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Some items, like Essence of Luck, give a magic find bonus. This attribute increases the chance for every character on your account to find high-quality loot on defeated foes.

— Magic Find

Magic Find.png Magic Find is both an account bonus and a character attribute that increases the chance to receive higher-quality loot from slain foes. With a few exceptions, it does not affect containers (including champion loot bags), chests, Meta events (including World boss Events), or any other source of loot.[1][2]

These special items are affected by magic find:

There are three components of Magic Find: an account-wide bonus (maximized at 300%), achievement based bonuses (up to 36%) —both of which apply to all characters on the account— and a character-specific attribute based on consumable items and enrichments.

Account bonus[edit]

Primary article: achievement rewards

There are two ways to increase the account bonus for magic find.

  • For every 500 achievement points earned on an account, a set of achievement rewards is unlocked that includes an increase to account bonuses. Magic Find receives a 1% increase starting at 500 and every 2,500 thereafter; an additional 1% is awarded starting at 5,000 and every 5,000 thereafter.
  • Filling the Luck bar will increase Magic Find by 1%. The amount of Luck needed increases for each subsequent percentage point. Luck is gained by consuming Essences of Luck, which can be obtained by salvaging fine and masterwork equipment and Globs of Ectoplasm or received as a part of the login rewards system. A few achievements, such as Anomalous Results, also award Essences of Luck.


The Magic Find attribute is calculated based on the account bonus, luck, and temporary buffs.

Effect Source Bonus Duration Notes
Account Bonus
Luck bonus 0-300%
Achievement Rewards bonus 0-24%+ The upper limit for magic find from this source increases as more achievements are added to the game.
Magic Find Boost.png Magic Find Boost Magic Find Booster.png Magic Find Booster
Communal Boost Bonfire.png Communal Boost Bonfire
Kite Fortune.png Kite Fortune
Enchanted Reward Boost.png Enchanted Reward Boost
Hallows Fortune Fireworks.png Hallows Fortune Fireworks
Dragon's Fortune Fireworks.png Dragon's Fortune Fireworks
50% 1 h Obtaining the effect from multiple sources will stack duration.
Kite Fortune version is randomly obtained and lasts 10 m.
Magic Find Boost.png Item Booster Magic Find Booster.png Item Booster
Magic Find Booster.png Item Booster (masterwork)
50% 2 h
30 m
Laurel Item Booster (masterwork) effect is equivalent to the Item Booster and does not stack, but will extend duration.
Celebration Bonus.png Celebration Bonus Birthday Booster.png Birthday Booster
Celebration Booster.png Celebration Booster
100% 24 h
1 h
Also boosts XP and gold from kills, karma, and WXP.
Black Lion Booster.png Black Lion Boost Black Lion Booster.png Black Lion Booster 100% 30 min Also boosts XP, gold from kills, and PvP/WVW reward track gain.
Guild upgrades and banners
Nourishment (Birthday Blaster).png Guild Item Research Endless Toymaker's Tonic.png Guild Magic Find 3-10% Infinite Requires guild representation to purchase.
Guild Magic Find Banner Boost.png Guild Item Research 10 Magic Find Banner.png Guild Magic Find Banner 10% 30 m Gained by interacting with the banner. Is overwritten by Guild Magic Find Banner Boost.
Guild Magic Find Banner Boost.png Guild Magic Find Banner Boost 10 Kill Gold and 15 Magic Find Banner.png Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner
Guild Heroes Banner.png Guild Heroes Banner
15% 30 m Gained by interacting with the banner. Overwrites Guild Item Research.
Spirit Banner.png Spirit Banner Boost Spirit Banner.png Spirit Banner 10% 30 m Gained by interacting with the banner. Stacks with guild banner buffs.
World versus world
Mission Slot- WvW.png Guild Objective Aura VIII Objective Aura 1- Magic Find.png Objective Aura 8: Magic Find 20% All characters in the vicinity of a WvW objective of your realm claimed by the guild.
Bombard (skill).png Outnumbered Automatic 20% Applied to all characters in a map when their world is greatly underrepresented on that map.
Magical Infusion.png Magical Enrichment 20% Must be attached to a enrichment slot on an ascended amulet equipped by the character.
Zone-specific bonus
Perseverance.png Perseverance 30% 1 h Gain one stack when you enter the Silverwastes and an additional stack each time you complete an event there, up to 5 stacks (+150% MF). Removed when you leave the instance. Bonus is momentarily doubled when opening Lost Bandit Chests.
Hero of the Wastes.png Hero of the Wastes 50% Map change. Successfully defeat the Vinewrath within the Silverwastes. Earn Bonus Bandit Crests. Removed upon leaving the map.
Perseverance.png Perseverance 25% 2 h Gain one stack when you complete a Renown Heart in Ember Bay, up to 5 stacks (+125% MF). Removed when you leave the instance.
Luck of Kings.png Luck of Kings 5% 2 h Gain one stack by participating in the Orrian Shrine Power Grid meta event in Siren's Landing. Multiple stacks can be gained. Removed upon leaving the map.
Magic Find Boost.png Explorer's Glow 10% 3 h Gained from standing near Priory Historian Elisa's bonfire after Event collect (tango icon).png Gather wood for the fire for a Magic Find boost (80) has been completed. Removed when you leave the instance.
Nourishment food.png Boon of the Wishing Well 6% 30 m Chance to gain one stack when offering coins to the Wishing Well in the Domain of Vabbi, up to 5 stacks (+30% MF). Removed when you leave the instance.
Ace Racer.png Ace Racer 25% 15 m Acquired by completing the race in the Mad King's Labyrinth during Halloween, Divinity's Reach during Lunar New Year, or the Labyrinthine Cliffs or Crown Pavilion during the Festival of the Four Winds. Removed when you leave the instance.
Time-specific bonus
Glorious Fervor.png Call of the Mists Automatic 100% Earn increased rewards in PvP during community events! Applies while in Heart of the Mists or any PvP match.
Call of War.png Call of War Automatic 50% Earn increased rewards in WvW during events!
Glorious Fervor.png Greater Call of the Mists Automatic 200% Earn increased rewards in PvP during World Tournament Series! Applies while in Heart of the Mists or any PvP match.
Mist War Summons.png Mist War Summons Automatic 50% Applied to all characters during WvW special events. Only applies in WvW.
Memories of Home.png Memories of Home Automatic 15% 2 h Applied to all characters upon entering a map during the Lunar New Year.
Ace Racer.png Extra Life Bonus Automatic 5% 7 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2018 Extra Life event.
Ace Racer.png Extra Life Bonus Automatic 5% 10 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2019 Extra Life event.
Ace Racer.png Event Bonus Automatic 30% Given to all characters during the Welcome Back event.


