it upon the phase ending, it will still count as exploding the reactor. Arkk will need to be CCed immediately following this phase, or he will deal massive damage to the party. He will take increased damage after this phase from losing his Diaphanous Shielding and from his defiance bar breaking.

On reaching 70% (Archdiviner Phase)

Arkk will leave the platform, leaving behind a (slightly weakened) Archdiviner and 4 Fanatics. Deal with him as you would normally. Arkk will periodically launch a trio of Blinding Radiance Lasers similar to Artsariiv's. After returning, the fight continues as before, with a Blue Anomaly spawning and an AoE attack from Arkk. He will also begin using more shockwave attacks, including one that acts as a Gravity Well.

On reaching 50% (Solar Bloom Phase #2)

He will go invulnerable and begin charging as before. Complete the phase as you did before. Burn as much health as you can after CCing him. Mind the Blue Anomaly.

On reaching 40% (Elite Brazen Gladiator)

Arkk leaves the platform and summons an elite version of the Chaos Fractal Boss, the Elite Brazen Gladiator. He also summons 4 miniaturized versions of Blight, Chop, Plink, and Doc. Be careful when lowering the Elite's health below 50%, as his spinning attack also exists in the elite version. Lasers cannons will continue to fire. Your special action skill also has a knockdown, so it can be used to supplement CC.


The floor will begin dropping out, marked by red arrows. If you fall and miss the platform while coming down, you will be killed instantly. Your body will spawn underneath Arkk. If you're marked with the bomb as you fall, it's far more likely you'll explode and kill teammates, as it takes quite a while to fall. All other mechanics will still be running, so be extra careful if you're assigned the bomb, you may not have much space to move. It is incredibly unlikely (if not impossible) for the bomb shelter to have no floor beneath it, but it may be partially missing. Use your special action key to avoid or jump over gaps. Getting stunned, lifted, or knocked down may cause you to fall through the floor.

On reaching 30% (Solar Bloom Phase #3)

Arkk will cease his attacks for a short while, but the floors may still be damaged from falling out earlier. They should reappear quickly enough.


Continue as before. Laser attacks will be more frequent, and the floor pattern will be a bit more irregular. The Solar Fury attack will be used a maximum of 3 times during this phase which means that the special action key can be used freely to stunbreak and reposition after it has been used for the third time.

Notes (challenge mote)[edit]

  • If you fall off the platform, you can use your special action key to land yourself back onto the platform, you'll take no fall damage and safely get back on the platform. Falling past the platform once will kill you.
  • The farthest player away from Ark will get the cannon fired at them. If you time it correctly, you can reflect/absorb the flak, as it is a projectile. [verification requested]
  • When Arkk is charging a red marble above his head, it is possible to block it by using your special action key a half second after the image disappears. It may also be reflected, distorted, etc.
  • For the orb/reactor phase, it is far easier to stand near a reactor and let the bloom come to you than it is to knock the bloom into the reactor. The lasers running along the edges don't do too much damage, and the bloom's explosion is easily dodged. Orbs will fixate on the player standing closest to them upon spawning, so it's good to agree upon a general direction for your team to rotate in.


This achievement rewards a title.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Mind Out of Time Shattered Observatory Fractal 5Achievement points
Accept the harbinger's challenge and defeat the mastermind in the Shattered Observatory fractal.Bling-9009 has received reports of your exploits and now carries new items!
Title: Title icon.png The Archdesigner
Defeated the Mastermind in the Shattered Observatory 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards a title.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Be Dynamic Shattered Observatory Fractal 5Achievement points
Accept the harbinger's challenge and complete the Shattered Observatory fractal with no one in your group being defeated.A full party of five must participate in the fractal from start to finish without dying.
Title: Title icon.png Leaves No Hero Behind
Completed Shattered Observatory with No Deaths 5Achievement points
  • Achievement eligibility is shown by the Achievement effect.png Be Dynamic Eligibility effect. It is lost if any member of your party dies.


Upon defeating Skorvald the Shattered and Viirastra they each drop a daily reward chest containing:

Challenge Mode[edit]

Completing each boss objective awards you with:

Additionally, completing the Defeat Arkk and deactivate the DDR objective awards:

  • Any common acquisition Ascended ring (with a chance of being infused)

Rewards from each boss are daily per account.



