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Salvation Pass

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Salvation Pass

Salvation Pass map.jpg
Map of Salvation Pass

Forsaken Thicket

Salvation Pass loading screen.png
Loading screen

Salvation Pass is the second raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. Players continue to investigate the fate of the missing Pact squad and the mysterious forces north of the Maguuma jungle.

Getting there[edit]


Squad Leader Falgeir

Infiltration and Extraction

<Character name>,

Based on the intelligence we gathered after the Spirit Vale operation, we have reason to believe our missing squad leader is being held deeper inside the bandit complex in the northern Maguuma jungle. We don't know what you'll encounter, though we've been hearing reports of strange activity beyond the outer wall. Be prepared for anything.

Assemble your extraction party at the designated mustering point. Good luck.



Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Slothasor's Den
Point of interest.png Burn Pit
Point of interest.png Prison Camp
Point of interest.png Dead Man's Gorge
Point of interest.png Labor Camp
Point of interest.png Temple of Salvation
Vista.png Prison Camp Vista —

Interactive map[edit]


  • Defeat Slothasor.
    • Slothasor
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 7:00
  • Investigate the bandit camp.
  • Protect the caged prisoners
  • Defeat the three bandit champions.
    • Berg
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Zane
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Narella
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Cage
    • Event bar.jpgRed Shield.png
    • Time remaining 9:00
  • Find a way to ascend the cliff.
  • Explore the area ahead.
  • Cull the bandits in the ruins.
    • Bandits remaining: 20
  • Defeat Inquisitor Matthias Gabrel.
    • Matthias Gabrel
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 10:00



Prior to fighting Slothasor, players will have to travel through a tunnel populated with slublings. Players can choose to either kill the slublings and Evolved Slublings, or run past them and immediately begin the Slothasor encounter. Both types of slublings spit projectiles that apply conditions and corrupt boons.


Arena (Slothasor's Den)[edit]

The majority of the arena is covered in a series of overlapping green poison fields emanating from Poison Mushrooms. This poison fields quickly applies heavily damaging poisoned stacks. The encounter begins once a player eats the first Imbued Mushroom.

Poison Mushroom.
Poison Mushrooms

Poison Mushrooms cannot be destroyed or remove by regular player skills or utilities; however, they can be eaten by slublings. The green poison field disappears when its poison mushroom is consumed.

  • Poison mushrooms (and consequently their poison fields) re-spawn 60 seconds after being eaten.
Imbued Mushroom.
Imbued Mushrooms

Imbued Mushrooms are blue glowing mushrooms which spawn in four fixed locations in the arena. A mushroom spawns every 50 seconds starting at the beginning of the arena and rotating counter-clockwise. Each mushroom can be consumed by at most once by players each time it spawns.

Any player that eats the mushroom will be magically transformed into a slubling for 45 seconds. While transformed, the player becomes hostile to the other players and friendly to Slothasor and other slublings. The transformed slubling can  Eat.png Eat the poison mushrooms to clear a small area from the poison and create a safe route to where the next Imbued Mushroom spawns. After the transformation ends, the player becomes  Nauseated.png Nauseated and cannot eat another Imbued Mushroom for 4 minutes.

  • Tip: Avoid attacking the player that is transformed.
Slublings & Evolved Slublings

Slublings spawn in groups of 5 every 30 seconds. Skills with projectile reflection or projectile destruction/conversion are recommended for use in order to prevent them from applying heavy conditions.

Evolved Slublings begin spawning once the boss is at 30% health or lower. Their poison projectiles cannot be blocked and corrupt boons on player characters. They can be pulled together and cleaved down like normal Slublings, but it is more effective to focus on killing the boss and staying alive before too many spawn.

  • Tip: It is recommended that chronomancers run a focus in order to pull the slublings together so they can be cleaved down.
  • Tip: It may be useful to bring necromancers for Epidemic and condition clear with Plague Signet, but they need to take extra care to not spread conditions to the allied slubling.