Only 1 food effect can be active at a time. Where noted, the magic find bonus is only active while under the effect of a boon.

Name Bonus Duration Level Second bonus Boon?
Caramel.png Caramel 3% 15 m 5 1Yes
Caramel Apple.png Caramel Apple 3% 30 m 10 1Yes
Candied Apple.png Candied Apple 3% 30 m 5 1Yes
Onion Ring.png Onion Ring 4% 15 m 0
Bowl of Apple Sauce.png Bowl of Apple Sauce 4% 30 m 0
Cinnamon Apple.png Cinnamon Apple 4% 30 m 0
Blueberry Tart.png Blueberry Tart 4% 30 m 5
Meat Pie.png Meat Pie 4% 30 m 5
Eggs Beetletun.png Eggs Beetletun 4% 60 m 0
Chocolate Banana.png Chocolate Banana 7% 30 m 15 1Yes
Strawberries and Biscuits.png Strawberries and Biscuits 10% 30 m 15
Lemon Bar.png Lemon Bar 10% 30 m 20
Strawberry Tart.png Strawberry Tart 10% 30 m 20
Clam Cake.png Clam Cake 10% 30 m 25
Candy Corn Cake.png Candy Corn Cake 10% 30 m 20
Strawberry Ghost.png Strawberry Ghost 10% 30 m 25 1Yes
Scarlet's Rainbow.png Birthday Blaster 15% 10 m 0 +40 to all attributes
+10% karma
Yam Fritter.png Yam Fritter 18% 30 m 30 +40 Condition Damage
Cherry Tart.png Cherry Tart 18% 30 m 35 +40 power
Cherry Almond Bar.png Cherry Almond Bar 18% 30 m 40 +10% gold find
Piece of Candy Corn Almond Brittle.png Piece of Candy Corn Almond Brittle 18% 30 m 45 +10% gold find
Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup.png Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup 20% 30 m 80 +100 toughness
Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup.png Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup 20% 30 m 80 +100 vitality
Chickpea Fritter.png Chickpea Fritter 22% 30 m 50 +50 condition damage
Orange Coconut Bar.png Orange Coconut Bar 22% 30 m 50 +20% gold find
Ginger Pear Tart.png Ginger Pear Tart 22% 30 m 50 +50 power
Glazed Pear Tart.png Glazed Pear Tart 22% 30 m 55 +50 power
Chocolate Cherry.png Chocolate Cherry 24% 30 m 30 +50 Concentration 1Yes
Eggplant Fritter.png Eggplant Fritter 26% 30 m 60 +60 condition damage
Peach Tart.png Peach Tart 26% 30 m 70 +60 power
Raspberry Peach Bar.png Raspberry Peach Bar 26% 30 m 70 +30% gold find
Glazed Peach Tart.png Glazed Peach Tart 26% 30 m 75 +60 power
Chocolate Orange.png Chocolate Orange 28% 30 m 45 +60 Concentration 1Yes
Dragonfly Cupcake.png Dragonfly Cupcake 30% 30 m 80 +70 power
Cup of Lotus Fries.png Cup of Lotus Fries 30% 30 m 80 +70 condition damage
Omnomberry Bar.png Omnomberry Bar 30% 30 m 80 +40% gold find
Omnomberry Tart.png Omnomberry Tart 30% 30 m 80 +70 power
Peppermint Omnomberry Bar.png Peppermint Omnomberry Bar 30% 30 m 80 +40% gold find
+10% Karma
Spicy Pumpkin Cookie.png Spicy Pumpkin Cookie 30% 30 m 80 +70 condition damage
Chocolate Raspberry Cream.png Chocolate Raspberry Cream 32% 30 m 65 +80 Concentration 1Yes
Chocolate Omnomberry Cream.png Chocolate Omnomberry Cream 40% 30 m 80 +100 Concentration 1Yes
All Ascended feasts 20% 1 hr 80 Depends on feast

