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Expansions, short for expansion packs, are paid content upgrades for Guild Wars 2. They introduce new content exclusive to them, including story chapters, explorable zones, masteries, mounts, elite specializations, raids, and strike missions. They can be purchased as standalone products without needing to own the previous installments to activate the latest release. The stories are not standalone, however, and all Guild Wars 2 story releases follow one continuous narrative.

Purchase of expansions also provides access to the current Living World season content, through which further story releases, zones, and other content are periodically added to the game. Living World seasons are not included with the purchase of an expansion. An episode is automatically unlocked for free if the player logs in during the release of the episode and becomes purchasable when the next episode is released. Previous Living World episodes (excluding the free Season 1) can be purchased for play at any time through the Gem Store.

List of expansions[edit]

This is a list of all major releases: the core game, expansions and Living World seasons, ordered by their respective release dates as well as the story order. The first three expansions are referred to as "Elder Dragons Saga".[1]

  • Untitled Sixth Expansion — future sixth expansion pack. Slated for release in 2025.[2]

Expansion cycle[edit]

Original expansion cycle of Guild Wars 2 consisted of major expansions every two to four years with seasons of Living World releases between them. Starting with the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, a new cycle has been adopted: annual smaller expansions at a slightly reduced price as well as additional free post-expansion content through quarterly updates. Unlike a Living World release, all owners of the related expansion gain access to its post-expansion content, meaning there is no pressure to log in to unlock it and no gem cost for missed story chapter unlocks.

The first release in each expansion cycle is the launch point for a new story arc, bringing with it two new open-world zones, new gameplay and combat features, new Masteries and rewards. Following quarterly updates add another open-world zone, additional story chapters, challenge modes for the Strike Missions or Raids of the respective expansion, a new fractal dungeon and challenge mode, new rewards, additions to the new systems introduced in that expansion, and—depending on the release plan for that expansion — new gameplay and combat features. Once that expansion's story is complete, the cycle for the next expansion will begin, following the aforementioned pattern.[3] Beginning with the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure expansion, there will be new content updates every three to four months following an expansion release. Alongside these expansion content updates, ArenaNet will be beefing up support for the core game so they can iterate and improve on Guild Wars 2, even while releasing new expansion content on a more consistent schedule.[4]

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