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Taxi (or ferry) is an unofficial term referring to moving players to a particular instance of an explorable zone, almost always in order to participate in a map-wide coordinated event, including farming Lost Bandit Chests in The Silverwastes, defeating world bosses such as Tequatl, or for Guild Missions.


There are multiple instances of a map (a.k.a. channel). A player might not get into the instance they want, and might get placed in an underpopulated map, and might not be able to kill the world boss as a result of that. Taxiing allows a player to join another instance, preferably one with a large number of players doing the same event as the player is planning to. (See World#Mechanics and terminology for more information)

Taxiing also benefits the destination map, since more players mean a higher chance of event success.

Taxiing other players in[edit]

To taxi pick-up groups into your map:

  • Find the correct category in LFG (eg. Open World -> Central Tyria - Squads, if you are in The Silverwastes) and create a party or squad and give it an appropriate name (eg. "Silverwastes Vinewrath taxi").
  • Players would be able to join your party or squad, and taxi into your map instance.

To taxi a friend into your map:

  • Simply invite them into your party and have them right click your name in the party UI and select "Join in <Map Name>".

Taxiing yourself into another player's map[edit]

To get taxied in:

  • Join a party or squad from the LFG, or from a friend's invite.
  • Right click the party or squad leader's name and click "Join in <Map Name>".
  • You will get put into the selected player's map instance if the map is not full. If it is full, keep trying or look for another Taxi to another map.


  • The introduction of the megaserver system has reduced the need for taxiing for Guild Missions and usually ensures that there are enough players present for events that can be coordinated on-the-fly by whoever is present.