Slothasor (Boss)[edit]

Health: 18,973,828
Enrage Timer: 7 minutes
Enrage Effect: Imbued Mushrooms stop spawning and gains  Skill.png Enraged (Slothasor)
Player Effects
  • Fixated.png Fixated - Slothasor will fixate on one random (non-transformed) player at a time.
    • The fixated player has a diamond-shaped purple marker Purple Marker.png above their head.
    • The fixation will be chosen anew every 30 seconds (the same person may be chosen multiple times in a row).
    • If the fixated player consumes an Imbued Mushroom, or is downed, or gains stealth, Slothasor will fixate on a different player.
  • Monster Skill.png Volatile Poison - Slothasor will mark one random (non-transformed) player with Volatile Poison, which, when dropped, will spawn a slowly expanding AoE that deals massive damage to anyone standing in it. This field will grow up to a radius of 900 units and disappears 90 seconds after the player was marked with volatile poison.
    • Timer: Every 25 seconds (starting at 6:35)
    • The player with volatile poison will have a green skull above their head Volatile Poison IG.png and the game will play an audio cue for that player.
    • The player may use the special action skillPurge.png Purge (default: -) to immediately drop the Volatile Poison, otherwise it will automatically drop after 8 seconds.
    • If the player consumes an Imbued Mushroom, or is downed, they will automatically drop the poison at their location.
    • Tip: It is imperative to drop this away from the group, behind, at the furthest cleared area (similar mechanic to the Time Bomb of Sabetha).
Boss Mechanics
  • Tantrum - Slothasor halts and repeatedly pounds its fists on the ground.
    • Timer: Every 45 seconds (starting at 6:45)
    • Slothasor will spawn 3 consecutive Area of Effect circles under each non-transformed player, once about every half second. Any player still standing in a circle will be Knockdown.png knocked down for 5 seconds in addition to any damage taken.
    • Tip: In order to prevent it from covering the limited cleared space, players should stand still and dodge when the third set of circles appear.
  • Halitosis - Slothasor halts and directs a cone of flame at the last known position of the fixated player.
    • This is a channelled attack that will apply stacks of Burning.png Burning (up to 8 stacks).
  • Narcolepsy - Slothasor halts and falls asleep.
    • Timer: Every 20% of its health as well as again at 10%
    • Slothasor become immune to any form of damage and will gain a defiance bar. Once the defiance bar is broken, Slothasor will Fear the entire squad, lasting 10 seconds.
    • Tip:  Breaks stun.png Stunbreaks must be used to escape or players may be feared into the poisoned areas and subsequently go down. To trivialize this fear, every subsquad can include a tempest running the Gale Song trait, and possibly Eye of the Storm for additional coverage.
  • Spore Release - Slothasor halts and shakes its entire body.
    • Timer: Every 40 seconds (starting at 50% of its health)
    • Slothasor will fire projectiles in arcing trajectories at the position of nearby players
      • These projectiles will apply heavy stacks of torment, burning and poisoned.
      • These projectiles cannot be reflected or destroyed, however it is possible to block, evade, or go invulnerable in order to mitigate their damage and effects.
    • Tip: These projectiles move in an arc and so it's typically ideal to dodge towards Slothasor-and consequently through the barrage of spores.

General Strategy (Slothasor)[edit]

  • The transformed player should clear the poison mushrooms in a counter-clockwise path around the arena. There are two common routes that the player clearing mushrooms takes.
    1. One is to eat mushrooms closer to the middle, often called an "hourglass" due to the shape of the cleared path. This route makes it very easy to pull the slublings together to cleave them all down, as the fight stays near the middle where the slublings spawn. When going on this inside route, care must be taken to drop volatile poison along the edge of the wall or they will make the far side of the path impossible to survive on.
    2. The other route is to eat the outermost mushrooms around the room, where it's easier to drop volatile poisons safely — they can be dropped anywhere back along the path since it's already along the wall — but with a harder time keeping the slublings cleared.
    The route that's taken should be chosen based on group comfort and composition, and it's viable to start with the outside strategy and then transition to the inside one after more slublings spawn.
  • The fixated player should lead Slothasor along the path which the transformed player has previously cleared. A recommended placement is to have Slothasor face a wall, with proper fixate positioning
  • The non-fixated players in the squad should stay behind Slothasor to avoid both the auto-attacks and Halitosis.