Astral creature


Astral creatures



Entering the fractal
Dessa: Oh, thank the Alchemy you're alive.
Dessa: Something changed in the teleportation algorithm—you were lost in a sort of...void.
Dessa: My assistant Yokko pinpointed the error, but it still took us days before we were able to bring you back.
Yokko: Glad to have you back!
Dessa: Not again... Yokko, take the controls.
Yokko: Already on it!
Dessa: Where are these creatures coming from? How did they find the observatory?
Dessa: Listen, whatever is trying to break through that rift is too powerful for us to handle alone. We're scientists, not soldiers. I have to ask for your help one more time, friend.
Fighting Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: Finally, a foe who deserves killing. Make peace with your death, "heroes".
During the fight with Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: My hatred can't be bound any longer.
Dessa: Don't look at it! Shield your eyes!
Skorvald the Shattered: The anger...the must be unleashed!
After defeating Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: So close to freedom...
Dessa: Yokko, status report!
Yokko: The rift appears to be stabilizing, but I can't close it. Something on the other side is keeping it open.
Dessa: Insoluble!
Yokko: See? I knew it!
Yokko: This is what happens when you work in an extremely volatile environment that could collapse on itself... at any time!
Dessa: We won't have long until the rift becomes unstable again. You'll need to go through and stop whatever's keeping it open.
Yokko: Um... You first.
After crossing the rift
Yokko: Whoa... What a trip. Where are we?
Yokko: Is that...? The architecture, the symbology—this is asuran technology!
Yokko: This place, it's imbued us with some kind of magical energy! I think I can-
Yokko: (screams)
Yokko: Ha-ha! Terrifying. Your turn!
Yokko: It looks like we need an additional power source to open the main gate. Hmmm, what's this?
Yokko: Hang on, this... this teleportation algorithm is like the one in the observatory! I think I can recalibrate it.
Yokko: Just a second... And... there! Portal's open! Head on through and investigate!
If you interact with the console and open the left gate before the previous conversation is finished, it'll be cut short and the rest is replaced with
Yokko: Oh. You opened it already... Well, i guess you already know what to do then.
After the portal
NTBD Mk. 5.1: Alert! Alert!
NTBD Mk. 5.1: Detection-noted.
NTBD Mk. 5.1: Assistance-requested!
GL-XC S7M: Assistance-acknowledged.
After the fight with the small golems
NTBD Mk. 5.1: Disengaging.
Approaching the elite golem
Elite GL-XC S7L: Alert! Threat-incoming.
Elite GL-XC S7L: Engage! Engage!
After the encounter
Elite GL-XC S7L: Task-failed.
Elite GL-XC S7L: Remain-here.
After the Globolla puzzle
Elite GL-XC S7L: Area-requires-protection.
Elite GL-XC S7L: Your-assistance-is-required.
Approaching the elite golem again
Elite GL-XC S7L: Detection-noted.
Elite GL-XC S7L: Retreat-or-be-destroyed.
During the encounter
Elite GL-XC S7L: Unit-damaged. Repair-requested.
After defeating the golem
Elite GL-XC S7L: Task-failed.
Approaching Viirastra for the first time
Viirastra: More strange new friends! Wonderful!
Viirastra: Two arms...two legs..a that little one from earlier. He was much too serious. I was happy to see him go.
Viirastra: Stay. Let's play a game! Let's entertain one another!
After wiping and coming back to Viirastra
Viirastra: You've come back. Tremendous! Let's play another game!
During the fight with Viirastra
Viirastra: Watch this! You won't believe your eyes, truly!
Viirastra: Oh, I see this is much too easy for you. Let's make it more exciting. With marbles!
Viirastra: Such fun! It's fantastic, isn't it?
Viirastra: The game is almost over, but the best part is always the ending!
Viirastra: I know all kinds of tricks, see?
If you drop an orb during the fight
Viirastra: You dropped it. Let's give it another try!
On defeating Viirastra
Viirastra: (laughs) What fun! I need a rest.
Viirastra: Here, I'll give you this orb. That impatient little man with the sharp teeth gave it to me—I want you to have it!
Viirastra: Come back soon, and we'll play another game together!
After defeating Viirastra
Yokko: Watch out, creatures from the beyond, Yokko's here to... Oh, what? You guys already took care of it? (sigh)
Yokko: You found a power source, good! Let me just...
Yokko: There! I think I did that right.
Yokko: I opened the way back! Come on!
Yokko: Nice work. Now, let's see here...
Yokko: It looks like that's enough power to open the main portal.
Yokko: Yes! I did it! Er... We did it! Wha—whoa. We're not going into that, are we?
Yokko: fine! You only live once. Right?
After entering final portal
Yokko: This place is incredible! Wow! Just...just look at it!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Reactor—initialization—sequence—interrupted. Sorry!
Arkk: What now? Run diagnostics!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Diagnostics—complete. User—ineptitude—exception—1189—
Arkk: Obstinate...ungrateful... Reboot!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Reboot—completed. Hello—again!
Arkk: Well? Status?
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Initialization—sequence—interrupted. Again. Sorry!
Arkk: Impossible.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Denial—of—actuality—acknowledged. Solution—deemed—ineffective. Sorry!
Arkk: I'm not interested in apologies, I—
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Forwarding—AI—personality—feedback—to—system—architect.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: System—architect—currently—logged—in. Alert—AI—personality—feedback—received. AI—overly—placative. Sorry!
