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Cities are special zones characterized by a total lack of hostile NPCs, Renown Hearts, hero challenges and dynamic level adjustment. Fast traveling to the zone's waypoints is free while in the city. Special dynamic events can still occur in cities, such as during Wintersday or Halloween.


List of cities[edit]

Capital cities[edit]

Each of the playable races has a capital city, which is the first city that characters of each respective race will visit during their personal story. Large portion of every character's story plays in their capital city, often within their own home instance.

Lion's Arch[edit]

In addition to the capital cities of the playable races, there is also Lion's Arch, the central trade and cultural hub of Tyria. Lion's Arch contains unique features that are not found in other cities.


See also: Lounge

Lobbies are another special subtype of zones. They work similarly to cities and may contain convenience services, but they also serve as the staging points for specific game modes or activities.


There are several large establishments located in zones throughout the world of Tyria. Unlike the cities listed above that encompass a zone in and of themselves, establishments can be notable settlements or forts found within larger explorable zones.


Central Tyria[edit]

Crystal Desert[edit]

Heart of Maguuma[edit]

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