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Mythwright Gambit

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Mythwright Gambit

Mythwright Gambit map.jpg
Map of Mythwright Gambit

Crystal Desert

Mythwright Gambit loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


A Star to Guide Us screenshot 2.jpg

Click to enlarge.

Zommoros has invited you to participate in the very first private tour of the Mystic Forge. Witness the incredible inner workings of the djinn's magical domain, and uncover the dark secret that lurks at its center.

— In-game description

Mythwright Gambit is a raid consisting of one single wing of the same name, it is the sixth raid wing added to the game and is commonly referred to as W6.

The djinn Zommoros has invited you to a tour of his wondrous Mystic Forge, and Glenna is already waiting inside. Enter the cauldron that forges Tyria's most legendary creations, and uncover the real reason behind this strange invitation.

Getting there[edit]

  • Using the portal in Lion's Arch Aerodrome. It requires Path of Fire, and you must join a raid squad before you can enter the portal.


Scholar Glenna

A Mystic Ticket

<Character Name>,

This a weird one, so bear with me—I just received a personal invitation for me and "those wonderful adventurers I always seem to be traveling around with" to tour the interior of the Mystic Forge.

THE MYSTIC FORGE! The source of Tyria's most legendary weapons and armor! The Priory's never been granted permission to see how it works, so this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.

It could ALSO just be a scam. Even though the letter is signed by Zommoros himself, something about this feels fishy to me. I don't know what goes on inside the Mystic Forge, but be ready for anything.



Area Area objectives
Mystic Forge Acquisition Piles
Point of interest (map icon).png Acquisition Portal
Point of interest (map icon).png Mystic Clover Garden
Sorting and Appraisal
Point of interest (map icon).png Ectoplasmic Containment
Point of interest (map icon).png Miniature-Pet Menagerie
Point of interest (map icon).png Private Reserve
Arcane Springs
Grand Causeway
Point of interest (map icon).png Reliquary Bridge
Mythwright Cauldron
Point of interest (map icon).png Heart of the Cauldron


  • Talk to Zommoros to begin the tour.
  • Follow Zommoros and enjoy the tour.
  • Engage the conjured amalgamate.
    • Conjured Amalgamate
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Left Arm
    • Event bar.jpgEvent cog (tango icon).png
    • Right Arm
    • Event bar.jpgEvent cog (tango icon).png
    • Time limit: 8:00
  • Make your way through the sorting and appraisal rooms.
    • Clear out the ectoplasm.
      • Ectoplasmic Conglomeration killed: x/45
    • OR
    • Shrink and sort the megapets.
      • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
    • Kill Qadim's dreg shark.
      • Dreg Shark
      • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Follow Zommoros.
  • Defeat the twin largos.
    • Nikare
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Kenut
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Platform submerges in: 2:00
  • Clear a path through Qadim's minions to the Mythwright Cauldron.
    • Pyre Guardian
    • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent swords (tango icon).png
  • Enter the Mythwright Cauldron and stop Qadim.
  • Defeat Qadim.
    • Qadim
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 13:00
    • Ancient Invoked Hydra
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Apocalypse Bringer
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Wyvern Patriarch
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Wyvern Matriarch
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Escape from the lamp.
    • Time remaining: 2:00


Conjured Amalgamate[edit]

The first of Qadim's challenges. You must dispose of a large construct made of loot/junk from the Mystic Forge.

Health: 52,290,000 (unchanged if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: 8 minutes
Enrage Effect: Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - Increases damage dealt by 200%. Effect applied to all shields, swords, and warriors.
Fixation Mechanics: None

The fight starts when someone steps near the Amalgamate. The fight is played out on a crescent-shaped stage with boss in the middle. The fight swaps between arm phases, orb phases, shield phases, and head/damage phases.

The boss has two breakable arms, which it will use to attempt to smash the players. Every time it slams the ground, it will summon a group of Shields or a group of Swords. When killed these drop a corresponding Special Action Skill (Conjured Slash for the sword and Conjured Protection for the shield). This skill stacks in efficiency, so it's ok to pick up a sword or shield multiple times. Occasionally, if both hands are alive, the Amalgamate will raise his hands up to Clap. One shield stack minimum is required to survive. Killing an arm causes the boss to begin powering up a special attack. He will summon waves of orbs, Shield Bubbles (large orbs with an outer ring), Sword Bubbles (smaller greenish orbs with a vertical line), and Damage Bubbles (purple orbs). Have group members collect the sword and shield bubbles, as for each that reaches him, he gains shielding or damage buffs, respectively. He will then begin firing a treasure laser in a "wind-shield wiper" motion across the platform. The group should stack, use the shield right before the line hits them, and out-heal any remaining floor damage. Players can also use their Sword abilities on his shield, lowering the boss' defenses and stacking a 10% damage debuff (up to 10 stacks) enabling a good chunk of time for damage.