Arkk: Delete!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Are—you—sure—you—want—to—delete—AI?
Arkk: No! No, no, no! Never! Delete the message and initialize the start-up sequence.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Sequence...interrupted.
Arkk: (growl) Troubleshoot!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Have—you—attempted—detachment—and—reattachment—to—power—source?
Arkk: Sometimes I forget you're an AI. With a mute function. Now, quiet. Let me work.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: System—architect's—social—protocol—deficiency—logged.
Entering the fight
Yokko: All right, let's do this!
Yokko: We need to get his attention somehow...
Yokko: The raw energies contained in those solar blooms... I wonder if... Try knocking them into those reactors!
Arkk: You! How are you here? Unimaginable. Unacceptable!
Yokko: Whoa, buddy. It's okay. We're just here to, you know, stop you. You're literally tearing apart the fabric of the Mists!
Arkk: Enough! Your interference must cease! Go. Away.
Arkk: See? This is the price of your incessant desire to pry into things beyond your understanding. Satisfied?
During fight with Arkk
Some lines will be repeated throughout the fight
Arkk: Inconsequential! I'll deal with you myself
Arkk: Recognize this? I found it on that dreadful pirate you mercilessly slaughtered over and over and over again!
Arkk: Stabilizing mechanisms reversed. This weapon's full potential is about to become a reality!
Arkk: I've harnessed the chaos of interminable space-time!
Arkk: Reckless dunderheads! You want more? Take it!
Arkk: Obstinate goons! You leave me no alternative.
Arkk: Get. Out.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: DDR—Stability: 80—percent.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: DDR—Stability: 60—percent.
Arkk: Now you're in my domain. I set the parameters. I control the variables. Try to keep up.
Arkk: I've harnessed the chaos of interminable space-time!
After defeating Arkk
Arkk: You destroyed my defenses, but I've triggered the final sequence. There's no stopping it!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Attention. Diffraction—imminent.
Dessa: Wha...? Who...?
Arkk: This isn't the place for explanations. Quickly... You look so young...
Dessa: This device... Are you the nuisance responsible for destabilizing the fractals? The variables it's created are a headache!
Arkk: Nuisance? The DDR is a work of a genius who also happens... No time, the geochrono transparency readings—time to escape!
Dessa: DDR?
Arkk: Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer, obviously. Now...
Dessa: Out of the way. Let me see those readings.
Arkk: I guess you were always stubborn.
Dessa: Quiet! I'm trying to analyze these readings. They're extraordinary!
Arkk: Well, yes, I spent years...
Dessa: Who...? By the Alchemy, this is incredible work! These've ripped a hole...
Arkk: Back to our home.
Dessa: Home? Years? Arkk?
Arkk: Of course.
Arkk: (sigh) I should've anticipated this. Hello, Mother.
Dessa: Arkk, I... You've done amazing work here, Son. This should transport us back to the primary Tyrian reality!
Arkk: Unquestionably.
Dessa: what cost? This could destroy the Fractals of the Mists, and wipe everything inside the fractals from existence!
Arkk: What existence? Mother, this is not reality. We are the only legitimate life-forms here!
Dessa: Are you certain? What about all the Tyrians helping the observatory stabilize the fractals? What about my friends here?
Arkk: These... tourists are using your prison purely for entertainment purposes!
Dessa: They're performing important research that I've dedicated—
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Geochrono—transparenc—maximum—reached. Congratulations!
Dessa: should've worked by now. The readings are perfect. We can argue all we want, but it's not happening.
Arkk: It must. My calculations are undeniable!
Dessa: There's a variable you didn't account for.
Arkk: Impossible. I've accounted for every conceivable...
Dessa: Arkk.
Arkk: ...planar existence in that continuum...
Dessa: Arkk.
Arkk: ...near infinite...diffraction...unless...unless...
Dessa: You've figured it out, haven't you. Go ahead. State the only possible conclusion.
Arkk: ...Unless the targeted entities...are...inanimate...
Dessa: Yes. We're stuck in this time loop, too. We can't leave because we're not real.
Arkk: Neither of alive. Not really. We only exist in the Mists...echoes of ourselves.
Dessa: Otherwise your device would've worked. As you said, your calculations are correct...
Arkk: Yes. Yes. Small consolation... I failed you, Mother.
Dessa: It's not your fault, Arkk. All of this is because of me! We have to stop it! We can't destroy the fractals for nothing!
Arkk: You're right. We have to reset the loop. It's the only way. But that will mean—
Dessa: I know. It's a price I'm willing to pay. I'm proud of you, Son. Your theory proved true.
Arkk: I...I'm pleased I was able to see you again, Mother.
Dessa: And as long as we exist here, there's a chance we'll see each other again.
Dessa: But only if the fractals themselves survive. Let's end this. Together. Mother and son.
Arkk: Together. If we stay, the fractals endure... and so do we, after a fashion. I'm ready, Mother. Let's begin...again.
After Arkk and Dessa disappear
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: System—architect—not—detected. Logging—out. System—shutdown—sequence—initiated. Good-bye!

