Gorseval the Multifarious

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Gorseval the Multifarious

Gorseval the Multifarious is the second boss in Spirit Vale. It is formed from the angered spirits trapped within the Spirit Woods.

In the first encounter with the beast, the pact and the commanders once conjectured the spirits forming Gorseval were slaughtered and bound by Sabetha the Saboteur. This conjecture was proven untrue however; as revealed in Glenna's Field Journal, the angered spirits were freed from the Maguuma Bloodstone, which contains sacrificed souls from decades, even centuries. The vengeful and agitated souls freed from the Maguuma Bloodstone united as one giant beast, forming Gorseval the Multifarious.


Heart of Maguuma


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Combat abilities[edit]

  • Many Become One
  • Spectral Darkness - Gorseval summons spectral orbs which slowly create an expanding AoE. Players who enter this field are afflicted with 10 stacks of the Spectral Darkness debuff. Destruction of a Spectral Darkness orb leaves behind two small golden energy orbs which persist for a short time. Each golden orb removes 5 stacks of the Spectral Darkness debuff from an affected player when they walk over them and is consumed.
    • If not destroyed, Spectral Darkness orbs can grow to cover about a quarter of the arena before naturally timing out.
  • Updrafts and Spirit Barrier - During Gorseval's World Eater attack, players have the choice to either phase Gorseval (bring him to either 66%, 33%, or 0% health) in order to interrupt the attack; or must destroy the Spirit Barrier (wall) so they can ride an updraft to avoid the attack and return to the arena.
    • The fight begins with four updrafts. Once an updraft is used, it disappears. Each updraft is marked on the minimap with an updraft icon
      Updraft (map icon).png
    • Disappearance of updrafts is activated by player proximity, with each disappearing 15 seconds after a player moves close to it (very edge of the platform).
    • Note that if Gorseval has walked away from the center of the arena then upon being phased he must walk back to the center before World Eater will cancel.

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png - Becomes vulnerable while casting Ghastly Rampage; when broken, gets knocked down for 3 seconds.

  • Spirited Fusion.png Spirited Fusion - Gains 10% damage for every ghost devoured by bloom.
    • Note that Bloom was the previous name for World Eater
  • Vivid Echo.png Vivid Echo - Reflects incoming damage. Can't be removed.
  • Protective Shadow.png Protective Shadow - The souls have channeled their strength, rending Gorseval invulnerable.
  • Spectral Darkness.png Spectral Darkness - Outgoing damage reduced. Incoming damage increased. Reduced health every second. Cured by collecting energy orbs.
  • Ghastly Prison.png Ghastly Prison - You have been captured by the spirits of Gorseval.
  • Wicked Swipe - Gorseval swipes at the player.
  • Spectral Impact - Gorseval slams its fist into the ground damaging and inflicting Knockback.png Knockback on nearby players and applying 3 stacks of torment.
  • Haunting Aura - A passive damage dealing effect which comes into effect as soon as Gorseval is engaged into combat.
  • Ghastly Rampage - Gorseval gains Vivid Echo.png Vivid Echo and slams the ground repeatedly, creating patterns of black, ghastly material on the floor. After 3 seconds, the black material detonates and damages players while applying 25 stacks of Vulnerability.png Vulnerability to them. Breaking Gorseval's breakbar interrupts this skill.
  • World Eater - Slow casting Area of Effect (AoE) which fills the arena; once fully cast, it will kill any player still standing in the arena. This skill also consumes any remaining spirits in the arena applying one stack of Spirited Fusion.png Spirited Fusion to Gorseval per spirit consumed.
  • Ghastly Prison - Encases players in an egg-like prison that can be broken through a combination of other player's attacks and the special action skill Rebel the captured player receives.
Stolen skills


Upon engaging:

Gorseval the Multifarious: We fight together!
Gorseval the Multifarious: And we will have our revenge!
Gorseval the Multifarious: You did this to us!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Accept your fate!

When summoning spirits:

Gorseval the Multifarious: Defend us!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Destroy their bodies! Claim their spirits!

Periodically spoken during combat:

Gorseval the Multifarious: Accept your fate!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Crumble!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Harvest their souls!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Spare no one!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Suffer!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Tremble!
Gorseval the Multifarious: We will consume you.
Gorseval the Multifarious: We will rend you of your flesh. Your spirits will join us.
Gorseval the Multifarious: You will not escape.
Gorseval the Multifarious: Your souls will join our ranks.

One of these when using World Eater:

The world erodes around you.
Followed by one of the in-combat lines.

One of these when summoning Charged Souls:

Gorseval beckons for souls.
Gorseval the Multifarious: Give us your energy!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Give us your power!
Gorseval the Multifarious: Give us your strength.

If Gorseval consumes a Charged Soul:

Gorseval has trapped your soul. There is no escape.

When orbs pulsing Spectral Darkness spawn:

Darkness closes in. Seek light if the darkness envelopes you.

When spectral prisons begin appearing:

Ghostly traps materialize at your feet.


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  • Gorseval has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).
  • Gorseval has a 235 range diameter hitbox, which is considered large.
  • Gorseval has an enrage timer of 7 minutes.
  • Gorseval will focus on the player with the highest toughness attribute of squad members still alive.
  • Gorseval has 21.6 million HP.

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