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Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard

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Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard

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Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard is the second Canthan strike mission, taking place in the Xunlai Jade Junkyard. It contains story details from Empty.

Getting there[edit]


  • Enter the circle to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Challenge Mode: Inactive / Active (if you accept the Challenge)
  • Engage Ankka.
  • Defeat Ankka.
  • Ankka
    Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
  • Strike Mission complete!


Challenge Mode


As with the Aetherblade Hideout strike mission, this fight acts as the next major stepping stone for players tackling instanced content. The End of Dragons (EOD) strike missions are much more dynamic and involved compared to The Icebrood Saga (IBS) ones, using the full range of the game combat system. These two fights and the Kaineng Overlook strike mission are collectively referred to by the community as the "EOD EZ3" strike missions, due to their relative ease-of-difficulty compared to the Harvest Temple strike mission.

Players must glide down and be close enough to Ankka to start the encounter.

Phase 1 (100%–75%)[edit]

Health: 29,393,280 (52,173,072 if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Timer: None (6 minute soft enrage timer if the Challenge Mote is active)
Enrage Effect: Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged until phased

Ankka frequently applies Poisoned.png Poisoned and Torment.png Torment, so condition cleanses and Resistance.png Resistance are recommended. Most of her attacks involve projectiles, which are also indestructible. She begins the fight by firing an unavoidable Hallucinating Shot at everyone before leaping down from her airship. Her standard attacks each apply poison and consist of a single shot and a barrage of shots, with the latter attack often targeting the furthest player. In addition, her special attacks are listed below:

Skill Notes
Grasping Horror Grasping arms emerge from the ground, pulsing moderate damage, poison, torment, and Crippled.png Crippled. These AoEs can overlap with each other if the squad is far from Ankka, greatly increasing their damage. Three will spawn in a triangular pattern near her and additional ones can spawn for each player far away from Ankka.
Death's Hand Three players will be marked with an orange AoE (also indicated by a yellow screen border). These AoEs will drop below each player after five seconds then shortly activate and spawn AoEs that rapidly pulse medium damage and six stacks of both poison and torment. These will hit three times before despawning. Marked players should ideally drop them away from the group and should ideally be stacked on top of each other to allow for more room to maneuver around.
Hallucinating Shot
A special pistol attack loaded with Ankka's powerful hallucinogens. One of three hallucinations types will temporarily spawn shortly after, each surrounded by an AoE:
1. Krait form: Three Kraits (two during the third phase) spawn on one end of the arena and move straight towards to the other side, continuously Pull.png Pulling nearby players.
2. Lich form: The lich spawns at a corner and Fixated.png fixates on a player and continuously pulls them in via a white tether (indicators only visible to the fixated player). The fixated player should lure the lich away from the group, and can start moving out once it gets close.
3. Quaggan form: A few players are targeted and will have quaggan spawn near them and explode after a delay.

Attacks from all three hallucination forms deal heavy damage that additively increases per hit. Players should thus avoid these attacks because the damage can quickly ramp up if hit multiple times.

Backflip Ankka will choose a nearby entity every 18–20 seconds and will backflip to a new position behind them. This backflip can occur while hallucinations are active, but will not occur during Reanmimated Spites (the split CC phase) or Death's Embrace. She will teleport back to the center if her new location after the backflip is close to the edge of the arena. This attack can target NPCs like mechs and pets in addition to players.
Death's Embrace Ankka pulls targets into Void-touched ground, dealing heavy damage over time. Damage taken from this attack increases additively per hit and can near instantly defeat players. Ankka then fires a volley of poisonous shots at all players unlocks her defiance bar. Breaking the bar will Stun.png Stun her and apply a stack of Exposed.png Exposed. Failing to break the bar has no effect.
Only one large AoE spawns in the center during phase 1 whereas later phases will have a total of four AoEs that spawn in each corner. In the second phase, Ankka will occupy an AoE (indicated by a green light) and pull players into it. In the third phase, she will teleport between a total of three AoEs and pull players into each one. To avoid getting pulled into the AoE, players can apply Swiftness.png Swiftness and Superspeed.png Superspeed, teleport, or run towards the opposite direction of the pull.