Challenge mode dialogue[edit]

Skorvald the Shattered[edit]

Skorvald the Shattered: I refuse to suffer defeat. Die!
Skorvald the Shattered: Look in the face of death!
Skorvald the Shattered: You'll burn, cowards!


Artsariiv: You have to end now.
Artsariiv: Don't fret. You'll always feel. Suffering is forever.
Artsariiv: You'll end, but the hurt will never, ever stop.
At 66%
Artsariiv: Don't fight unmaking. Hold on to the hurt. Squeeze it tight.
At 33%
Artsariiv: I've seen! It all ends! But it never stops! (laughs)
Below 10%
Artsariiv: Yes. Unmake me. Stop it all.


During the whole Arkk fight
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Subject-selected-for-temporal-realignment. Avoid-potentially-awkward-social-interactions.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Subject-designated-for-corporeal-reassignment. Seek-quarantine-or-accept-detonation.
At 90% health
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Repairs-complete. Resuming-ventilation. Thank-you-for-your-patience!
Arkk: Hmm, yes, this will suffice. Even the primitive tool of a fanatical cultist can be useful in the hands of a genius.
During orb phases
Arkk: Are you insane? The system is inherently unstable! You'll annihilate us all!
Arkk: Stop. The consequences of your actions could be catastrophic!
Arkk: I've harnessed the chaos of interminable space-time!
At 70% health
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Overriding-reactor-initialization-program. Production-interrupted.
After the phase
Arkk: Obstinate goons! You leave me no alternative.
Arkk: Get. Out.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Reactor-initialization-program-override-overridden. Production-resumed.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: DDR-Stability: 80-percent.
At 40% health
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Overriding-reactor-initialization-program. Production-interrupted.
After the phase
Arkk: Now you're in my domain. I set the parameters. I control the variables. Try to keep up.
Either one of the following
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Alert. DDR-Stability: 40-percent. Initializing-emergency-stabilization-protocol.
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: DDR-mainframe-compromised. Diverting-power-to-phasic-transitional-platforms. Metatarsal-positioning-vital!
At 15% health
Arkk: Enough of this. Your time ends now!
Arkk: DDR! Initiate PDF!
Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer: Projectional-Defense-Facsimiles-online.



  • The line "Have—you—attempted—detachment—and—reattachment—to—power—source?" is a reference to the popular quote "Have you tried turning it off and on again?".

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