Protect the caged prisoners[edit]

This encounter's mechanics are driven by a timer. The game sends out announcements of mechanics with enough lead time to get to the appropriate location to attend to them.

Time Mechanic Location
Warning Actual
6:55 6:50 Red Boss.png Berg East Gate
6:25 6:03 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via West Gate)
5:23 5:05 Mortars (Bombardier x1) Launch Pad Outside East Gate
4:55 4:50 Red Boss.png Zane South Gate
4:23 4:05 Mortars (Bombardier x1) Launch Pad Outside East Gate
3:52 3:30 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via West Gate)
3:21 3:04 Mortars (Bombardier x3) Launch Pad Outside East Gate
3:21 2:59 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via East Gate)
2:52 2:47 Red Boss.png Narella West Gate
2:51 2:29 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via West Gate)
2:20 2:15 Mortars (Bombardier x2) Tower above East Gate
2:05 Raised deck with Narella's Journal
2:20 1:58 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via East Gate)
1:50 1:28 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via South Gate)
1:20 0:58 Event swords (tango icon).png Bandit Saboteur Cage (via West Gate)

Arena (Prison Camp)[edit]

Position and timings of mechanics in the Bandit Trio encounter. Click for larger version.

Prisoner Cage

Defend this target throughout the encounter. If it dies, the encounter ends. Possible sources of damage to the cage include:

  • Unnamed Bandit enemies. They will attack the cage if they are not attacking player characters.
    • Bandit Saboteurs specifically attack the cage with a heavy bomb that deals severe damage. CC the Saboteur to interrupt this.
  • Champion Bandits can attack the cage with AOE attacks.
    • Berg's melee cone attack can hit the cage if he is close enough. Keep this boss away from the cage to avoid.
    • Zane's long cone attacks pose a greater threat to the cage if he is facing towards it. Keep this boss pointed away from the cage by standing between Zane and the South or East walls at all times.
    • Narella's attacks do not damage the cage, but this phase has a lot of NPC enemies, mortars to handle, and Narella's fire tornados and conditions can affect players' ability to handle NPCs. Therefore, cage damage is more likely in this phase.
  • Mortar strikes are able to hit the cage multiple times. CC mortar NPCs or kill the turret quickly to minimize damage.
  • Player bombs triggered by the Special Action Key can damage the cage if targeted near or at the cage. Either use away from the cage, on a launch pad, or not at all.

Use a ranged attack to knock down a beehive from a tree or bridge. This bundle can be picked up, dropped on the ground, and consumed with a skill. Use the beehive to spawn a Swarm of Bees that will attack nearby enemies. The bees are specifically effective towards Berg, giving him the Targeted debuff. Beehives can also be thrown on Bandit Saboteurs to break their CC bar while planting the bomb.

Collect beehives around the Arena and keep by the door opposite of the cage where Berg spawns. Use most beehives on Berg, but save a few for Narella's phase so the bees will assist with breaking Saboteurs' break bar in case the person assigned to CC'ing Saboteurs dies. A beehive thrown on top of the cage will single-handedly CC a saboteur trying to place a bomb.

Warg Cages

Interact with a cage to release the Tortured Warg trapped within. Wargs will target nearby enemies that are bleeding or focus on Zane to do bonus damage. Open cages on the south side to focus on Zane, then reserve the north cages for Narella.

Oil Kegs

Bundle of items sitting on the ground that can be picked up and dropped, or thrown to inflict a fire AOE. Collect Oil Kegs and keep on the first ledge to the north near the Warg cages. Ranged player characters should throw kegs periodically on Narella from the first north ledge to inflict additional burning conditions, which are more effective on her.


Player characters will periodically be targeted by Bandit Sappers and receive a bomb that can be thrown with their Special Action Key, similar to the Sabetha encounter. Player characters can also selectively pick up bombs with the box of bombs near each Launch Pad. These bombs can be thrown at NPCs to deal extra damage, but consequently damage the cage if thrown near it. These bombs also launch players into the air on Launch Pads, and should be utilized to clear out NPCs in hard to reach areas and to leave the Arena to clear out NPCs that set up mortar turrets. They also damage the cage if they time out while near the cage.