Health Boss Mechanic
100% - 25%
  • Amalgamate will attack with one arm at a time, depending on which half and section of the platform has the most players. Each arm can only target its closest quadrants.
  • Amalgamate will not use its arm(s) during the phases of the Junk Wall attack.
  • Amalgamate will first perform a Thunderclap attack after the 3rd time it has pulled its 1st arm back up (at around 7:11 left on the timer). [verification requested]
  • Amalgamate phases if you reach 50% of its HP on the 1st burn and will stop its Junk Wall attack
  • Between the 1st and 2nd burn phases there will be no Thunderclap, as he is regenerating his 1st arm
  • Amalgamate will immediately interrupt any of its on-going attacks. [verification requested]
  • Arms will respawn with 50% health
25% - 0%
  • Amalgamate will be able to attack with both arms at the same time.
  • Amalgamate will continue to attack with its other arm during the the Junk Wall attack phases.
  • Arms will respawn with 50% health 1 minute after being destroyed (or, if both arms are destroyed, then both arms will respawn after the Junk Wall).
Boss Attacks
  • Pulverize
    • The Amalgamate will smash an arm on the platform. Any players not on the targeted quadrant will be affected by Tremor if not dodged.
      • The arm will smash the platform every 15 seconds (after 25%, each arm will have its own cooldown).
      • The arm will lay on the platform for 10 of those seconds.
      • The arm will conjure a number of Conjured Greatswords and Conjured Shields. (1 guaranteed, up to 5 more over time if being attacked)
  • Thunderclap
    • If both arms are present, the Amalgamate will bring them together in a fatal attack unless  Conjured Protection.png Conjured Protection is used to reduce damage taken. Each shield used reduces the incoming damage by 10%.
    • This will happen after 3 attacks with Pulverize when both hands are active, which is during both the start of the fight, and after both hands have respawned at 25%.
      • The first slam occurs at approximately 7:11 on the timer.
    • There is also an extra clap after the boss is brought to 25% health, but before the boss begins to use Pulverize again.
    • Downstate from this attack can be negated with AED or "Rebound!"
  • Junk Wall
    • This attack is triggered whenever an arm is destroyed. This attack has 3 parts, wherein the Amalgamate will:
      1. Draw various orbs to itself for 20 seconds, which come in 3 types:
      2. Fires Junk Absorption across the arena, which sweeps from one side of the platform to the other over the course of 15 seconds.
        • The wall starts from the side of the most-recently destroyed arm.
        • The attack will double back if both arms are destroyed.
        • Applies Ruptured Ground to areas it has passed over, dealing minor damage to players standing in it.
        • The wall will destroy any remaining Sword or Shield minions left on the platform.
      3. Drop its head to the platform for 20 seconds after losing Golem-Powered Shielding.png Shielded.
  • Junk Fall
    • If one of the hands is dead, instead of using Pulverize, the Amalgamate, after two Pulverize attacks, will scoop an arm across its quadrants and rain objects from above. This debris will land in orange AoEs of varying areas, and will remove stacks of Greatsword Power (effect).png Greatsword Power and Conjured Shield (effect).png Conjured Shield from any player it hits.
  • Conjured Greatsword
    • Apply Branded Aura.png Fractured on hit.
    • When defeated, will create a green AoE circle the grants a stack of Greatsword Power (effect).png Greatsword Power to the first player to walk into it, giving them the special action key  Conjured Slash.png Conjured Slash. The player will also have a sword overhead icon Greatsword Power (overhead icon).png.
  • Conjured Shield
    • The Shields will have defiance bars which must be broken before they can be damaged.
    • Apply Chilled.png Chilled and Slow.png Slow in an AoE around them, which can impede players assigned to collect orbs if any are left alive during that phase.
    • When defeated, will create a green AoE circle that grants a stack of Conjured Shield (effect).png Conjured Shield to the first player to walk into it, giving them the special action key  Conjured Protection.png Conjured Protection. The player will also have a shield overhead icon Conjured Shield (overhead icon).png.
  • Conjured Warrior
    • If the Shields are left alive to fully channel, they can merge with the Greatwords, summoning a Warrior. Warriors deal a large amount of damage and should be killed quickly.
General Strategy

The boss follows the following pattern for phases: Kill One Arm>Orb Phase>Shield/Sword Phase>Kill Other Arm>Orb Phase>Shield/Sword Phase>Kill another arm>Orb phase (while other arm is active)>Shield/Sword Phase (while other arm is active)>Kill remaining arm and repeat orb phase, or kill the boss.

Bring high Area of Effect (AoE) classes that can hit multiple targets. You will also need to bring characters with consistent Crowd Control (CC) abilities to deplete the defiance bars from the Shields. Begin the fight in one of the central quadrants. Use swords as you get them on the arms. They will expire otherwise, and they do a good amount of damage and stack a 10% damage debuff on the arm. Use shields when he goes to "Clap". When an arm is about to be slain, send 1-2 people to each of the farther quadrants where the orbs will reach first. (Sword orbs will start towards the west, swipe east, then back. Shield orbs will start east, swipe west, then back.) The remaining members should clean up any remaining swords and shields, help collect any other orbs, and begin damaging the boss. Once the orb phase ends, throw the swords at the boss, lowering his shielding, and continue damaging him. Wait until the laser "wind-shield wiper" attack almost gets to your group and Shield. He cannot clap during the next phase. Repeat for the next arm up until after the orb phase. The Amalgamate's laser will come from the side of the hand you just killed, travel across the platform fully, then loop back. If all players stack on the far side of the first laser pass, a well timed shield will cover both the end of the first laser and the beginning of the second. Keep in mind that the laser's pass will make the floor do damage to players standing on it, healing or barrier is recommended. After the burn phase the boss will re-summon both of his hands. One person will need to save a shield for afterwards, as he will be able to clap again. This time both hands will be actively slamming on the platform. Focus one arm while killing all the shields and swords that spawn. When one arm dies the orb phase will start but the other arm will continue to attack. Bring down the boss' shield and you should be able to kill it.

