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Soulless Horror

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the raid boss. For the allied NPC, see Desmina.

Your rotten soul is mine!

— Soulless Horror

The Soulless Horror is the first boss of Hall of Chains raid wing. It is the body of Desmina after she severed her spirit from it to avoid being corrupted. Devoid of spirit, the Soulless Horror acts only on anger and instinct.




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Combat abilities[edit]

  • Vessel of the Necromancer
  • Fixates on the last player to use  Rally the Crowd.png Issue Challenge.
  • Howling Death added to attack pattern at 66% of boss health.
Arena Mechanics
  • 2 players will receive the  Rally the Crowd.png Issue Challenge special action key from the Red and Green runes present on the platform before engaging the Soulless Horror.
  • Surging Souls spawn off-platform and move across the platform in a random selection of predetermined patterns, defeating players on touch.
  • The platform shrinks in size at 90%, 66%, and 33% of Soulless Horror's HP. Standing on the edge as the platform shrinks causes the player to fall below the arena, defeated.
  • Tormented Dead will begin spawning at the center of the arena after the first wall past 90% of boss health. Leaves behind Volatile Soul at their location upon death, creating a Soul Rift puddle.
  • Spinning Scythes will move along the platform in a straight line inflicting Spinning Slash which deals damage and corrupts all boons.
  • Elite Flesh Wurms are present on the platform and inflicts Wurm Spit dealing damage. They respawn in the challenge mote version of the encounter.

DefianceLocked defiance bar - Unlocks upon casting Howling Death. Breaking will interrupt cast.

  • Chilling Aura - Desmina pulses an aura every three seconds, causing damage.
  • Corrupt the Living - Strikes foes in the area and inflicts damage, poison, and torment.
    • The Soulless Horror brings the hammer back over its right shoulder and swings counter-clockwise in a slicing arc about its body inflicting damage, applying Torment.png5 Torment, and Poisoned.png5 Poisoned.
  • Death Bloom - Strikes in multiple directions for heavy damage.
    • 8 cones in a circular pattern that inflicts damage.
  • Fingers of the Dead - The ground erupts with deadly skeletal fingers that deal damage and corrupt boons.
    • These sprout from the small orange circles that appear in the cone of the Slice attack and in a large ring outside the radius of the Corrupt the Living attack.
  • Howling Death - Inflicts Unbridled Fear, causing the target to flee in terror. Cannot be removed.
    • Inflicts Deeply Wounded.png Unbridled Fear if Soulless Horror's defiance bar is not broken within the cast time of 6.75 seconds, causing the squad to flee in terror and defeating the squad.
  • Quad Slash - Strikes foes with a powerful multidirectional attack. Deals less damage to players with Exile's Embrace.
    • 4 cones in a cross pattern. Always occurs in pairs, with the second executed a few seconds later rotated by 45 degrees inflicting damage. Deals less damage to players affected by Exile's Embrace (the rune).
  • Slice - Strikes foes for moderate damage.
    • The Soulless Horror charges up an overhead hammer smash in the direction of the fixated player, and brings it down in a frontal cone of green flame. As it charges up, small orange circles will appear within that cone, which will sprout Fingers of the Dead once the green flame reaches them.
  • Vortex Slash - Unleashes a rushing area-of-effect attack for extreme damage.
    • The Soulless Horror casts an expanding circle that deals damage once it is full; this is quickly followed by a ring outside of that circle that immediately damages anyone in it.
Tormented Dead skills
  • Fist - Strikes for moderate damage.
  • Soul Rift - Unleashes a pulsing field of heavy damage that inflicts a myriad of conditions.
    • Created by the death of a Volatile Soul from Tormented Deads.
Elite Flesh Wurm skills
Spinning Scythe skills
  • Spinning Slash - Deals damage and converts boons into conditions.
    • Corrupts all the player's boons (appears as an AoE circle beneath the scythe).
Stolen skills


Event Rewards

Health of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health
Soulless Horror 35,391,600
Tormented Dead 126,192
Flesh Wurm 125,837



  • Soulless Horror has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Soulless Horror has a 240 range diameter hitbox, which is considered medium.

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