Triple Trouble

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event. For the achievement category, see Triple Trouble (achievements).

Triple Trouble

Bloodtide Coast
Event type
Meta event
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Triple Trouble is a meta event that takes place in the Bloodtide Coast.



It is recommended to find a large and organized group of people to do this event with. Usually there are guilds that will organize this event at specific times. You can find calendar online or try your luck in the LFG system under the World Bosses tab before the event starts. It is recommended to join your squad's intended instance much earlier than when the event starts, otherwise chances are instance will be full and you won't be allowed to join a properly organized Triple Trouble event.

Once the event starts, a 5 minute timer will begin. When it finishes, Crusader Yipp, Zepp, and Xutt will walk out of a nearby tent and begin their conversation. Their conversation will last approximately 1 minute.

Shortly after, they will split off into three directions. All three events must be successfully completed before the next part can begin.

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Once their respective event has been completed, they will walk to the center of the area and place down a probe. During this time, they may be attacked by hostile enemies and killed, stalling the event until they are revived and can place down their probe.

If Crusader Yipp is the last one who has not placed down their probe, the event will stall.

Once all three probes have been placed down, the main fight will begin.

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All Wurms will have Slick Skin.png Slick Skin, making it immune to all damage. Each Wurm will have a different method for removing its immunity.

Once Slick Skin has been removed, the Wurm will lie down and players will have 30 seconds to do as much damage as possible to it.

Once their health reaches 0, their head will be severed and burrow underground. The timer will then be set to 1 minute regardless of how much time was remaining on the clock. Additional decapitations will not modify the time remaining, therefore, the other two heads must be severed within this time. If all three heads have not been severed before the timer reaches 0, the event will fail and all players, will receive either The Wurm's Bronze Chest (for a single decapitation) or The Wurm's Silver Chest (for a double decapitation) regardless of which Wurm they were at.

After all three heads have been severed, they will unburrow and the timer will be set to 2 minutes. All three heads must be killed within the time limit. Failing to kill at least one of the severed heads will result in an event failure. The Wurm's Golden Chest will be guaranteed at this point.

Once all three severed heads have been killed, the event will succeed and a portal will spawn nearby which will bring players to Firthside Vigil Waypoint, where they may receive their rewards from the Great Jungle Wurm Chest.


Event schedule[edit]

Boss Spawn time Countdown Zone Area Waypoint link
Evolved Jungle Wurm 01:00   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 04:00   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 08:00   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 12:30   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 17:00   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion
Evolved Jungle Wurm 20:00   Bloodtide Coast Firth of Revanion


Before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: "We need to come to a consensus. Which site are we investigating, exactly?"
Crusader Yipp: "What does it matter? We need to get there. Now."
Crusader Xutt: "Shocking - We're fighting again."
Crusader Yipp: "Enough! Let's just pick a site and get to it."
Crusader Zepp: "I have a better idea: divide and conquer. Three of us, three sites to investigate. We compare notes later."
Crusader Yipp: "Fine. I'll take the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head."
Crusader Xutt: "So I get to swim clear across the bay to that creepy beach. Fantastic."
Crusader Zepp: "Let's learn what we can and rendezvous here after."
Crusader Zepp: "Splitting up was only logical, provided we don't find something unexpected at the sites."
Alternate dialogue before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: "Even though it appears the local energy probes have ceased functioning, we need to continue investigating the great jungle wurm."
Crusader Yipp: "Hmm. Are we sure that those probes are what stirred up the wurm activity to begin with?"
Crusader Xutt: "Nooo, I'm sure it was a coincidence that each of us was attacked by a great jungle wurm at each probe site."
Crusader Yipp: "I thought we were send here to investigate, not leap to conclusions. Correlation does not imply causation."
Crusader Zepp: "(sigh) We should restart the probes at each site to test the theory. I'll head back to the southeast bogs."
Crusader Yipp: "And I'll head back to the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head"
Crusader Xutt: "(groan) Great, I get to swim back across the bay to that creepy beach again."
Crusader Zepp: "It's settled then! Let's meet back here to compare notes."
After the meta event ends
Crusader Xutt: "Tell me I was the only one of us unlucky enough to run into a great wurm."
Crusader Yipp: "Not at all. One attacked my site, and I was lucky to get away alive."
Crusader Zepp: "So there was a great wurm at all three sites. Astounding. I think we should report back, get reinforcements."
Crusader Xutt: "I like the sound of that."
Crusader Yipp: "No, we're not done here. This may not be over yet."
Crusader Xutt: "I don't like where this is going."
Crusader Yipp: "I say we need to find out if those wurms are really gone before we retreat."
Crusader Zepp: "You've convinced me. We've gained invaluable insights here in the field: there are three connected threats."
Crusader Xutt: "(sign) I guess this is what we signed up for. Can we at least rest here for a moment before we rush back in?"
Alternate dialogue after the meta event ends
Crusader Zepp: "So, the thrumming of the energy probes does indeed appear to cause wurm attacks."
Crusader Xutt: "I told you."
Crusader Yipp: "I don't know what's worse, the great wurm attacks or this clod actually being right about something."
Crusader Zepp: "(chuckle) Either way, I think the relationship between probes and wurms is worthy of further investigation."
Crusader Xutt: "Not to mention the three heads all being part of one great jungle wurm."
Crusader Yipp: "(snort) That's— Hmm, that would explain a lot."
Crusader Zepp: "A three-headed great jungle wurm is an unprecedented discovery."
Crusader Yipp: "Let's take a short break before we head back to the sites."
Crusader Xutt: "Or, you know, a long break."


  • The wurms themselves have approximately 800,000 health each.
  • Harpoons and powder kegs have interact priority over player-created bundles.
  • All Vigil crusaders must reach the probe sites for the great jungle wurms to appear.
  • The great jungle wurms will only terrorize the coast when an attempt to kill the wurms has failed.


  • The three Vigil Crusader NPCs that appear in the event are brothers and a set of triplets.
  • Near the Firthside Vigil waypoint there is a stone tablet which commemorates the world first Triple Trouble kill.