  • Power damage is favored on this fight, since the construct removes all conditions every slam.
  • You can damage the Amalgamate during the laser phase and during the orb phase. There's no need to wait for him to lay his head onto the platform, or for the laser to stop firing.
  • Try not to let any shield orbs get through during the orb phase, since the Amalgamate will otherwise gain Conjured Barrier and reflect damage to the group, which can easily down dps players.
  • You can damage the Amalgamate from almost anywhere on the platform. You do not have to be in the center to hit him. His hitbox extends past his visual model by a large margin. Melee can hit him just by swinging away. Take care with leaps, however.
  • Only one healer is necessary, though barrier is also useful. Party resurrection skills like  Spirit of Nature.png Spirit of Nature or  Well of Blood.png Well of Blood could also see some use if a shield mechanic is missed.
  • Destroying an arm deals 10% damage to the Amalgamate.
  • Always kill Conjured Shields and Conjured Greatswords as soon as possible, as they can form Conjured Warriors, which can deal significant damage if multiple are allowed to spawn.
  • When the Amalagamate starts using both his hands at once, having the group stack to a far east or western quadrant will allow the group a slight reprieve from the other hands.The other hand will come down in the opposing far quadrant, spawning adds farther away, where they won't damage the group. You will have to deal with the spawns eventually, but some groups may find only having to focus on one target at a time worth the risk.
  • If the  Conjured Slash.png Conjured Slash ability is used so that it overlaps with both the arm and a shield or sword, it will deal significant damage to both. (~80% of the sword/shield's health bars) This can help when your team has low cleave.

Challenge Mode[edit]

There are a few changes and one additional mechanic:

  • Arms are only vulnerable for 8 seconds after each slam instead of 10 seconds.
  • Each time the Arms slam, 3 adds of Swords or Shields will immediately spawn, so there will be more of them.
  • 4 Conjured Scepters will appear outside the arena after the first burn phase and will reappear every 28 ~ 30 seconds after they disappear. One random player will be marked by a pillar of light, gain the Target!.png Locked On effect, (or if you are being marked, your screen will get a yellow border) and all Scepters will fire lasers of light towards that player, focusing them down. The player targeted by the Scepters will be defeated instantly when their HP reaches 0 instead of going into the downed state.

The lasers cannot be evaded, reflected or mitigated by invulnerable state but can be blocked or body blocked by other players. They can also be body blocked by Sword or Shield adds, damaging them instead. Using  Conjured Protection.png Conjured Protection does not mitigate the laser damage.

Sorting & Appraisal[edit]

Qadim's second challenge. Dispose of the Dreg Shark eating treasure in the Sorting and Appraisal area.


Follow Zommoros through the sand portals, with Chief Sorter Skitch and Bezzalak showing the way, to the weekly first encounter, and then to Qadim's Dreg Shark.

The first part of this encounter changes on a week by week basis. Either of these two events may be active as the first part of this encounter:

General Strategy

The Ectoplasmic Conglomeration splits into smaller ectoplasms. Kill the ones that bounce and avoid the ones that are shields. You must use Crowd Control skills to break the defiance bar of the "active" ectoplasms. Damaging them while the bar is blue causes intense retaliation to you and everyone else around you.

The megapets must be moved under the appropriate extractor at 75% and 50% of their health to remove their barrier. At 25% health they need to be shrunk by moving them through the beam at the center of the room.

The Dreg Shark is invulnerable and hidden until a Dreg Shark Extractor is used on the pile of loot the Dreg Shark is currently in. When in a pile, it will periodically jump to another pile, showering damaging treasures in a AoE line underneath its jump. The Dreg Shark will go back to the pile 10 seconds after its defiance bar is broken if it is not killed yet.

  • Bring low cooldown Crowd Control skills for the Ectoplasmic Conglomeration.
  • While standing in the center of the gold piles while fighting the Shark is good for seeing which pile it's going into next, it also makes your group a very easy target for the treasures to hit.
  • Avoid standing in the line of the Dreg Shark's jump, as the AoE is quite damaging.

Twin Largos: Nikare and Kenut[edit]

The third, final challenge from Qadim. Win a fight against Nikare and Kenut, the largos assassins from Qadim's menagerie.

Health (Nikare): 17,548,336 (19,219,604 if the Challenge Mote is active)
Health (Kenut): 15,877,066 (17,548,336 if the Challenge Mote is Active)
Enrage Timer: 2 minutes per platform or after one has been defeated
Enrage Effect: Defeats all players (if platform gets submerged) or Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged — Increases outgoing damage
Fixation Mechanics: Highest toughness

The fight starts when players land on the first fountain platform. Players will need to bring Nikare to 50% HP while surviving his attacks, and then move to the next fountain platform, and do the same with Kenut. At this point Nikare and Kenut will be up on two different platforms and when they each reach 25% health they will move onto another final set of platforms. Each platform slowly sinks within 2 minutes, and failing to phase each boss within this timeframe will lead to a wipe.

Boss Mechanics

Both Largos attack and trigger many high-damaging mechanics very quickly in rapid succession. Each platform slowly sinks on a relatively short timer, meaning that DPS must be good, and players need to avoid as many mechanics as possible.

Nikare has three main attacks to avoid:

  • 1. His dash attack. He will dash about 450 units 3 times very quickly, every ~22 seconds. The trajectory of the first 2 attacks are towards whomever is currently furthest from Nikare at the start of each dash. The 3rd is aimed at the player with the highest toughness.
  • 2. His small AoE float attack. Every ~13 seconds, he will place a small AoE on each player similar to Gorseval the Multifarious's egg attack. If you are hit after the initial 2 second tell, you are Float.png Floated for 5 seconds and take pulsing damage in the float.
  • 3. His large AoE attack. The two large AoEs he places are often overlapped and being hit by one causes a large amount of damage and causes a large Knockback.png Knockback.

All of Nikare's main attacks cause Chilled.png Chilled and Slow.png Slow.