Ankka follows the following repeating attack pattern for this phase: Grasping HorrorDeath's HandHallucinationGrasping HorrorDeath's EmbraceHallucination

Upon reaching 75% health, Ankka becomes invulnerable before teleporting away and removing the barrier to the exit path. Players must then reach the next location while avoiding or surviving the Death's Hands. The AoEs despawn and all players are teleported to Ankka after a player reaches her for the first time.

Phase 2 (75%–40%)[edit]

This phase is similar to the previous one, but with a few additional mechanics:

Ankka will start with the Golem-Powered Shielding.png Necrotic Ritual effect (rendering her immune to damage) and summon a swarm of Reanimated Malices at each cluster of players and three Reanimated Spites. Although the Reanimated Spites can be damaged, it is much faster to defeat them by breaking their defiance bar. After 20 seconds, each surviving Reanimated Spite applies a stack of Power of the Void.png Power of the Void to Ankka, granting her +25% outgoing damage and -25% incoming damage one minute. Furthermore, players hit by the empowered Ankka will receive a 50% healing reduction for several seconds. It is thus imperative for players to split up to break each bar within the time limit. Whether the ritual succeeded or was interrupted, Ankka will follow up with a barrage of shots at each player. She will eventually reattempt the ritual, but groups with sufficient damage will generally only experience one ritual per phase.

Untargetable Zhaitan's Reaches will also periodically spawn around the arena as a group, pulling (donut-AoE) or launching (full-AoE) players depending on their attack. They perform the following attack pattern before despawning: PullLaunchPull

Ankka follows the initial attack pattern for this phase: Necrotic RitualZhaitan's ReachesHallucinationGrasping HorrorDeath's EmbraceHallucinationNecrotic RitualHallucinationDeath's HandZhaitan's Reaches. Afterwards, she repeats the following attack pattern: Death's EmbraceDeath's HandHallucinationGrasping HorrorDeath's Embrace

Ankka teleports to a new location upon reaching 40% health. As before, players must reach the next area while assailed by Death's Hands along the way.

Phase 3 (40%–1%)[edit]

This phase is similar to the previous one, but with a few adjustments:

Ankka will first fly up and conjure an orb of Void around the arena. She is invulnerable until she drops back down. The final arena is smaller than the previous two areas, so the Hallucination and Death's Embrace attacks are harder to avoid. However, only two Risen Krait Hallucinations can now spawn, but they can sometimes turn and move the opposite direction.

During the necrotic ritual, a Reanimated Hatred (resembling a Risen Wraith) spawns in addition to the three Reanimated Spites and swarms of Reanimated Malice. It will fixate on a player and periodically Immobile.png Immobile if caught.

Ankka follows the initial attack pattern for this phase: Grasping HorrorHallucinationNecrotic RitualGrasping HorrorDeath's EmbraceHallucinationZhaitan's ReachesGrasping HorrorDeath's HandHallucinationNecrotic RitualGrasping Horror. Afterwards, she repeats the following attack pattern: Zhaitan's ReachesDeath's EmbraceGrasping HorrorHallucinationDeath's EmbraceHallucination

Ankka will be defeated and yield upon reaching 1% health.

Challenge Mode[edit]

There are several differences between the normal and challenge mode versions of the fight:


  • Ankka has increased health and additional and altered mechanics.
  • The encounter window now has an Inevitability of Death bar, which serves as a de facto enrage timer that lasts about 6 minutes. Ankka becomes Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged when the bar is full then channels an attack that hits all players, with the damage increasing every second. This attack ends either when the entire squad is defeated, or when Ankka is phased or defeated. This bar resets to near-empty at the start of every phase.
  • Stacks of Power of the Void.png Power of the Void no longer time out. Any stacks that Ankka gains in phase 2 will be removed after phasing.
  • The fight becomes a lot more crowd control heavy, requiring the defiance bar for each Reanimated Spites to be quickly broken while simultaneous also doing the same for other enemies. Players should bring large amounts of heavy crowd control, and not disregard their soft crowd control skills when breaking defiance bars.
    • The crowd control check is far lower if attempting the Gazed into the Void achievement, especially compared to the DPS check. Take only as much crowd control as needed to break the Reanimated Spites during the second phase.
  • Ankka's standard attacks (shot and barrage) apply high stacks of poison much faster.
Skill Changes
Grasping Horror Three mini Grasping Horrors will spawn from each of these AoEs.
Death's Hand Players will receive the Skill.png Imminent Death effect upon dropping the AoE, defeating players who attempt to stack these on top of each other. The AoEs are larger and also activate much faster after dropped onto the ground. These now deal lethal damage upon hit, requiring players to be mindful of where to place them. These should ideally be dropped at the edges of the arena and overlapped as much as possible (but not overlapping on top of another player). However, running too close to the edge will teleport players a short distance back into the arena.
Hallucinating Shot All AoEs from the hallucinations now instantly down players.
Quaggan form: A total of five quaggans will spawn and with much larger AoEs. Their spawn location can be influenced with good squad movement, such as having all players stack tight and move in a slow, wide circle around Ankka.

Phase 1[edit]

  • Zhaitan's Reaches will spawn in a circle and will not despawn on their own. These are now targetable can be defeated either by direct damage or breaking its defiance bar.

Phase 2[edit]

  • Reanimated Malices will no longer despawn on their own. A Reanimated Hatred will also spawn alongside them during the necrotic ritual.
  • Ankka will now teleport between a total of three Death's Embrace AoEs, as with the third phase.

Phase 3[edit]

  • Phase 3 of the fight incorporates multiple changes:
    • Four sanctuaries indicated by white circles and crystals spawn at the midpoints of each side of the arena (north, south, east, and west). Players not inside a sanctuary will be affected by Devouring Void (Prototype XJ-1).png Devouring Void, which will turn their screen dark and deal gradually increasing damage. Standing inside these sanctuaries removes the debuff and grants Gift of True Sight.png Sanctuary for a period[how long?].
    • During each split CC phase, a Reanimated Antipathy (resembling an Eye of Zhaitan) will spawn at the west sanctuary, destroying it after a few seconds. Players may CC and kill the Antipathy to prevent this from happening. The Reanimated Antipathy will move to the next crystal once one is destroyed in the order West → North → South → East. Note that damage to a crystal's health persists between CC phases.
      • Ankka's movement can and should be tightly controlled. She should be lured to one of the sanctuaries and the squad should stack such that she can never backflip out of the arena. This will allow the squad to remain in the sanctuary, maintain high DPS uptime, and stop Ankka from teleporting to the center and spawning overlapping AoEs on the group.
      • Krait hallucinations will move from south to north. If the squad is at the east or west sanctuary, they can simply back out to the edges of the arena until the krait pass. If the squad is south or north, there will be a small gap between the krait that can be moved/dodged through. Extreme care should be taken particularly at south, as this location requires the fastest reaction time for krait.




Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health Health (CM) Defiance Bar Defiance Bar (CM)
Ankka 29,393,280 52,173,072 ? 3,000
Reanimated Spite 236,003 236,003 800 2,000
Reanimated Malice 38,498 38,498 none none
Reanimated Hatred 82,502 82,502 ? 3,000
Reanimated Antipathy 354,005 3,000


Starting the strike
Strike Initiator: Ankka is waiting for you. Is your squad prepared?
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
Summoning Hallucination(s)
One of the following:
Ankka: Just let go.
Ankka: Don't look away.
Ankka: I wouldn't blink.
Casting Death's Embrace
One of the following:
Ankka: Why are you fighting it?
Ankka: Close your eyes.
Summoning Reanimated Spite
One of the following:
Ankka: This power... Feels good.
Ankka: Get up.

Challenge Mode exclusive[edit]

Casting Inevitability of Death
Ankka: It'll only hurt the first time.

Related achievements[edit]

Requires challenge mode


  • Strike Mission is partially on the day and night cycle. The time of day is set and locked to the current Tyrian time of day upon the creation of the instance. The time of day inside of the instance does not advance once created. Day and night cycle follows the Canthan day/night schedule.