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Strike Mission: Cold War

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Strike Mission: Cold War

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Loading screen


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WARNING: Entering this Strike Mission will reveal key plot points of the "No Quarter" story. Gather your allies and relive the desperate stand against the Dominion and their newfound power.

— In-game description

Strike Mission: Cold War is the seventh Strike Mission introduced into the game.

Getting there[edit]

After selecting one of the modes, either Public or Squad, players will be put into a new instance with up to 10 players. If a Public mission engages the boss with fewer than 10 players, it will be locked down and no more players will be able to join.


  • Approach the Bridge
  • Hold Out against the Dominion Forces
  • Defeat enemies to unlock reward chests. 8:00
  • Chests earned: x
  • Points Until Next Chest
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Destroy charr copters before they escape so Smodur can calibrate the guns
  • Artillery Calibration
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Repel the Dominion Assault
  • Hold Out against the Dominion Forces
  • Chests earned: x
  • Defeat the Minister of Morale
  • Varinia Stormsounder
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Defeat the Minister of Morale: 7:00
  • Strike Mission complete!
  • Mission closes in: 4:00



When you enter the strike mission, you can buy Electromagical Pulse or Remote Charge special action skills from the United Legions Waystation if you have United Legions Waystation Synchronization mastery. You can also find Essence Pylons from which you can collect essences with Essence Manipulation mastery. Only one pylon will give essences, which is the weekly essence ability.

Once the strike mission has started, a slightly transparent wall surrounds the playing area. A player may be on the wrong side of the wall for two reasons. First, they may be behind the other players entering the arena, and the wall appears, separating the players. Second, it is possible for an NPC to knock the player through the wall during the mission. The latter occurs when fighting too close to the wall. In both cases, the game will automatically place the player inside the arena after a short time delay.


Your goal during the first part of the strike mission is to defend the area from three waves of enemies. Each of those waves ends by fighting one of the champions. While you are fighting the champion, no other enemies will be spawning, except for Dominion's Bombers. There are four different champions, out of which you will fight three, in random order. Icebrood Goliath, Icebrood Beast, Corrupted Kodan, and Ice Giant. These champions will have some of the special effects depending on the week. The first champion will have only one, second will have two, and the third one will have all three. The sets of these effects are:

Some of the enemies can drop a Charrzooka on the ground. This weapon can be picked up and used to take down Dominion's Bombers. The Charrzooka has only 5 ammo and can't be reloaded. The only way of obtaining more ammo is getting a new weapon. Shots from the Charrzooka can be blocked by enemy foes as well as the Frozen Barrier.png Frozen Barrier effect. While wielding the Charrzooka, your Action Camera Mode will become active. After destroying enough Dominion's Bombers, you will be rewarded by getting  Artillery Strike.png Artillery Strike special action skill, which is one use only. The Charrzooka can be dropped by using Weapon swap.

If the squad wipes during this phase, the timer will be paused. It will resume upon returning back to the arena without losing the progress.

Boss Fight[edit]

Health: 17,892,420
Enrage Timer: 7 minutes

The second half of the strike mission involves killing Varinia Stormsounder (the Minister of Morale) during the 7 minutes timer. Varinia will have effects from one of the sets based on the week as well as her own skills.

The effects dependent on the week are as follows:

  • Icy Echoes discourages tight stacking as a player does damage to others while attacking in a radius every 2 seconds.
  • Lethal Coalescence is the "green circle" mechanic that splits damage to players in its radius.
  • Flash Freeze is a chilling pulse damage pulse that occurs occasionally. This can be jumped over.
  • Frigid Vortex creates 4 icy tornadoes.
  • Frozen Barrier reflects projectiles while active.
  • Frigid Footfalls creates a chilling field that does damage over time (roughly 200 radius). Using condition to boon conversion skills such as scourge's Nefarious Favor is highly advised. In addition, larger radius AoE damage such as from Fresh Air tempests or holosmith's Photon Forge, bomb kit, and grenade kit allow for damage without standing in the radius.

Breaking the defiance bar of Varinia prevents only these weekly boss mechanics from occurring.

Varinia will spawn in the middle of the arena, jumping on the nearest player if any players are near her. It's better to fight this boss in the middle of the arena based on her skills and other effects on the arena.