Nikare has one platform mechanic:

  • Every 14 seconds, a randomly assigned player, who is not the tank, will receive an AoE indicator Tidal Pool (overhead icon).png targeting them called Tidal Pool. When the indicator times out after 5 seconds, an expanding AoE is dropped on the ground; this is similar to Slothasor's volatile poison mechanic. Players will also have reduced attack and movement speed while they are targeted. Targeted players should move to the edge of the platform to place the AoE. Alternatively, players can attempt to drop the Tidal Pool in another Tidal Pool. Falling or jumping off the platform causes the pool to be placed on the very edge of the platform. On the third platform, this effect appears every 13 seconds. On the fourth platform, this effect seems to have random intervals[verification requested]. In the squad UI, the targeted player has a purple border for the duration of the effect. Touching the water causes the player to gain stacks of Waterlogged.png Waterlogged. This effect stacks slowly. If the player reaches 10 stacks, they are defeated instantly. Stacks disappear over time.
In rare cases, the tank may get the Tidal Pool mechanic when fighting Nikare at the third or final platforms.

Kenut has three main attacks to avoid:

  • 1. Her stealth/boon steal attack. She will stealth and after 2 seconds attempt to steal the boons of the player who is the farthest away from the boss with an AoE attack in front of her. In most groups, there will be one person (usually a healer) assigned to stand away from the group to kite her boon steal attack to smoothen the fight because if boons such as Might and Quickness are stolen, Kenut will hit harder and attack faster. In case of boons stolen, groups can run a boonstrippers such as a Mesmer with sword mainhand and/or running Phantasmal Disenchanter, Scourge or Revenant with Legendary Demon Stance, among others. She performs this attack every ~25 seconds until 50%, then increases the frequency to every ~21 seconds.
  • 2. Her wave attack. She will do a brief animation before she attempts to do the wave attack every ~22 seconds. This animation is similar to the knockdown attack that Dredge Resonators can do or the big wave attack High Priestess Amala can do in the Twilight Oasis Fractal. The warning orange circle is 1 second long, the shockwave is an expanding wave that lasts for 3 seconds. The shockwave can be dodged through, jumped over, or mitigated with invulnerability. It is not recommended to block it as it multi-hits. Kenut will gain Protection.png Protection for every player hit by the shockwave.
  • 3. Her clock attack. She will place a 3-pronged formation of small to large AoEs every ~12 seconds. After this formation, she will do another attack with the AoEs everywhere the first attack didn't reach. Players hit by the AoE will take 5 stacks of Torment.png Torment. In order to visualize this, imagine a circle around her partitioned into 6 equally sized sections. The first attack is made with every odd numbered section and the second attack is made with every even numbered section. Kenut will gain Might.png Might for every player hit by the AoEs.

Kenut has one platform mechanic:

  • Three waterspouts will move in a straight line and when they reach an edge of the platform they bounce and change trajectory. These waterspouts do a very large amount of damage, their damage is on par with Nikare's platform mechanic. Therefore, Kenut's platform mechanic is extremely hazardous by comparison because the AoEs are unpredictable and can cause DPS loss if the boss has to be repositioned. Touching a waterspout applies Chilled.png Chilled and causes the player to accumulate stacks of Waterlogged.png Waterlogged. Reaching 10 stacks of Waterlogged will kill the player.
Kenut may occasionally spawn double the amount of waterspouts after teleporting to her third or final platform.

Below 50% health, the bosses will occasionally obtain a Defiance bar that needs to be broken, as well as barrier that only gets removed after the breakbar has been dealt with. After one Largos is defeated, the other will become enraged and deal double damage. This encourages squads to coordinate killing them both roughly at the same time.

Either one of the twins may occasionally bug out at 25%, being invunerable and not moving to the next platform. This bug occurs when it coincides with a CC bar. The platform they are on continues to sink during this time, so it becomes near impossible to kill them before the platform sinks entirely under the water.
General Strategy - Split strat

The squad splits after Kenut reaches 50% health, with 5 players fighting Nikare on the west side and the other 5 players fighting Kenut on the east side. The squad composition should take into account that each 5-man group has to have enough damage, buffs, heals, CC and a tank to successfully phase each boss within 2 minutes per platform.

Both sides should be balanced so as to kill both bosses at about the same time. If one side lags behind, a DPS player from the other group can use the waterspouts that come out of the water of the arena to make their way to the slower group and help even out the kill time.

General Strategy - Portal strat

The squad largely stays together throughout the encounter. After Kenut reaches 50% health, everyone goes to the eastern platform to fight Kenut except a mesmer with  Portal Entre.png Portal Entre, which goes to Nikare's platform to drop the entrance and glide to the rest of the squad. When Kenut reaches 25% health, the mesmer opens the portal to Nikare, and everyone takes it to phase the boss. Then the squad moves onto Kenut's platform, making sure to not land on Nikare's last platform to avoid triggering additional mechanics. After defeating Kenut they go back to finish off Nikare, which at this point is enraged with still 25% health left, and usually any mistakes can easily snowball into a wipe. Because of this, it is extremely important to be prepared to dodge everything and have healing and support skills ready.

It should be noted that this strategy is doable without a portal if everyone glides to the corresponding platform. Also on the last set of platforms, getting one boss at low health without fully killing it, then killing the other one and going back to finish the low health one is a safer strategy, but it is almost never done in pick up groups because of a lack of awareness and coordination.


In general, power-based classes are less common here since many of them find that their bursts are frequently interrupted by mechanics.

Challenge Mode[edit]

With the Challenge Mode activated, the Twin Largos gain HP and perform an additional mechanic: every 20% of their health, they gain a massive amount of Barrier and cast a platform-wide wipe, similar to Gorseval's World Eater. The squad needs to jump off the platform and onto one of the surrounding fountains that return them back onto the platform. The Largos will drop the Barrier after casting the attack.


Qadim shows his true self, and imprisons Zommoros. You must fetch Zommoros out of Qadim's menagerie & defeat Qadim to have any hope of leaving the Mystic Forge.