Launch Pads

There are two Launch Pads in the Arena - one to the north and one to the south. Players can be launched into the air by using their Special Action Key while holding a bomb, received either from a Sapper or from the box of bombs near the Launch Pad. The north Launch Pad sends the player on top of the starting tower on the east side of the Arena. The south Launch Pad sends the player to the east outside the arena near where the launch pad outside the arena is. Launch area is a little larger than the actual pad. Make sure not to stand to close to avoid being thrown up by accident.

Unnamed Bandits[edit]

Bandit Snipers

Snipers place the  Target!.png Target! effect on players that deals more damage to players as they continue to be hit, identical to the snipers from the Sabetha encounter. Four minutes after the snipers are killed, a new wave of snipers will respawn with half their initial HP and will take extra damage from reflects.


Throughout the encounter Bandit Clerics, Sappers, Assassins, Deathsayers, and Battlemages will come through each of the north, west, and east gates in waves of 3-6. Watch for red AoEs and the vast amount of CC abilities. Bandit Clerics will heal other bandits throughout the encounter. It is recommended to group all the bandits together or near the current Bandit Champion in order to clear the majority of them as fast as possible. During some of the Bandit Champions the bandits may aggro onto the cage, it is important to pull them away or kill them quickly (without getting additional enemies onto the cage) if they do this. Bringing a long range reflect (such as Wall of Reflection or Feedback) that can be dropped between sappers and the cage can help take pressure off as well.

Bandit Saboteurs

Saboteurs are stealthed mobs (visible only with Nuhoch Stealth Detection) that can spawn from any gate. Saboteurs spawn in a fixed pattern, with one arriving midway through the fight with Berg, then a pause until midway through the fight with Zane before they start arriving every 30 seconds until near the end of the fight. They ignore all players and run straight for the prisoner cage. A message will appear every time one spawns, warning players that a Saboteur is on its way to the cage. Upon arrival, they will gain a breakbar (that has 200 strength) and begin planting a bomb. Players then have ten seconds to break the bar. If unsuccessful, the bomb deals 55% of the cage's health in damage. The bar can also be broken with the skill provided by beehives.


Bandit Bombardiers will spawn every minute outside the fort. The first three will spawn to the southwest of the fort, and the fourth will spawn with one on top of the eastern tower and one on the high bridge to the north west of it. Depending on the player confidence, sending two people to deal with the fourth set of mortars can help improve success at stopping them from deploying. They will take 20 seconds to move to a location and will begin construction of mortars which will shoot into the fort. They need to be CC'ed while their breakbars are available. Once they reach their turret destination, they will go into a breakbar phase and will begin construction of the turrets. When the bar is broken, the bombardiers will stop the construction the turrets, and will run into the fort and behave like all the other bandits.

Champion Bandits[edit]

The champion bandits spawn roughly every 2 minutes; their attacks can deal significant damage to the prisoner cage. It's recommended to kill each Champion Bandit before the next one spawns in order to prevent players from having to fight two at the same time. The encounter ends when all three champions have been defeated.


Berg will spawn at the east gate at 6:55.

  • Mordremoth's Smash - A channelled hammer AoE attack that hits in a large arc in front of him, but he will gain a defiance bar while channelling.
    • Breaking Berg's defiance bar will stop the channelling and will daze him for 8 seconds.
  • Environmental Weakness: Bees
    • Beehives thrown at him will apply the  Throw Jar.png Not the Bees! debuff to damage him over time.[verification requested]
    • This debuff increases the window time of the defiance bar from 2 seconds to 4 seconds and increases the cooldown of Mordremoth's Smash from 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

Zane will spawn at the south gate at 4:55.

  • Hail of Bullets - A triple cone-shaped attack (similar to Kernan from the Sabetha encounter), and just like Kernan's attack the third shot is extremely deadly.
  • Unrelenting Assault - Every 18 seconds, he will shadowstep to the furthest player within a ~1000 range (similar to Mai Trin), leaving behind a blinding field.
  • Environmental Weakness: Veteran Tortured Wargs
    • When freed from their cages, these wargs will focus on enemies who are Bleeding.png Bleeding.
    • The wargs will exit the camp 45 seconds after being released.

