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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC in Mythwright Gambit. For the NPC in The Key of Ahdashim, see Qadim the Peerless.

The djinn will rise, with me as their one true ruler—he who can craft life from the dregs of this world!


Qadim is a fire djinn rival of Zommoros and a collector of exotic specimens. He is the third and final boss as well as the main antagonist in the Mythwright Gambit and The Key of Ahdashim raids. Many of his specimens have escaped him and can now be found in Jahai Bluffs, where the Order of Shadows has placed a bounty on them.


Early years[edit]

As a fire djinn, Qadim viewed himself superior to what he considered to be lesser races and advocated djinn supremacy. He collected various living beings from all around Tyria as curiosities to add to his menagerie within his lamp although it is not known if he did so for his own amusement or with the intention to show them off to someone. Qadim's collection did not grow old while in captivity for unknown reasons, thus denying them release via death.[1] Qadim and his water djinn rival Zommoros competed against one another by making many wagers over the centuries with Qadim winning all of them. Losing one particular wager against Qadim forced Zommoros out of Elona.[2]

Mythwright Gambit[edit]

In 1331 AE, Qadim learned of the existence of Zommoros's Mystic Forge and the Mythwright Cauldron within it via unknown means. Wishing to investigate it further and claim it for his own, the fire djinn challenged Zommoros to another wager in which their respective hand-picked champions would fight in three encounters. If Qadim's champions won, the fire djinn would get the Mystic Forge for himself; if Zommoros's champions won, however, the water djinn's debts to Qadim would be cleared. Zommoros accepted the wager and lured in would-be tourists whom he bound with a contract to fight in his name as raiders. To add even more stakes to the wager, Zommoros suggested that he would relinquish his ownership of the raiders to Qadim if he was defeated while Qadim would have to pay Zommoros everything the water djinn owed him if Zommoros won instead. Qadim accepted the added stakes, believing that he would win effortlessly.

However, Zommoros's chosen raiders surprised Qadim by defeating the fire djinn's three champions ranging from the menacing Conjured Amalgamate to the skilled largos twins Kenut and Nikare. The victorious water djinn confronted Qadim and demanded that his debt be cleared and that he also be paid what he had owed the fire djinn in return. Angered at being bested and realizing what the true power within the Mystic Forge was, Qadim revealed his plan to not only add Zommoros to his menagerie of exotic specimens but also take over the Mythwright Cauldron and use its power to create living, legendary creatures. Horrified, Zommoros revealed that he had deliberately built the Mystic Forge to conceal and protect the Mythwright Cauldron from falling into the wrong hands and warned Qadim not to attempt creating life with it as it could result in twisted horrors emerging.

Ignoring djinn laws and the water djinn's warning, Qadim breached the Mythwright Cauldron where Zommoros and the raiders confronted him in battle. Using his magic, Qadim imprisoned Zommoros in his lamp where the water djinn remained until the raiders broke him free. Upon escaping the fire djinn's lamp, Zommoros aided the raiders in their fight against Qadim with his magic and learned that the fire djinn's ultimate plan was to unleash the horrors created with the Cauldron to wipe out the "unworthy" races from the face of Tyria and become the supreme ruler of all djinn. Disgusted, Zommoros called Qadim mad for succumbing to lust for power.

After a fierce battle, Zommoros and the raiders prevailed over Qadim who fell into the Mythwright Cauldron. However, they witnessed the fire djinn emerging in a shadowy form soon after and gleefully fleeing from the realm while Qadim's lamp lost its power. Zommoros speculated that exposure to the Cauldron's magic had changed Qadim in unexpected ways although he could not say how.

Word of the clash between Zommoros and Qadim spread to Jahai Bluffs in Elona where the Order of Shadows placed bounties on dangerous specimens which had appeared in the region after escaping from Qadim's menagerie.[3][4]

The Key of Ahdashim[edit]

Sometime after Qadim's escape from the Mystic Forge, he'd grown in power due to his exposure to the Mythwright Cauldron's magic. Zommoros eventually received word that Qadim had entered the city of Ahdashim. All of Zommoros's attempts to communicate with the city were blocked, however, and he grew worried about his rival's intentions.

