The Frozen Maw

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event. For the event schedule, see Kill the Svanir shaman chief. For the point of interest, see The Frozen Maw (location). For the legendary leviathan, see The Maw.

The Frozen Maw

Event maps
The Frozen Maw.jpg

The ice elemental that is summoned.

The Frozen Maw is a meta event that takes place in Hunter's Lake and Frusenfell Creek within Wayfarer Foothills and every two hours ends with Glorious Chests when the Svanir shaman chief is defeated. The event chain begins every even hour on a quarter past the hour.

Dynamic events[edit]


After the Dragon Totem is destroyed
Champion Svanir Shaman Chief: How dare you defile my spirit's totem! Face the wrath of Dragon!
Scholar Brogun: Stop him! Do not let him summon any help!
Champion Svanir Shaman Chief: Bow down and despair!
Scholar Brogun: We have to interrupt the ritual!
Veteran Svanir Guard Leader: Stand back or die! The shaman must finish his ritual.
Scholar Brogun: We can't let the Sons gain control of the lake. Let's stop them first, then focus on the shaman's ritual.
Scholar Brogun: Don't worry about the ritual yet! We have to disrupt the Svanir takeover of the lake first.
If the Svanir Guards and Portals have not been destroyed in time
Champion Svanir Shaman Chief: ?
Once the Svanir Guards and Portals have been destroyed
Champion Svanir Shaman Chief: What? How did you get to me so fast? Fine! I can finish this quickly with a little effort.

Related achievements[edit]


  • Failing any of the events won't change how the meta event plays out. It'll always move on to the next step.
  • Scholar Brogun will say an audible line of "Finish your drinks, it's fighting time" that can be heard within range of him. At this point the event will begin.
  • The event chain will end regardless if the totem is successfully destroyed and the Svanir Shaman Chief isn't scheduled to appear (Around 15 mins past the hour every second hour).


  • Before Tequatl Rising, beating all the pre-events before the timer ran out would reduce the Shaman's health by 25%.