Narella will spawn at the west gate at 2:55.

  • Flak Shot - Narella targets the furthest player within range with this attack (similar to Sabetha's flak shots).
  • Fiery Tornado - Spawns a fiery tornado that will follow a player around for the duration it is up. These will toss players around.
  • Environmental Weakness: Oil Slicks
    • The oil kegs will spawn oil slicks where thrown, which can be ignited using Burning.png Burning.
    • Lit oil slicks will add a stack of  Heat Wave (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Slow Burn that deals damage when moving and applies burning every 10 seconds onto Narella.
    • Tip: The effect does not stack, so it's usually best to evenly space out the kegs one at a time.

General Strategy (Prison Camp encounter)[edit]

Initial Preparation

The raid group usually gathers on top of the tower where they are launched by the Sapper Bomb from the platform in the south east. At the beginning of the encounter players must split up around the encampment to kill Bandit Snipers on the North and South walls, as well as on the two suspended bridges over the center of the camp. They should also gather the environmental items available in order to support the fight.

A common strategy is to split the raid into two squads of five. One squad goes across the high bridge that is connected to the platform, knocking down beehives and collecting the oil kegs while clearing the snipers. After the snipers are taken care of, that group should drop down (Bringing the oil kegs with them) and either join the lower group or deal with snipers on the eastern wall. The second squad drops down to the ground and clears out the Sappers that start in the courtyard. After that they usually move to the northeast, where they stack in the corner by the small flight of stairs so that the snipers in the north will come down to be easily cleaved down. Both groups are responsible for bringing in beehives and kegs, using the weapon swap to drop them in place rather than throwing them. Two beehives should be placed near the east gate in order to be ready for use on Berg, while the others should be placed nearer the cage for use during the fight with Narella. Oil kegs should be stacked at the edge of the platform in the north so that they can be thrown at Narella one at a time as the fight progresses.


The first two groups of bombardiers each have only one mortar in them, while the third has three and the fourth has two. Because the mortar setup is staggered in the groups that have more than one, it is possible for a single person to handle breaking all of them. To make it easier to handle the set of three, a beehive can be carried out and thrown at one of the setup points.


His two skills makes it even more important than usual for everyone to stack in one spot away from the cage. Popular stack spots are immediately inside south gate where he spawns, between the two warg cages by the stairs, or at the base of the stairs.

Releasing six wargs - four from the two sets of cages near the gates, and two from up the stairs (That can be released by the player who takes out the mortars on their way back in) should provide enough damage to defeat Zane before Narella spawns, and leaves two wargs to help provide damage against Narella. As the fight with Zane nears its end a saboteur will spawn, the group's dps is reasonable if Zane is defeated before the saboteur is vulnerable to being broken.


Another source of damage can be the remaining wargs that were not released to attack Zane. Since the ones on the small platform in the north are nearest to Narella, they are commonly used for this purpose.

To free peoples' attention so they can focus on avoiding the fiery tornados and keeping dps up it is easiest to throw a beehive in front of the cage when Narella spawns. This will take care of saboteurs for its duration, and when the effect fades another beehive can be used. During this phase it is critical that flak shots not land on the cage and that mortars not be allowed to freely fire and damage it or the attempt will likely fail due to destruction of the cage. If dps is low, the fourth set of mortars may need to be dealt with, but if dps is good Narella should be defeated before or just as the final set of mortars starts up.

Matthias Gabrel[edit]

