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Wallet user interface

Currencies are used to buy goods and services from vendors and other players. The lower bar of the inventory panel displays a varying amount of currencies and materials based on and relevant to the location of the player, with coins always being included.

The wallet is a section in the inventory that tracks currency for the account. It can be opened by clicking on the wallet icon in the lower-left corner of the inventory window. The wallet is shared by all characters on the account: currency earned by any character is automatically deposited into the wallet; currency spent by any character is automatically withdrawn from it.

Wallet currencies[edit]



Competitive currencies are earned through Structured PvP and World versus World game modes but can be spent on items and rewards that are useful in other content as well.



Map-specific currencies are earned in their respective open world zones and events and spent at local vendors.


Key currencies are used to open various chests and similar objects in certain open world zones. They are identical in functionality to keys-items, but are stored in the wallet instead of the inventory.

Instanced group content[edit]

These currencies are earned in the respective party- or squad-based instanced content and spent at their vendors.

Character-based currencies[edit]

These currencies are acquired and stored individually for each character on the account.

Guild currencies[edit]

These currencies are tied to various Guild and Guild hall buffs and upgrades.

  • Aetherium.pngAetherium — This material is automatically gained over time. The rate depends on Guild Mine upgrades.
  • Favor.pngFavor — Used to research guild upgrades and purchase items. Earned when players representing a guild participate in guild missions. A guild's accumulated favor can be seen via the guild panel.


Primary article: Token

Tokens refers to items of various types stored in the inventory that are used to purchase items from certain vendors. Living World releases may include one or more types of tokens that are only available as drops or rewards. Other tokens include Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps that can be found in Black Lion Chests, and multi-use items, such as Karka Shells and Globs of Ectoplasm, used both as tokens and as crafting materials.


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The first interface for the account wallet, missing several currencies.
  • The wallet was introduced in the Queen's Jubilee release on August 6, 2013. Following this update, all of a character's currencies were automatically deposited into the wallet the first time that character was logged in to the game. Each character had to be logged in separately to deposit any currency held by that character. Currencies in the account vault were automatically deposited after the first login on that account.[1]
  • When first logging in after the wallet was released, each pre-existing character received the following mail:


Magical Wallet Delivery

Enjoy your new wallet!

Your new wallet will automatically collect all coins, tokens, and other various currencies from a character's inventory when you log in with that character. The collected currency will all go into one account-wide pool. You can access your currencies through a tab in the Hero Panel or your inventory. All future currency items will automatically be added to the account-wide pool.

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