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Guild Wars is the first series of games produced by ArenaNet. There are a total of three campaigns and one expansion, as well as a DLC pack of bonus missions:

The name of the series comes from the Guild Wars, a series of conflicts between Tyrian guilds which led to decline of humanity and allowing the charr to invade Ascalon, and other events of the first series of the games.


Overlay map of Guild Wars and the novels' maps showing the differences.

Expansion pack[edit]

Mission pack[edit]


  • Guild Wars Beyond: a collection of free-of-charge content, similar to the Living World, which further built a bridge between the original game series and Guild Wars 2 - which begins 250 years after the events of Nightfall.

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  • Hall of Monuments, which bestows rewards earned by Guild Wars players to their Guild Wars 2 characters.

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