Maximizing magic find[edit]

The following persistent bonuses can be combined to maximize a character's personal magic find. This does not include location or time-specific bonuses such as Perseverance.png Perseverance, Glorious Fervor.png Call of the Mists, or Memories of Home.png Memories of Home.

Effect Amount Notes Source and Duration
Magic Find Boost.png Magic Find Boost 50% Communal Boost Bonfire (1 hour), Magic Find Booster (1 hour), Enchanted Reward Boost (1 hour), Hallows Fortune Fireworks (1 hour) , Dragon's Fortune Fireworks (1 hour), and Kite Fortunes (10 minutes)
Magic Find Boost.png Item Booster 50% Item Booster (2 hours), Heroic Booster (2 hours), Enchanted Reward Boost (1 hour), and Candy Corn Gobbler (see link for duration details)
Magic Find Bonus (thirty percent).png 30% Magic Find Bonus 30% No longer available. Laureate Magic Find Booster (1 hour)
Celebration Bonus.png Celebration Bonus 100% Birthday Booster (1 day and 1 minute) and Celebration Booster (1 hour and 30 seconds)
Black Lion Booster.png Black Lion Boost 100% Black Lion Booster (30 minutes)
Nourishment (Birthday Blaster).png Guild Item Research 10% Guild Magic Find
Guild Magic Find Banner Boost.png Guild Magic Find Banner Boost 15% Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner (30 minutes) and Guild Heroes Banner (30 minutes)
Spirit Banner.png Spirit Banner Boost 10% Spirit Banner (30 minutes)
Experience (thirty percent).png New Year's Gift 10% Lucky Draketail, Lucky Guild Firework, Lucky New Year Firework, Lucky Prismatic Rocket, Visage of the Great Monkey Firework (2 stacks), Visage of the Great Ram Firework (2 stacks), Visage of the Great Rooster Firework (2 stacks), Visage of the Great Dog Firework (2 stacks), and Visage of the Great Boar Firework (2 stacks) (all start at 5 minutes and stack duration up to 2 hours)
Ascended amulet with  Magical Infusion.png Magical Enrichment 20% While amulet is equipped.
Food nourishment:  Chocolate Omnomberry Cream.png Chocolate Omnomberry Cream 40% While under the effects of a boon. 30 minutes
Utility nourishment: 30% 30 minutes
Total 465%


  • A Q&A session with Isiah Cartwright revealed the way Magic Find works: "Everytime you kill a monster you roll on a number of tables, inside these tables are different rarity categories. Magic find increases the chances you will get higher categories. For example if there is a 1 in 10 category, and you have 200% magic find you will have 3/10 chances to get that category. This improves not just the rarity of the items you get but can also improve your chances at getting trophies and rare crafting materials like lodestones."
  • According to player research: "It apparently takes 1000% Magic Find to double your chances of receiving a higher tier item. Not 100% as may be expected and implied by prior quotes on the subject. It also implies that at 1000% you should stop getting junk as drops."