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Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Strike Mission. For the location in the Echovald Wilds, see Aetherblade Hideout. For the Living World Season 1 dungeon, see Aetherblade Retreat.

Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout

Strike Mission
Seitung Province

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Loading screen


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Strike Mission: Aetherblade Hideout is the first Canthan strike mission. It contains story details from Can't Trust a Pirate.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Challenge Mode: Inactive / Active (if you accept the Challenge)
  • Engage Mai Trin.
  • Defeat Mai Trin and Scarlet.
  • Captain Mai Trin
    Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
  • Echo of Scarlet Briar
    Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


This strike mission acts as the next major stepping stone for players tackling instanced content. The End of Dragons (EOD) strike missions are much more dynamic and involved compared to The Icebrood Saga (IBS) ones, using the full range of the game combat system. After completing this fight, players can advance to the Xunlai Jade Junkyard strike mission, which is of similar difficulty. These two fights and the Kaineng Overlook strike mission are collectively referred to by the community as the "EOD EZ3" strike missions, due to their relative ease-of-difficulty compared to the Harvest Temple strike mission.

Captain Mai Trin (Part 1)[edit]

Health: 5,898,600 (8,898,600 if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: None (10 minutes if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Effect: Defeats all players

Phase 1 (100% – 60%)[edit]

Mai Trin performs a succession of melee strikes, repositioning attacks, and telegraphed area-of-effect damage. Most of her attacks apply Torment.png Torment or Bleeding.png Bleeding, with the final part of her auto-attack chain applying Crippled.png Crippled. Her defiance bar debuff will also be unlocked and regenerates throughout the fight. Breaking the bar will briefly stun her and apply the Exposed.png Exposed on her.

Phase 2[edit]

Health: 19,662 each (unchanged if the Challenge Mote is active)

Soon after reaching 60% health, Mai Trin becomes untargetable while continuing to attack. A total of 4 Scarlet Phantoms will spawn at the edges of the arena. They each have low health and will either fire a slow moving orb or a long rectangular area-of-effect.

Phase 3 (60% – 30%)[edit]

Once all phantoms have been defeated, Mai Trin becomes vulnerable again and continues attacking as previously until she reaches 30% health.

Phase 4[edit]

Health: 1,966,200 each (3,340,200 if the Challenge Mote is active)

Similar to the second phase, Mai Trin becomes untargetable and four phantoms spawn at the ordinal directions (northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast). However, two of them are elites that are positioned opposite of each other:

  • The northeast phantom has a massive health pool. If alive, the phantom will mark a player (about every 40 seconds) with Focused Destruction, indicated by a timed green circle below them (Greens mechanic). A minimum of four players (including the marked player) must stand within the circle before it explodes to prevent all players from taking massive damage.
  • The southwest phantom is immune to damage and can only be defeated by breaking its massive defiance bar. If alive, the phantom will mark all players (about every 30 seconds) with Kaleidoscopic Chaos, indicated by timed orange circles below their feet (Spread mechanic). Players should spread away to avoid exploding each other with massive damage.

Because the southwest phantom can only be defeated by breaking its defiance bar, players should focus on the northeast phantom and periodically drop all crowd control skills on the other phantom when they come off cooldown. This also ensures that enough people will be nearby for the green circle mechanic before it explodes.

Phase 5 (30% – 10%)[edit]

Players can now damage Mai Trin until until she reaches 10% health.

Echo of Scarlet Briar (Part 2)[edit]

Health: 17,695,800 (40,082,400 if the Challenge Mote is active)

The Echo of Scarlet Briar emerges from the center of the arena after Mai Trin reaches 10% health.

Phase 1 (100% – 80%)[edit]

The Echo alternates between two attacks throughout the remainder of the fight:

  • She extends her right arm and spins around, dropping multiple area-of-effects around her that explode and also apply torment. These originate from the center and rapidly spawn in an outwards spiral until reaching the edge of the arena.
    • Red rotating orbs are also simultaneously shot out from the center, damaging and applying torment to players who get hit. These are susceptible to projectile destruction and reflection. This attack is not present during the 80 and 40% phases (Phase 2 and 4)
  • She raises her arms then slams the ground, causing a shockwave that can apply torment. This can be blocked, dodged, or jumped. She will perform this attack twice before continuing her attack pattern.

Phase 2[edit]

This phase is almost identical with the fourth phase for Mai Trin. The Echo becomes untargetable and summons 8 Scarlet Phantoms, two of which are elite phantoms with special mechanics:

  • The northeast phantom has a massive health pool and marks players for the green circle mechanic.
  • The southwest phantom can only be defeated by breaking its massive defiance bar and marks all players with the spread mechanic.

Phase 3 (80% – 60%)[edit]

The Echo becomes vulnerable again and continues her attack pattern. In addition, she will mark a player about every 25 seconds with a blue beam above them (also indicated by a blue screen border). An orange area-of-effect is dropped below the marked player after a few seconds that soon turns into a heavily damaging, blue puddle that lasts for 15 seconds. These should ideally be placed at the edge of the arena. This attack can also be interrupted by breaking the defiance bar. Breaking the defiance bar will remove the blue beam and damaging puddle.[verification requested]

Phase 4[edit]

The Echo disappears and a total of three rotating circles appear one by one around the center of the arena. After 10 seconds, Scarlet and a phantom simultaneously attack:

  • Scarlet blasts the entire arena, except the areas within the rotating circles. Players hit by this attack are downed.
  • The phantom shoots a rectangular laser in front of it. Players hit by this attack are defeated.

