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Loot are the reward items acquired from the corpse of a defeated enemy, either directly or in containers.

Loot table[edit]

All enemies have a loot table of possible drops. If an enemy can drop multiple items, a table will be used for each possible drop. NPC rank plays a role in the loot received, basic or veteran enemies have a chance to drop an item. Champion and legendary foes are guaranteed a drop of fine quality or better.

Most items in the game are obtained from looting, including but not limited to:

Rare or exotic loot is not limited to killing enemies in a particular event or event chain.[1]

Champion loot reward[edit]

The champion loot reward was introduced to increase the loot reward from champion and legendary rank foes in the open world, dungeons, and World versus World. This mechanic replaced the bonus loot received from bosses in dungeons. Champion and legendary foes have an additional loot table containing a variety of rewards, including rare crafting materials and items that award skill points.


A body with loot will be marked with an animated sparkle graphic and stay on the map much longer than normal to allow the player to retrieve the loot. The player can move their character to the corpse and a Loot prompt will appear. Looting a body will cause a window to open showing the available loot, which can then be transferred to the inventory. Players who turn on the Autoloot feature in options will automatically take all items and will not see the loot window unless their inventory is full.

Rare or higher quality items appear as a container object over the enemy corpse. Rare quality items will appear in Wooden Chests. Exotic or ascended items will appear in Steel Chests. In WvW, all loot will appear in a Bag of Loot instead corpses or chests. Certain events have NPCs who turn to allies instead of being defeated, leaving a Bag of Loot instead of corpse.


Each player who participates in killing an enemy will have the opportunity to loot the body. Each enemy has a damage table and a threshold value of damage done to it by the player before it will give full credit for the kill. This value is about 5% to 10% of the enemy's health. The loot dropped is unique to the player, and loot received by one player does not affect what another player receives. One enemy may drop the same rare item for multiple players.

Supporting your allies contributes toward earning rewards for killing enemies and damaging event bosses. The actions listed below cause a percentage of the target ally’s damage dealt for the next several seconds to also count toward your participation. In addition to that, damaging an enemy’s defiance bar will also grant you some participation toward receiving rewards from that enemy. In order to discourage AFKing with boon-applying auras, you must still be actively attacking targets to receive rewards from them.[2]

  • Applying boons to an ally (small percentage).
  • Removing conditions from an ally (small percentage).
  • Reviving an ally (large percentage).
  • Healing an ally (percentage scales based on how much healing is given).

However, it seems like a "cap" for reward exists, which limits the amount of players who can receive rewards of enemies. The cap is around the first 50 players reaching enough participation to receive loot.

Magic find[edit]

Primary article: Magic Find

Magic Find is an attribute that increases the chance for players to receive higher quality loot from a body than they normally would.

AoE Looting[edit]

AoE looting is a mechanic allowing the player to loot multiple objects at once within a radius. Players may select the “AoE Loot On Interact” option in the Options menu, which will use the same key binding as the “Interact” key but will only trigger the AoE Loot functionality while none of the forms of the interact dialog are visible. Players may also bind a key to “AoE Loot” under the “Miscellaneous” section of the key bindings tab on the options panel. The radius of AoE Looting is equal to that of a skill with a 900-unit range. The AoE Looting functionality can only be triggered once per second. Once the player’s inventory has filled up or the player becomes encumbered, AoE Looting cannot be triggered again until space has been cleared in the inventory. If the player’s inventory fills up while processing an AoE Loot request, it will finish processing all items so that any stackable items will still be looted.