Health: 19,268,760 (21,195,636 if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: 13 minutes
Enrage Effect: Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - Qadim becomes enraged, gaining stacks of fiery empowerment over time.
Fixation Mechanics: Closest player

To defeat Qadim, at least one squad member must let themselves be imprisoned in Qadim's menagerie, so they can find powerful creatures and bring them back to fight Qadim's minions when the menagerie group is freed. Furthermore, one or two players should be on Qadim's platform killing Lava Elementals while others fight a legendary creature.

General Strategy

Have one or more squad members be captured and sent to the menagerie. Those members receive Lamp Bond.png Lamp Bond[verification requested] while captured. While they are there they need to fight their way to the opposite corner to find a powerful creature to bring back (see image below). While this is happening, some people must stay behind and survive some of Qadim's powerful minions (first the Ancient Invoked Hydra, then the Apocalypse Bringer, and finally the Wyvern Patriarch and Wyvern Matriarch at the same time). When the captured group reaches the allied creature, have the people who stayed behind destroy Qadim's lamp, this will free the people who were captured. The freed players will appear floating where the lamp was and will need to fly to the rest of the group. They will return floating with the effect Break Out!.png Power of the Lamp for 5 seconds while also gaining the special action skill, Drop, which will instantly return them to the platform at their choosing. If those players do not use the skill they will be dropped when the effect wears off.

Enemy Mobs in Qadim's Menagerie and a path to avoid threatening mobs. Start in the northwest corner and head towards the creature trapped in the southeast corner.
Positions of platforms throughout the fight. Qadim is marked with a red 'Q', the adds with their starting letter respectively. Guardians have their respective boon mentioned. The dot-dashed circles in the jumping puzzle phase indicate rotating platforms. (Potential) portal/platform correspondencies are color-coded via swirls on the different platforms. (Purple and green)
Phase 1 (100%-66%)

Qadim targets the closest player and launches fireball projectiles at them causing burning and damage. While he is on a platform, Lava Elementals spawn on each corner of the platform and slowly move towards him. If an elemental reaches Qadim, he gains a stack of Fiery Surge.png Fiery Surge, making him deal 20% more damage and attack 2% faster for 120 seconds per stack. If there are ever no players on the platform he is on, he will cover the platform with a lava field and immediately gain 5 stacks before moving to the next platform, and will continue to do this to each platform until there is a player on a platform he goes to. Therefore, one or two people should stand on Qadim's starting triangular platform to keep him off of the creature group and kill the Lava Elementals. These players are referred to as the "kiter(s)".

Qadim's attack chain consists of: 2 auto attacks, breathing fire + a knockback, 1 auto attack, spinning in place while fire runs along the lines of the platform, 2 autoattacks, breathing fire + a knockback, 1 auto attack, fire along the lines, 4 auto attacks, and then a meteor on the closest player. A player sitting in place towards a corner of the platform will not be hit by any of his autoattacks - they will pass by the left and right of the player. Furthermore, players can avoid the fire running along the lines by staying off the golden sections of the platform. So a kiter can potentially stay in place and only dodge the knockbacks + meteor if they so wish. After the meteor, Qadim will have an expanding AoE which will break the platform he is on, covering it with a lava field. During this time he tethers himself to the closest player, and will teleport to the platform that player is on after he breaks the platform. He then repeats the pattern with Lava Elementals spawning around the corners of that new platform.

While that is happening, a second group should be attacking the current Legendary creature. Every beast's aggro is based on distance. The designated tank should stand closest to the creature and face them away from the rest of the group. Each one does a two basic attack chain and alternates between a creature specific attack or a break bar attack. Players standing inside the creature's hitbox during the second creature specific attack will be teleported to Qadim. This can only be avoided by dodging at the correct time or moving outside of the hitbox. When the menagerie group successfully returns from the lamp, they bring with them a powerful creature able to deal 80% of the creature's health, briefly stun the creature and apply Exposed.png Exposed for a short time. Be careful, however, while the creature is under 20% health it will be enraged, dealing a lot more damage.

The Ancient Invoked Hydra's basic attack applies four stacks of bleeding, two stacks of poison, and chill depending on which of it's three heads you get hit by. Its creature specific attack is a flame breath that does a lot of damage and is also a small blowout. Its defiance bar attack, if not broken quickly, will give 5 stacks of might, regeneration, protection and summon several meteors on top of every player's current position that deals a very large amount of damage. After the third basic attack chain, the hydra will teleport one platform in the current direction he is facing.

After the hydra dies, Qadim will move to the center of the arena. Three Greater Magma Elementals will spawn surrounded by four Lava Elementals, one group in each corner, and begin to walk towards Qadim. The Lava Elementals are invulnerable while within the Greater Magma Elemental's AoE. Either kill the magma elementals or displace them to make the lava elementals vulnerable. Three Pyre Guardians also spawn on platforms further out. Blue orbs will launch you to these platforms. Each guardian pulses a boon to Qadim, so it's important to strip the pyre quickly and kill them. The three boons are 25 stacks of Stability.png Stability, Resolution.png Resolution, and Protection.png Protection. Once the magma elementals, lava elementals, and pyre guardians are dead, you are free to DPS the boss. Occasionally he will do a giant meteor attack similar to Amala's, every second one is then followed by a break bar. The break bar, if failed, will cause a massive explosion dealing substantial damage to nearby players.

Phase 2 (66%-33%)

Once Qadim reaches 66% he will return to his starting platform and summon the Apocalypse Bringer. The platform layout will change slightly from phase one, but all the roles are still the same. The Apocalypse Bringer starts immediately with a break bar and will summon several Reapers of Flesh. These destroyers do a lot of damage so it's important to cleave them quickly. Their break bars are rather small so get in as much damage as you can while they are broken. If the Apocalypse Bringer is not cc'd quickly, then reapers of flesh will spawn near Qadim. His basic attack is a right hand swipe that covers about a third of his side, easily avoided. His unique attack is a shockwave like Qadim's meteor, jump or dodge to avoid the wave and the circles around him. Once the menagerie group returns, finish him off and repeat the magma elemental phase.