Health: 25,953,840
Enrage Timer: 10 minutes
Enrage Effect:  Skill.png Enraged (Matthias Gabrel) — increases outgoing damage.
Player Effects
  • Locust Trail.png Corruption - Matthias will corrupt one random player, which surrounds them with a red AoE circle that damages all players.
    • Timer: Every 30 seconds (starting at 9:55)
    • The corruption can be cleansed in one of the 4 Forsaken Thicket water fountains in the boss room. Once a fountain is used, it turns from clear to red and cannot be used to cleanse another poison for approximately 90 seconds. The first well used will be ready for use again after all of them have been used.
      • If the player does not have Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery, using a cleansing fountain during the fight against Matthias Gabrel deals heavy damage and stuns for 3 seconds.
  • Unstable Blood Magic.png Unstable Blood Magic - Matthias will afflict one random player with Unstable Blood Magic, which, when dropped, will spawn a Well of the Profane (a large red AoE) at the player's feet (an identical mechanic to Volatile Poison in the Slothasor encounter). While this effect is active, the player takes damage. The well AoE will vanish after 90 seconds.
    • Timer: Every 10 seconds (only during the Heat Wave phases)
    • The player with unstable blood magic will have a green skull above their head Volatile Poison IG.png and the game will play an audio cue for that player.
    • The player may use the special action skillPurge.png Purge (default: -) to immediately purge the Unstable Blood Magic, otherwise it will automatically drop after 8 seconds.
    • Tip: It's best to run to the edge of the room (between fountains) to drop the AoE. After dropping the AoE, the player may dodge to avoid being hit by the well.
    • Tip: Avoid dropping the skill in a water fountain.
  • Monster Skill.png Zealous Benediction - An orange AoE circle will appear under the player, filling up over 5 seconds. (similar to Timer Bomb on Sabetha).
    • After 5 seconds, the player will take a small amount of damage, but any other players in the AoE circle will be downed.
    • Timer: Every 20 seconds (only during the Downpour and Abomination phases)
    • Affects 5 players during Downpour and everyone (except corrupted players) during the Abomination phase.
    • Players affected by Zealous Benediction cannot be corrupted which sometimes leads to skipping a corruption application.
Boss Mechanics
  • Blood Shield.png Blood Shield - Matthias shields himself and becomes invulnerable to most damage.
    • Timer: Every 30 seconds before 40% health and every 50 seconds after transformation. Timer only starts once all stacks have been removed though.
    • Matthias will fire Blood Shard projectiles at the same target as Oppressive Gaze. These projectiles will need to be reflected back to him to remove the 18 shield stacks.
    • Tip: It is highly recommended to not bring projectile destruction/conversion during this phase as it may override the projectile reflection.
  • Blood Sacrifice - A red arrow will appear on one player's head and they will be teleported to the center of the room after 4 seconds. The player will gain a defiance bar and must be broken within 10 seconds to free the player or they will die.
    • Timer: Every 45 seconds (starting at 9:45, but not during the Abomination phase)
  • Shards of Rage - Matthias spins in the air and slams down his staff down to the ground to shoot out a circle of projectiles.
    • Getting hit by these projectiles will apply the  Blood Fueled.png Blood Fueled to anyone hit.
    • During the Abomination phase, he will shoot projectiles in arcing trajectories all over the room.
    • Tip: Avoid reflecting these projectile back to Matthias.

Phase Mechanics[edit]

The environmental hazards vary according to the current weather attuned to by an unstable Matthias.

Phase Health Passive Weather Effect Environmental Hazard Boss Mechanic
Phase 1 Ice 100% - 80% Snowstorm (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Snowstorm
  • Icy Patch
  • Oppressive Gaze
Phase 2 Fire 80% - 60% Heat Wave (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Heat Wave
  • Fire Tornado
Phase 3 Storm 60% - 40% Downpour.png Downpour
  • Storm Cloud
Phase 4 Abomination 40% - 0% Cycles every 30 seconds in order of phases,
starting with Snowstorm
Cycles through the hazards according to the phase.
  • Surrender
Phase 1 - Ice
  • Snowstorm (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Snowstorm - Periodically damages players. Reduces movement speed and applies Chilled.png Chilled every 10 seconds.
    • Icy Patch - Circles of ice periodically appear around the room. Walking over them chills the player and knocks them down. These patches are targetable and can cleared with burn.
    • Oppressive Gaze - Matthias spins his staff briefly and fires an orb of energy that does massive amount of damage.
      • Matthias will aim this attack at the same target every time (but will switch if that player is no longer alive).
      • Used after his Shards of Rage attacks and after breaking his blood shield.[verification requested]
      • Tip: This attack can easily avoided by dodging or by standing behind him.
Phase 2 - Fire
  • Heat Wave (Matthias Gabrel effect).png Heat Wave - Periodically applies 3 stacks of Burning.png Burning to players. Damages players standing still for too long.
    • Fire Tornado - Fire tornadoes roam around the room, pulling-in and damaging any nearby players.
      • It is possible to escape these tornadoes by either stunbreaking and dodging away, or waiting through the attack.
    • Unstable Blood Magic.png Unstable Blood Magic will be afflicted on one random player.
Phase 3 - Storm
  • Downpour.png Downpour - Periodically damages players. Movement increases stack count and applies 5 stacks of Poisoned.png Poisoned every 3⅓ seconds.
    • When a player reaches 10 stacks, they will lose all stacks and gain  Unbalanced.png Unbalanced; if the player continues to move, they will be Knockdown.png knocked down, however, the debuff will be removed if the player does not move.
    • Tip: It is recommended for players to either avoid movement entirely, or conversely to move until they get the unstable effect, and then stop moving in order to negate the mechanic and be able to move at a key moment.
    • Storm Cloud - A single large cloud slowly roams the room. Players standing will get damaged by Thunder and gains stacks of Downpour.
    • Monster Skill.png Zealous Benediction will be afflicted on 5 random players.
White Mantle Abomination.
Phase 4 - Abomination

