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Matthias Gabrel

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Matthias Gabrel


Matthias abomination.jpg

Matthias' abomination form.

Interactive map

I am the scythe, the bringer of salvation.

— Matthias Gabrel

Matthias Gabrel is the final boss of the Salvation Pass raid wing. He is the fanatic leader of the bandits in the Salvation Pass, as well as an Inquisitor of the White Mantle and a powerful elementalist.


He was originally stationed in Bloodstone Fen to ensure the White Mantle troops there remain loyal to the Unseen Ones, but as the experimentation on the Bloodstone's magic advanced to imbuing shards into living beings, Matthias was convinced by Justiciar Bauer to volunteer for the experiment. To prepare for this, Matthias left for Salvation Pass, to oversee the experiments until he underwent them.


Heart of Maguuma


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Combat abilities[edit]

  • White Mantle Inquisitor
  • Marks a random player every 45 seconds to be sacrificed within the next ten seconds. The player is sacrificed if their defiance bar is not broken in time.
  • Transforms into a White Mantle Abomination upon reaching 40% health. His skills and effects become much more potent and dangerous.
  • Cycles between weather phases for every 20% of health lost, starting with Snowstorm (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Snowstorm, Heat Wave (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Heat Wave, then Downpour.png Downpour.
    • Endlessly cycles between weather phases, in the same order, every 30 seconds upon transforming into an abomination.

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Blood Shards - Matthias fires a stream of projectiles at a target. Reflected projectiles remove stacks of Blood Shield.
  • Corruption - Matthias corrupts a target, dealing pulsing damage to all foes in an area. Can be cleansed by entering uncorrupted fountains.
  • Oppressive Gaze (human form version) - Matthias charges and fires a beam that's shot directly in front of him, dealing massive damage to all targets hit.
  • Shards of Rage - Matthias fires a volley of projectiles that can be reflected. Applies stacks of Blood Fueled.png Blood Fueled on hit.
  • Sweep - Forward sweep-attack; damages foes on impact.
Ice phase
Fire phase
Storm phase
Abomination phase only
  • Oppressive Gaze - A mutated Matthias charges and fires a beam shot directly in front of him, dealing massive damage to all targets hit.
  • Surrender - Spirits sacrificed on the Bloodstone pulse massive damage to targets standing in their path.
  • Unstable -
Stolen skills

Encounter related[edit]

Effects applied to players
Arena mechanics
  • Cleansing fountains - the four cleansing fountains around the edge of the arena are used to cleanse Locust Trail.png Corruption by walking into them. If the player does not have Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery, this deals heavy damage and stuns for 3 seconds. Once used, the fountain becomes tainted and cannot be used for 100 seconds. This means that usually only one fountain is available to cleanse the Corruption at every time (unless a Corruption was skipped due to other mechanics).


Event Rewards

Related achievements[edit]

Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
Matthias 25,953,840
Sacrifice (player) 100,000 2,500


  • Matthias Gabrel has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Matthias Gabrel has a 140 range diameter hitbox, which is considered medium. The hitbox does not change in his abomination form.
Deep Freeze will not apply its control effect on the sacrificed target as the projectile is unable to hit, and thus will not contribute to breaking the target's defiance bar.


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