Two rotating circles will overlap with the phantom's laser when both attacks are activated, leaving the remaining circle as the safe spot that avoids both attacks. The phantom will spawn off-center towards one half of the arena. The correct safe spot will always be the center of the half opposite to the phantom's half. Players unable to make it to this safe spot in time should take care to avoid the rectangular laser to be downed rather than defeated.

Phase 5 (60% – 40%)[edit]

The Echo emerges again and resumes her attacks. Mai Trin also appears at the arena edge, shooting a burst of energy in a wide cone starting at 55% health and then about every ~15 seconds.

Phase 6[edit]

The Echo becomes untargetable and eight Phantoms reappear. Players must again defeat all phantoms, which include the two elite phantoms.

Phase 7 (40% – 20%)[edit]

The Echo and Mai Trin continue their attacks like before. Players should avoid all attacks while taking care to drop the blue beams away from the group.

Phase 8[edit]

Scarlet and a phantom channel another simultaneous attack. This is identical to the previous arena burst.

Phase 9 (20% – 0%)[edit]

The Echo and Mai Trin emerge a final time. Their attacks remain unchanged compared to the previous phases. At 10% health, a normal Scarlet Phantom spawns every 5 seconds throughout the arena. These can be largely ignored by players.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • Players have 10 minutes to complete the encounter.
  • Mai Trin's conal area-of-effect attack and The Echo's shockwave attack now each apply one stack of Exposed.png Exposed for 60 seconds when hit. Players caught underneath the slam will be defeated.
  • Two players at once are now marked by the blue beam mechanic, with the area-of-effect persisting for 30 seconds. This attack now cannot be interrupted by breaking the defiance bar.
  • Green circles now only require 3 people including the targeted player. However, all players inside the circle when it explodes will get the Photon Saturation.png Photon Saturation debuff that lasts for the entire encounter. Players with this debuff who stand inside another green circle that explodes will be defeated. Failing any green circles will defeat all players.
  • The arena burst that occurs when The Echo reaches 60% and 20% health has been reworked:
    • Scarlet channels an arena-wide blast like before, while three circles rotate around the center of the arena. However, three Ferrous Bombs will spawn on top of the possible safe spot locations.
      • Players must destroy a bomb to create a safe spot. The remaining two bombs will then be covered by a shield, rendering them immune to all damage.
    • Instead of a Scarlet Phantom channeling a laser, two players will be marked with cross shaped lasers that fires at the end of the attack, defeating all players along their path. These lasers can be removed by transferring them onto a Ferrous Bomb using the  Prod.png Reverse the Polarity! special action skill on them. The bomb will then assume the laser pattern.
      • Players cannot reset the laser position once it has been transferred to a bomb.
      • Both lasers are in a cross-shaped pattern, but one laser is slightly offset compared to the other. If the lasers are placed on the incorrect bomb, they will overlap with the safe spot and defeat all players. Marked players should therefore wait until a bomb has been destroyed then position themselves at one of the remaining bombs. If their laser does not overlap with the safespot, this is the correct bomb for them to activate the special action skill on. Otherwise, they should reposition, reassess, then activate the skill.




Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Defiance Bar
Captain Mai Trin 5,898,600 1
Captain Mai Trin (Challenge Mode) 8,898,600 1
Echo of Scarlet Briar 17,695,800
Echo of Scarlet Briar (Challenge Mode) 40,082,400
Scarlet Phantom (invulnerable) 1,966,200 likely 20,000
Scarlet Phantom (green) 1,966,200
Scarlet Phantom (weak; all phases) 19,662
1 Mai Trin becomes invulnerable at 10% of her health, which means her effective health is 5,308,740 in normal mode and 8,008,740 in Challenge Mode.


Approaching Mai Trin
Mai Trin: Wow. You just—you just brought everyone, huh?
Starting the strike
Strike Initiator: A glint in Mai Trin's eye leaves little doubt to the outcome of confronting her. Is your squad prepared?
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
Scarlet Phantoms spawning as Mai Trin reaches 60% health
Mai Trin: Spend a few years in the Mists, you meet the most fascinating people.
Mai Trin reaching 10%
Mai Trin: I need your power. I need more. Please! I can't lose again!
Mai Trin initiating Nightmare Fusillade
Mai Trin: We should finish this. Now.
Defeating all foes (one of the following)
Echo of Scarlet Briar: Ow, that hurt. (laugh)
Echo of Scarlet Briar: How did you...?

Related achievements[edit]

Requires challenge mode
  • End of Dragons (achievements).png End of Dragons: Legendary Aetherblade HideoutComplete the Aetherblade Hideout Strike Mission with challenge mode active. (5Achievement points)
  • End of Dragons (achievements).png End of Dragons: Total CoverageWhile challenge mode is active, defeat Mai Trin and the Echo without dying or being afflicted with the Exposed condition. (5Achievement points)
  • End of Dragons (achievements).png End of Dragons: TriangulationEach time bombs are placed on the battlefield during the encounter, destroy a ferrous bomb before placing either of the magnetic bombs. Then successfully defeat the Echo. (5Achievement pointsTitle: Peerless Geometer)



  • The May 10, 2022 patch increased the duration of the stun applied to the Echo of Scarlet Briar and Mai Trin when their defiance is broken from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.

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