Matthias' Power will become  Unstable.png Unstable and he will transform into a bloodstone-infused abomination.

  • During this phase, Matthias will cycle through the Snowstorm, Heat Wave, and Downpour phases every 30 seconds, retaining all their mechanics.
  • While transformed phase, Matthias will have an identical set of skills as prior to his transformation, however their effects will be increased in potency.
    • e.g., all players are now tagged by bomb-like AoEs instead of 5, and his Oppressive Gaze attack deals even more damage.
  • Surrender - A spirit will walk across the centre of the room in a straight path.
    • The spirits deal heavy damage if it walks through a player; this damage cannot be evaded but can be blocked.
    • Below 20% health, an additional spirit will spawn.





White Mantle


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Books and Journals[edit]



Boss chests
Hidden chests



See also: Squad Leader Bennett#Dialogue

Entering Salvation Pass:

<Character name>: According to intelligence, this cave system leads deeper into the complex.
<Character name>: The missing squad leader is somewhere inside, along with whatever else the bandits are guarding.
<Character name>: Keep your eyes open for anything that might lead us in the right direction-or tell us more about our enemy.

After killing some Slublings:

<Character name>: Was that supposed to happen?

Approaching Slothasor (as an asura):

<Character name>: Wonderful.
<Character name>: Look around for a way out of here. And try not to annoy that... specimen.


<Character name>: Oh, great.
<Character name>: Look around for a way out of here. And try not to annoy that... thing.


<Character name>: Find an exit. And try not to annoy that monstrosity.

When getting first transformed into a Slubling:

<Character name>: What's happening?


<Character name>: What the- Oh... great. Ok, nobody panic.


<Character name>: What the- Oh... gods. Ok, nobody panic.
<Character name>: Everything is... fine. I'll... slither... ahead and see if I can take advantage of this.
<Character name>: The rest of you take down that hairy beast.
<Character name>: And no wisecracks about my looks.


<Character name>: The rest of you take down that sloth.
<Character name>: And no jokes about my new look.

When starting the fight with Slothasor:

<Character name>: I think you angered it.


<Character name:> I think you made it mad. At us.
<Character name:> We'll deal with the big guy while you clear the room.


<Character name:> It's... displeased.

Or If Sylvari

<Character name:> Are you OK? You, uh, look... different.
<Character name:> We'll deal with the large one while you clear the room.

Upon exiting Slubling form:

<Character name>: My brain... What happened?
<Character name>: That'll teach me to eat untrustworthy toadstools.


<Character name>: Oh, my head...
<Character name>: That'll teach me to eat mystery mushrooms.

While traveling to the Prison Camp:

???: Wait. Where are we? What is this?


???: What's happening? This isn't right.
<Character name>: We're getting close. Keep moving!

Upon entering the Prison Camp:

<Character name>: We're getting you out of here!
Prisoner: Hurry! The forest is full of them. They'll call in the reinforcements!
Prisoner: Here they come!