  • Flame walls (“Specialists! Incinerate them!”) - These walls will damage you for a small amount of your health but are not lethal unless you will stand in it for prolonged periods.
  • Call for Assassins (“Assassins! Strike Swiftly!”) - This is the most dangerous skill Varinia has and can even instantly down some players if the red circles overlap. You will notice charging red circles under your feet. It typically occurs 2-3 times for the entire boss fight. To avoid the damage, dodge slightly prior to the circle is fully charged. Overlapping circles will all damage the players standing in them.
  • Reinforcement 1 (“Infantry! Attack!”) - Four Blood Legion Charr with swords and shields will jump into the arena, kicking players away.
  • Reinforcement 2 (“Frost Legion! Cut them down!”) - One Frost Legion shaman will jump into the arena right on top of Varinia, spawning an ice shard shower in waves away from Varinia, freezing everyone who gets hit.
  • Mines (“Engineers! Obliterate them!”) - Mines will spawn across the arena. These mines can be destroyed and will de-spawn after a period of time.
    • Tanks - Two Charr cars will drive across the arena, knocking down everyone in their paths. These tanks can be stunned by Shocking Aura.png Shocking Aura. This occurs delayed after the mine effect.
  • Propaganda balloons - These balloons will slowly make their way to the players applying Confusion.png Confusion. They can be stunned and destroyed.


This achievement rewards items. Morale Breaker No Quarter Icebrood Saga mastery point 25Achievement points
Defeat the Minister of Morale 50 times in the Cold War Strike Mission.
  • Tier
1: Mastery Point.png Mastery Point
  • Tier
2: Frozen Lockbox.png Frozen Lockbox
  • Tier
3: Mastery Point.png Mastery Point
  • Tier
4: Frozen Lockbox.png Frozen Lockbox
  • Tier
5: Gilded Reliquary of the Bear.png Gilded Reliquary of the Bear
  • Tier
6: Frozen Lockbox.png Frozen Lockbox
  • Tier
7: Frozen Lockbox.png Frozen Lockbox (2)
  • Tier
8: Gilded Reliquary of the Bear.png Gilded Reliquary of the Bear
  • Tier
9: Frozen Lockbox.png Frozen Lockbox
  • Tier
10: Gilded Reliquary of the Bear.png Gilded Reliquary of the Bear
  • Tier
11: Gilded Reliquary of the Bear.png Gilded Reliquary of the Bear
Defeated the Minister of Morale 1 Time 5Achievement points
Defeated the Minister of Morale 5 Times 5Achievement points
Defeated the Minister of Morale 10 Times 5Achievement points
Defeated the Minister of Morale 15 Times 5Achievement points
  • Complete the strike mission 50 times. The strike can be completed multiple times per day for credit.
This achievement rewards items. Daily Cold War Strike Daily Icebrood Saga 0Achievement points
Complete the Cold War Strike Mission.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the United Legions' Hero (3)
Completed the Cold War Strike Mission 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Priority Strike: Cold War Daily Strike Mission 0Achievement points
Complete the Cold War Strike Mission.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the Visionary Echoes
Completed the Cold War Strike Mission 0Achievement points








Speaking to the Sentinel Centurion
Thanks for the assistance, Commander. Is your squad ready to go?
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
Interacting with the portal
Sentinel Centurion: Do you want to return to Drizzlewood Coast?
Talk more option tango.png Yes.
Talk more option tango.png I want to return to the Eye of the North.
Talk end option tango.png Not right now.
During battle
Varinia Stormsounder: You cannot hope to defeat Bangar's forces.
Varinia Stormsounder: You haven't made a dent in our numbers.
Varinia Stormsounder: Look at what our imperator has achieved! You should have chosen his side.
Varinia Stormsounder: One by one, I'll raze your ranks!
Varinia Stormsounder: Infantry! Attack!
Varinia Stormsounder: Your minds are too weak to resist the coming storm!
Varinia Stormsounder: Engineers! Obliterate them!
Varinia Stormsounder: Assassins! Strike swiftly!
Varinia Stormsounder: Frost Legion! Cut them down!
Varinia Stormsounder: Specialists! Incinerate them!
Upon wipe
Varinia Stormsounder: United you fall! Frost Legion above all!