Phase 3 (33%-0%)

At 33% Qadim will spawn the Wyvern Patriarch and Wyvern Matriarch. Repeat the same lava elemental killing near the boss and menagerie group. The platform layout will be very different during this phase. One person should tank the Matriarch facing away from the group while everyone else focuses the Patriarch. Similar to those in Verdant Brink, they attack in tandem doing two basic wing swings, a tail swipe, and a flame breath. Instead of moving, the Patriarch will get a break bar while it attempts to destroy the platform, at the same time the Matriarch will attempt to gust players off the platform. If the break bar fails it is very difficult to recover as your movement options will be severely hindered. When the menagerie team returns, Zommoros is freed and attacks the wyverns. Each hit deals 25% of their max health, and he goes back and forth three times for a total of 75% to each. Afterwards he goes to Qadim and stops the lava elementals from spawning, allowing the kiter to leave Qadim to join the group. At this point everyone can gather to finish off the wyverns and then go to Zommoros' protective shield. Zommoros' protective bubble heals and cleanses conditions from all allies, including ressing any players who may go down in it.

Zommoros will lead you through a short jumping puzzle of turning triangular platforms. Two Pyre Guardians will spawn that pulse Resolution.png Resolution and Stability.png Stability, simply boonstrip and kill them then go DPS Qadim. Zommoros will be on the opposite side of Qadim's platform with his protective bubble. Qadim will move corners every few attacks and do his break bar attack. At 15% he moves to his final platform. Jump to a blue orb and DPS Qadim. He will summon two more magma elementals with four lava elementals each. Displace or kill them to finish off this last set. Depending on how much DPS is being done, Qadim may do one final meteor attack.

  • This fight has sections of lengthy, near-solo tanking, sometimes by multiple members. The timer is generous, so bring a couple tanky classes and make sure you have high healing capacity.
  • The arena platforms will change as the fight progresses, be careful not to fall off. If you do, however, you are floated back up in a bubble. Repeated bubbles will cause increased damage and eventual death.
There is currently a bug (or obscure mechanic) that occurs during the kiting phase when Qadim is at 33% health. While Qadim is switching platforms to the third kiting platform (the one connected with blue orbs to the second platform) the kiter has to move to the opposite side or else, even if Djinn's Gaze fixation appears to be applied to him, Qadim will act as though there was noone on the platform, gaining stacks and rapidly changing platforms, which can quickly snowball into a wipe. This often happens when the kiter is a Deadeye, as they tend to kneel on the closest corner. To circumvent this issue, the kiter should go to the furthest corner on this third platform (it will be the corner closest to the wyverns).

Challenge Mode[edit]

Starting the fight with the Challenge Mode active results in the following changes:

  • There will be a large fireball that bounces on every platform in an anticlockwise pattern. Players hit by it will be instantly downed, or instantly defeated if they were already downed. It can be blocked, dodged, or avoided by stepping out of its AoE marker. It will not be present during DPS phases, the jumping puzzle section, nor inside the lamp.
  • Falling off the playable area will result in instant death.
  • During DPS phases, Qadim will gain a defiance bar after every shockwave, instead of every other shockwave.
  • All expanding AOE platforms will be destroyed instead of covering with lava field. This is especially so when Qadim moves to next platform and after destroying pyre guardians. Be sure not to get teleported by his minions and quickly get back to platform after destroying pyre guardians during jumping puzzle phase as you will fall to your death.
  • All Pyre Guardians have AOE on their hitbox which deal little damage and apply one stack of Burning.png Burning each tick.
  • Enemies within the lamp will have 10 stacks of Fiery Surge instead of 5.





Various (Qadim's Menagerie) [verification requested]




See also: Qadim#Dialogue, Scholar Glenna (Mythwright Gambit)#Dialogue, Zommoros#Dialogue

Upon entering the starting area:

Zommoros: Welcome, my friends, to the Mystic Forge! I am Zommoros, and this is my realm.
Zommoros: Thank you all for accepting my invitation.
Zommoros: There's just one tiny bit of red tape before we get started.
Scholar Glenna: Paperwork? That's...thorough.
Zommoros: Just the usual waiver, nondisclosure, that sort of thing.
Scholar Glenna: O...kay.
Zommoros: Splendid! Great. Good. Let's commence with the tour, then!
Scholar Glenna: So all the stuff that people throw down here—it just...accumulates into piles?
Zommoros: Accumulates? What? No, no, no. It's meticulously organized by professionals.
Scholar Glenna: Skritt.
Zommoros: Professional skritt! Anyway, there's a portal just up ahead that will take us to...
Zommoros: Ohhh dear, that is a big angry thing.
Qadim: So, Zommoros! I see you've chosen your representatives.
Scholar Glenna: Your what?
Qadim: Very well! I accept! Three challenges to decide the true owner of your Mystic Forge! And the first stands before you!
Scholar Glenna: This is a really weird tour.
<Character name>: There never was a tour.

Conjured Amalgamate[edit]

When engaging the Conjured Amalgamate:

Zommoros: Careful! Be careful, please! Try not to break anything.
Qadim: Let's see what your little group can do, hm?

While fighting the Conjured Amalgamate:

Qadim: You expect to win our little wager with these ants, Zommoros? No wonder you're so deep in debt!
Scholar Glenna: What wager? What are you talking about?
Qadim: Zommoros made a bet. Your friends versus my three handpicked challengers!
Qadim: If he wins—unlikely—his debts to me are cleared. If I win, the Mystic Forge and everything in it is mine!
Zommoros: Ignore him, please! Focus!

After defeating one arm of the Conjured Amalgamate:

Qadim: You're proving quite resourceful. But this isn't over yet!