During the Prison Camp Encounter:

Matthias Gabrel: No one leaves!
Zane: Kill the invaders. And then kill the prisoners. They know too much!
Zane: No loose ends! Everyone dies!

After finishing the Prison Camp encounter:

Prisoner: Praise Dwayna. We could have ended up like the others if you hadn't come.
<Character name>: What do you mean?
Prisoner: There's more of us, along with a soldier they brought here.
<Character name>: Where were they taken?
Prisoner: To the north. No one they've ever taken there has ever returned.
<Character name>: We've cleared a path to the outside of the compound. Gather your people and head through the cave to the east.
<Character name>: There's a Pact camp at the jungle entrance. They'll tend to your wounds. Go!

Exploring around the Prison Camp (post encounter):

???: Why are you doing this? What have we done?

At the Burn Pit:

???: Stop! No! Stop! Please!
<Character name>: These spirits weren't soldiers. They were ordinary people.


???: You'll never get away with this. I hope you rot!
<Character name>: How long have you roamed this land? You poor souls.
<Charr squad member>: These ghosts aren't from the Foefire, that's for sure.

Near Dead Man's Gorge:

<Character name>: What is that?
<Charr squad member>: This doesn't look good.
???: I'll do anything you want. Please. Just let us go.

Inside the ruins:

???: Where are you? Please, come back!


???: Hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear me?
<Character name>: Weapons out!
Captive: Someone's coming. To your places! Be quick!
Captive: (groan)
<Character name>: What are you doing? We're not going to hurt you.
Captive: You're not with them?
<Character name>: No. We're here to help.
Captive: That's a relief.
Captive: You should leave. Once you see it, it'll be too late.
<Character name>: There's something to see?


<Character name>: See what?
Captive: The extent of their power. Once you've been up the hill... It's hopeless.
<Character name>: Do you know who we are? We're not afraid.


<Character name>: We won't abandon you. That's not who we are.
Captive: Very well. I'll pray for you.

When approaching Matthias:

Matthias Gabrel: "I am the scythe, the bringer of salvation."
Squad Leader Bennett: I need your help!
Matthias Gabrel: "And I shall harvest the souls of the unbelievers."

While fighting Matthias:

Matthias Gabrel: Elements, I command you to bend to my will.
Matthias Gabrel: Magic surges through me! The elements are in my grasp!
Matthias Gabrel: Bow before the White Mantle!
Matthias Gabrel: You'll never stop us!

When sacrificing a player:

Matthias Gabrel: Your sacrifice will bring him life.

If a player is sacrificed:

Matthias Gabrel: A worthy sacrifice.

If a player is not sacrificed:

Matthias Gabrel: He will not be pleased.

Upon defeating Matthias:

Squad Leader Bennett: That was close.
Squad Leader Bennett: Thanks. I wish we could take this moment to celebrate, but I fear there isn't time.
Squad Leader Bennett: They're sacrificing people again.
Squad Leader Bennett: And we need to stop them.

Returning to the ruins after defeating Matthias Gabrel:

Captive: They're here!
<Character name>: Listen up, everyone! You're free to go.
Captive: (sigh)
Captive: Oh, thank Dwayna!
Captive: You've... taken care of... the inquisitor?
<Character name>: We took vengance. You're safe.
Captive: We'll never be safe again. They'll find out what happened here.
<Character name>: The White Mantle, you mean?
Captive: Yes. Their magic is beyond measure and growing stronger. Their cruelty outweighs even their power.
Captive: Grab a weapon. We're leaving here. Quickly now!
Captive: I can't believe it.
Captive: I'll pack for the journey.
Captive: Danya![verification requested] We're going home.
Captive: There's something you may want to know.
Captive: My husband was a scholar, and when we were first captured, he tried to document everything we saw.
<Character name>: In the book you're holding?
Captive: No. They tore up the book and scattered the pages. The cover is all I have left.
<Character name>: They took him?
Captive: Sacrificed... on the altar. I tell you this because there may be pages still lying around.
<Character name>: Sorry for your loss. I'll keep my eyes open for loose pages.
Captive: Thank you for avenging my husband. We'll pray that Dwayna keep you within her blessed embrace.


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