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Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag

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Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag

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One of Havroun Weibe's shamans, Hallveig, has reported that the Raven Sanctum has recently been taken over by the Fraenir of Jormag. Raven Shaman Hallveig is looking for volunteers to enter the sanctum and cleanse it of this menace.

— In-game description

Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag is the third strike mission introduced into the game, taking place in Sanctum Arena.

Getting there[edit]

After selecting one of the modes, either Public or Squad, players will be put into a new instance with up to 10 players. If a Public mission engages the boss with fewer than 10 players, it will be locked down and no more players will be able to join.

  • Portal in the middle of Bjora Marches.
    • Only available during its appropriate weekly rotation.
  • Strike Mission portal in Eye of the North.
    • Available at any time, no matter the weekly rotation.


  • Speak to the Raven shaman to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Players in Strike Mission: x (if public)
  • Engage the Fraenir
    • Fraenir of Jormag
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Strike Mission ends in: 10:00
    • Silver rewards disappear in: 5:00
    • Gold rewards disappear in: 3:00
  • Strike Mission complete!
    • Mission closes in 2:00
    • Bonus rewards obtained: x/2



This strike mission acts as a good entry point for players tackling instanced content for the first time. Players will be introduced to the concept of 10-player content in a low-pressure environment and can then attempt the Shiverpeaks Pass and Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen strike missions, which are of similar difficulty. Due to their relative ease of difficulty, these three strike missions are collectively referred to by the community as the "IBS EZ3" strike missions.

Fraenir of Jormag[edit]

Health: 12,387,060
Enrage Timer: 10 minutes
Enrage Effect: Defeats all players

Fraenir of Jormag (Phase 1 and 3)[edit]

The Fraenir of Jormag has three different phases. His first and third phases share the same form and attacks.

Boss mechanics
  • Dagger Strike - Deals damage and applies vulnerability.
  • Flare of Ice – The Fraenir spins, creating three sets of four AoEs nearby that deal moderate damage if they hit. Each set of AoEs is larger and further away from the Fraenir than the previous set but deal the same damage.
  • Frostbite Aura - Icebrood construct pulses a volatile aura that deals damage every 3 seconds to all foes within a range of 2,000.
  • Frozen Missile - The fraenir tracks a target, then fires a frozen missile that deals damage and launches the enemies it hits.
  • Icequake - The fraenir slams into the ground creating a shock wave that knocks enemies down and explodes any ice blocks it contacts. The shock wave can be jumped.
  • Torrent of Ice - Rains ice blocks over a large area, encasing enemies hit in ice.

Icebrood Construct (Phase 2)[edit]

Health: 8,258,040

The Fraenir's second form is a summoned Icebrood Construct. It will periodically summon Bound Ice Elementals, which may be destroyed. Periodically, the Fraenir and Construct may gain a Defiance Bar causing Windfall.png Frigid Vortex. This may be broken easily using the  Night Terror.png Night Terror Special action skill.

Boss mechanics
  • Frostbite Aura - Icebrood construct pulses a volatile aura that deals damage every 3 seconds to all foes within a range of 2,000.
  • Ice Flail - The icebrood construct swings its arm, doing damage and knocking enemies down. Breaks free any Bound Ice Elementals that are hit.
  • Seismic Crush - The Icebrood construct slams its arm down, doing damage and creating a shock wave that knocks enemies down. Ice shards rain down over the area. The shock wave can be jumped.
  • Ice Shock Wave - The Icebrood construct slams its arm down, doing damage and creating a shock wave that knocks enemies down. The shock wave can be jumped.
  • Frigid Fusillade - Players on the left side of the construct will be targeted by a series of AoEs. Each quickly fills with color and deals a moderate amount of damage to all players within the AoE when it hits. This can occur up to three times in quick succession.
  • Ice Arm Swing - Sweeps its right arm across half the arena, dealing heavy damage and knocking players back.

Strategy and Tips[edit]

Healing and boons are proximity and priority-based, so it is important to stay near the group be in range of receiving them. Swiftness.png Swiftness is one of the few boons not removed when engaging a boss in instanced content and can thus be applied to the group beforehand.

Phase 1:

  • The Fraenir casts Torrent of Ice at the start and throughout the fight. Quickly stand in the center of the arena to be in a safespot that avoids this attack. Otherwise, players will be frozen and must use the  Water Fist.png Struggle to Escape skill to break out of the ice crystal, or rely on other players to damage it. The Fraenir will then jump away and back into the center, unleashing an icy shockwave that explodes all crystals. The shockwave will knockdown players but can be blocked, evaded, jumped, or mitigated with Stability.png Stability.
  • The Fraenir will also leap towards players at range. It is ideal for all players to be stacked together to keep the boss still.
  • A player will be targeted by the Frozen Missle attack and tracked by a red arrow. This may be dodged or blocked, however players should ideally orient this attack away from the group. Players hit by this attack will get launched unless they have a stack of stability.
  • The Fraenir will become untargetable at 75% health then summon the Icebrood Construct.

Phase 2:

  • The Construct will either slam the ground and unleash a shockwave, or sweep its arms across a section of the arena. Both attacks will knockdown players. As with the previous attacks, these can be blocked, dodged, jumped (if shockwave), or mitigated with stability.
  • The Construct's defiance bar will periodically unlock. Breaking the bar will temporarily stun the Construct, whereas failing will cause it to slam and launch another shockwave (the bar depletion progress will be around the same the next time the bar is unlocked). However, it may be preferable to not break the bar if the Construct is or will be near 70% health (see below). Otherwise, the Construct will be untargettable much longer due to overlapping animation-locks.
  • At 70% health, the Construct becomes temporarily untargettable as it loses an arm and begins to summon Bound Ice Elementals. If it sweeps its arm across them before they are destroyed, they will become Veteran Icebrood Elementals. Hitting these generally unlocks the Night Terror Special Action skill, greatly increasing damage output if used multiple times.
  • The Fraenir (inside the Construct) can now channel Frigid Fusillade and mark multiple players with timed orange circles. Once filled, the Fraenir instantly launches several projectiles onto each of these players. Although this can be blocked or evaded, projectile destruction is preferred to avoid the group from downing from overlapping projectiles.

Phase 3:

  • After defeating the Construct, the Fraenir will return with 25% health remaining. Make sure to stand in the safespot(s) to avoid getting frozen at the start. This phase is identical to the first phase.






Raven Shaman Hallveig: Thanks for the assistance, Commander. Is your squad ready to go?
If public:
(Advancing will lock your party and prevent any other players from joining the Strike Mission.)
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
If fewer than 10 players
Raven Shaman Hallveig: Could still use more bodies. You sure you're ready?
(You have fewer players than recommended for this Strike Mission. Choose to go forward anyway, or wait for more help.)
Talk ready option.png We're ready.
Your party has been locked.
No new players will be able to join the Strike Mission. Work with your party to complete the goal!
Talk end option tango.png We'll wait for more help.
During the fight
Fraenir of Jormag: Dream with me!
Fraenir of Jormag: It's time to sleep beneath the stars.
Fraenir of Jormag: You've fought so hard...but your long day has ended.

Related achievements[edit]


  • Players joining late to an ongoing fight will spawn as defeated; however they can still obtain credit and thus the reward chest.