After placing a shield via the special action key:

Zommoros: That's it! Anything you can do to get the upper hand!

After using the sword special action key:

Zommoros: Yes, good! Use its own power against it!

After the beam attack, when the Conjured Amalgamate lowers its head onto the platform:

One of the following:
Zommoros: Hit it now! You've knocked it down!
Zommoros: Look! It's hurt!

After the Conjured Amalgamate regains both arms:

Qadim: Impressive, Zommoros. Your little troupe is surprisingly resilient. But that ends now!

After defeating the Conjured Amalgamate:

Qadim: Unexpected... But impressive. I'll have to make the next challenge more interesting.
Scholar Glenna: So. You're in hock, you staked the Mystic Forge, and you tricked us into fighting for you. Have I missed anything?
Zommoros: Of course it sounds bad when you say it like that. I needed warriors, and Qadim isn't the waiting type. See you up ahead!

Sorting and Appraisal[edit]

Entering Sorting and Appraisal:

Qadim: May I present...your second challenge.
Zommoros: That? That's it? Ha! You know what? Fine... Double or nothing!
<Character name>: Wait, what?
Zommoros: If they lose, you can keep them. But if we win, you have to pay ME everything I owe YOU.
Qadim: Deal! Now, all you have to do is find my pet before he decimates your little operation.
Zommoros: What? Hey, that...that isn't fair!
Chief Sorter Skitch: Zommoros! Critical failure in ecto containment! Shark is chewing everything up!
Zommoros: Right. Change of plans. If that ectoplasm gets free, that's bad for me. Us. Bad for us. Let's go.
Or (alternates weekly):
Chief Sorter Skitch: Zommoros! Mini pets are escaping! Shark is smashing their cages!
Zommoros: Escaping? Ohh, that's not good. Here's what we need to do: we go through and stop them...and that's the end of that sentence.
Scholar Glenna: Uh...good luck?
<Character name>: Yeah. Thanks.

Progressing through Sorting and Appraisal Rooms:

Outside Ectoplasmic Containment portal:
Bezzalak: Through there! Hurry! HURRY!
Bezzalak: AAH! Help! HELP! Ectoplasm everywhere!
After clearing Ectoplasmic Containment:
Zommoros: There you are. Get in there! That bet's not gonna win itself!
Entering room with double staircase:
Zommoros: Good job back there! The shark ought to be right through this portal.
Or (alternates weekly):
Outside Miniature-Pet Menagerie portal:
Bezzalak: Help! Giant pets loose! Destruction! Chaos! Terror!
Entering Miniature-Pet Menagerie:
<Character name>: Zommoros, that thing is huge! Why did you make them so big?
Zommoros: To improve them, obviously! But the magic ratios are all wrong. Now they just get angry and throw things around.
Skritt Pet Handler: Must balance magic to shrink! Wear it down, then we extract magic!
If you step onto the shrinking platform:
<Character name>: What the— Zommoros!
Zommoros: Whoops! Don't worry, the effect is only temporary for nonpets!
While fighting megapets:
Skritt Pet Handler: Too much sugary magic! Quick, now—extract its sweetness!
Skritt Pet Handler: Ah! Why is holiday magic in there? Hurry, get it out!
Skritt Pet Handler: Endearment off charts! Must stabilize cuddle ratios!
Skritt Pet Handler: This one's too bold! Too daring! Must remove its magic!
Skritt Pet Handler: Okay! Now, lead it to shrinking platform!
Skritt Pet Handler: Yes! Shrunk is good!
Skritt Pet Handler: Good, good! Small again! Less bitey!
Skritt Pet Handler: You did it! Pet is back to normal!
After clearing the Menagerie:
Zommoros: Excellent! Quickly, through here!

Entering room with dreg shark:

Qadim: There you are! You know, I'll admit, I was rather impressed with how you handled my first little challenge.
<Character name>: It wasn't little.
Qadim: This specimen is smaller, but no less interesting. It thrives on the castoff items of more advanced creatures.
Qadim: Sounds like our friend Zommoros doesn't it? Why, without this forge to spew out useless trinkets, he's nothing.
<Character name>: Why are you doing this, Qadim?
Qadim: Me? Zommoros put you up to this. I wouldn't have gotten you involved. You don't stand a chance.
Qadim: I've a collection of every beast, Tyrian and beyond. And when you fail, you, this forge, AND Zommoros will belong to me!

After killing dreg shark:

Zommoros: Fabulous work. Two down, one to go, right? That wasn't so hard! Come on, through here. Glenna's waiting.

Twin Largos[edit]

Entering Arcane Springs:

Scholar Glenna: Hey! Any problems?
<Character name>: None. What is this place?
Qadim: This is the secret entrance to the heart of Zommoros's forge—the Mythwright Cauldron.
Zommoros: W-what? How do you—
Qadim: I'll admit, you nearly had me fooled. But this place is far more than skritt and piles of junk.
Qadim: The cauldron is what forges your legendary relics. It is an artifact of incredible power...and I want it.
Qadim: I've new playthings for you. Defeat them, and perhaps I'll give you your freedom!
Qadim: I present your final challenge: the twin largos assassins, Nikare and Kenut.
Nikare: Look, Sister. The djinn is throwing us some meat.
Kenut: Mm. Amusing.

When engaging Nikare:

Nikare: Don't try too hard. This will be embarrassing enough for you.

After engaging Kenut:

Kenut: Rest, Brother. You're the only one getting embarrassed now.

After engaging Nikare and Kenut (both at 50% health):

Kenut: Fight with me, Brother! The djinn's finally given us something with teeth!

After engaging Nikare on his final platform:

Nikare: Ah, the water beckons! Can you hear it calling for your blood?

After engaging Kenut on her final platform:

Kenut: The water draws close. Your hourglass is nearly empty.