The water djinn decided to contact the raiders, who had helped him defeat Qadim before, via a letter. He urged them to investigate Ahdashim and keep it safe in his stead and to seek out the Key of Ahdashim and the four djinn cardinals for more information. Unbeknownst to Zommoros, however, the now former fire djinn had slain the cardinals of Water and Fire and corrupted the others, as well as dismantled the Key in order to gain access to the magic within the Well of Ahdashim so Qadim could gain control over all the djinn.

The raiders eventually managed to reassemble the Key of Ahdashim and defeated both the corrupted cardinals and the transformed Qadim the Peerless. Unlike his first defeat at the hands of the raiders, Qadim the Peerless' form was shown erupting into magic, presumably defeated for good. Instead of granting elemental magic to four cardinals like before or taking all the magic into herself, the Key decided to spread magic to all the surviving djinn throughout the world as she had come to realize that no djinn should lord over others lest they be corrupted like Qadim and the cardinals had been.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Collector of Exotic Specimens

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Fiery Surge.png Fiery Surge - Deals 20% increased damage per stack. Skills are 2% faster per stack.
  • Magma Orb.png Flame Armor - Qadim is invulnerable to damage.
  • Parry (effect).png Parry - Block and store energy from incoming attacks. If enough energy is stored, it will be released as an attack.
    • Applied until Qadim's defiance bar is broken.
  • Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - Qadim becomes enraged, gaining stacks of fiery empowerment over time.
  • Big Hit - Qadim slams his maces downward, creating a powerful cascading attack.
  • Burning Crucible - An aura of incredible heat fills the room, damaging foes.
  • Djinn's Gaze - Qadim focuses on a foe and teleports to the nearest valid platform to them.
  • Fire Dance - Qadim summons forth heavily damaging fire along all nearby metal surfaces, burning and weakening foes.
  • Fire Wave - A wall of fire that knocks back players and applies heavy conditions.
  • Fireball - Qadim throws a fireball that does minor damage.
  • Flame Slash - Qadim attacks in a large cone that applies damage, vulnerability, and burning.
  • Flame Wave - Qadim sends forth a wave of flame that knocks back foes and makes them vulnerable.
  • Inferno - Qadim sends forth a fiery storm that leaves behind lingering flames.
  • Riposte - If Qadim's defiance is not broken, he summons forth a powerful attack that damages and knocks back players.
  • Rising Heat - Repeatedly falling into the cauldron will inflict increased damage with each fall.
  • Sea of Flame - The ground beneath Qadim boils with intense heat.
  • Sundered Platform - A platform has been violently torn apart.
  • Swap - Qadim teleports foes between two columns of flame.
    • Qadim teleports foes between two columns of flame.
    • Can be evaded.
    • Cannot be blocked.
    • Ignores invulnerability.
Stolen skills


Event Rewards


Well, what are you waiting for? Your first challenge awaits!
Talk more option tango.png But I have no idea what you're talking about!
Qadim: That is hardly my problem. Now, begin the challenge!
Talk end option tango.png I guess we don't have a choice.

Stats of encounter relevant enemies[edit]

Enemy Health CM Health Defiance Bar Armor
Ancient Invoked Hydra 25,238,400 27,762,240 ? 2597
Apocalypse Bringer 25,238,400 27,762,240 ? 2597
Qadim 19,268,760 21,195,636 ? 2293
Wyvern Matriarch 12,619,200 13,881,120 ? 3147
Wyvern Patriarch 12,619,200 13,881,120 ? 3147
Pyre Guardian 315,480 347,028 - 2597
Reaper of Flesh 315,480 315,480 ? ?
Greater Magma Elemental 94,378 103,816 - ?
Fire Imp 63,096 - 2293
Qadim's Lamp 14,940 14,940 - ?
Lava Elemental 5,423 5,965Only on Magma - 3974



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