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Mursaat Overseer

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The Mursaat Overseer is the second boss in Bastion of the Penitent.


Woodland Cascades

Combat abilities[edit]

For walkthrough, see: Bastion of the Penitent#Mursaat Overseer
  • Enemy Game Piece
  • Fixation - The Mursaat Overseer fixates onto whichever squad member has the Claim special action.
DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png
  • Punishment Aura
  • Enemy Tile
Stolen skills


Primary article: Mursaat Overseer's Chest

Related achievements[edit]

Attuned Spirit Vale (achievements).png Bastion of the Penitent 15 AP.png
Defeat Mursaat Overseer game piece while the challenge mote is active.
Title: Title icon.png Committed
Reward:Cairn's Top-Tier Supplies.png Overseer's Top-Tier Supplies
1 Objective completed 15 AP.png
It's Just a Game Spirit Vale (achievements).png Bastion of the Penitent Heart of Thorns mastery point 10 AP.png
Defeat the Mursaat Overseer game piece and win the prison game."They'd make us play for their amusement."
Reward:Box of Raider's Supplies.png Box of Raider's Supplies
1 Objective completed 10 AP.png

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health
Mursaat Overseer (CM) 30,000,000
Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440
Jade Knight 250,000
Jade Scout 94,644


  • The Mursaat Overseer has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • The Mursaat Overseer has a 160 range diameter hitbox, which is considered medium.


  • There is a miniature of this NPC.
  • The internal name for the Mursaat Overseer was originally the Corrections Officer. It was eventually shortened to the “Chess Boss.” [1]
  • The Mursaat Overseer took twice as long to design compared to other encounters because the designer spent a month leading a boot camp for new hires. [1]

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