After wiping:

Nikare: Your corpses will make fine company in the depths!

When defeating Nikare first:

Kenut: fool.

When defeating Kenut first:

Nikare: Kenut! How?

After defeating the Twin Largos:

Qadim: What? Impossible!
Zommoros: You've lost, Qadim. Now, I do believe the djinn bylaws guarantee me payment...
Qadim: Damn the bylaws! You think I'd let you squander the Mythwright Cauldron on your magical pointed sticks? Out of my way!
Zommoros: What is he doing? He can't do that!
<Character name>: This flaming hole in the wall says otherwise.
Zommoros: He can't have the cauldron! It's why I built this forge—to protect it. To hide its power from the world.
<Character name>: So you're asking us to help you? No bets? No wagers?
Zommoros: No bets. No wagers.
<Character name>: Good. Then lead the way.


Zommoros: This is your last chance, Qadim!
Qadim: You know little of chance, my friend.
Zommoros: Why? Why do you want the cauldron?
Qadim: Because I thought my collection was complete. A menagerie of every creature from Tyria and beyond.
Qadim: But then I learned of this cauldron.
Qadim: I will take it, and I will forge new life with its power! Something magnificent. Something legendary.
Zommoros: New life? No! He can't! The cauldron isn't made for the living. There's no telling what twisted terrors would come out of it!

After defeating the first Pyre Guardian on the path to the Mythwright Cauldron:

<Character name>: We need to get to the cauldron.
Zommoros: You're right. You finish these off—I'll go on ahead!

After defeating all Pyre Guardians and entering the Mythwright Cauldron:

Qadim: You're all annoyingly persistent! Perhaps a few thousand years in my menagerie will take the fight out of you.
<Character name>: I wouldn't bet on it.
Qadim: Then you're smarter than Zommoros. But not smart enough to know an impossible fight when you see one.
Zommoros: You're not as strong as you think.

When engaging Qadim:

Qadim: Hm. Actually, you know what my menagerie is missing? A water djinn.
Zommoros: Wha— NO! QADIM!
Qadim: (laugh)

When Qadim destroys platforms[verification requested]:

Qadim: Why follow a fool like Zommoros? This is what true power looks like!
Qadim: I'll turn your bones to ash! Burn! BURN!

After returning from the lamp without freeing the ally inside:

Qadim: It is unwise to defy a djinn! When I put you in my lamp, you'd do well to stay there!

After freeing the Legendary Iceborn Hydra from the lamp:

Qadim: Ah, you'd use my pets against me! Amusing, but futile.

After defeating the Ancient Invoked Hydra:

<Character name>: You don't know what you're doing, Qadim!
Qadim: I know exactly what I'm doing! This forge WILL be mine!
Qadim: Ha! Look at you, scurrying about like Zommoros's little rodents!

After bringing Qadim's health down to 66%:

Qadim: I can feel it; the power of the cauldron calls to me! The power of new life is within my grasp!

After freeing the Legendary Ice Elemental from the lamp:

Qadim: You think this will turn the tide? You've already lost!

After defeating the Apocalypse Bringer:

Qadim: Go ahead, free as many of my pets as you wish! I'm stronger than all of them put together!

After bringing Qadim's health down to 33%:

Qadim: You're just delaying the inevitable. You put up an impressive struggle, but it's time to accept defeat!
Qadim: Go, my pets! Crush these insects!

When unlocking the cell adjacent to Zommoros in the lamp:

Zommoros: Aha! Hey—over here! Get me out of this thing!

When unlocking the cell in which Zommoros is held in the lamp:

Zommoros: Excellent, yes, good. Once we're free, I think I can stop him.

After freeing Zommoros from the lamp:

Qadim: You'll wish you'd kept to your cage, Zommoros.
Zommoros: You tried to put me on display! I have never been so insulted!
Qadim: I suppose your ashes will make a suitable conversation piece. Go! Rip these fools to shreds!
Zommoros: Finish off these lizards, would you? I've got the big one.
Qadim: You had a chance to join my collection, Zommoros! Now you'll burn with the rest of your friends!
Zommoros: Water djinn do not burn easily. But we're very good at putting out bothersome flames.
Qadim: Enough! You'll all rot in my menagerie for this!

After defeating both the Wyvern Matriach and Patriarch:

Qadim: This cauldron can forge new life—incredible creatures beyond your wildest dreams! Yet you waste it!
Zommoros: Waste it? We're creating the greatest weapons in Tyria! Hold still and let me show you just what they're capable of!
Qadim: You can't escape that easily!

When joining Zommoros on the west-most platform against Qadim:

Zommoros: Now's your chance! Attack!
Qadim: I can't believe you sided with these...these ants! What kind of djinn are you?
Zommoros: My creations travel the world, striking down evil, protecting the weak. What do YOU create aside from chaos?
Qadim: My menagerie is a testament to the everlasting and all-powerful djinn!
Zommoros: So that's what this is all about? You see the races of this world as-as insects to be collected?
Qadim: That is all they are. And you deign to give them this world's greatest armaments. You are a traitor to your kind!
Qadim: With this cauldron, I will forge the most magnificent creatures you mortals have ever seen.
Qadim: They will obey my whims, and wipe the unworthy from the face of Tyria!
Qadim: The djinn will rise, with me as their one true ruler—he who can craft life from the dregs of this world!
Qadim: And it's all thanks to your Mythwright Cauldron!
Zommoros: You've lost your mind.
Qadim: So be it!

Cinematic upon defeating Qadim:

Zommoros: No, he mustn't fall in!
Qadim: (scream)
Zommoros: No-no-NO!
Zommoros: Don't worry, we just need to get him out before—Oh.
Qadim: (laugh)
Zommoros: That's probably bad.




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