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Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass

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Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass

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Recent reports say Shiverpeaks Pass has become more dangerous since the icebrood construct caused an avalanche that severed the path farther north. Crecia and the Blood Legion are looking for volunteers to trek into the pass to check whether conditions are safe to begin rebuilding the way through.

— In-game description

Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass is the first Strike Mission introduced into the game.

Getting there[edit]

After selecting one of the modes, either Public (only available somtimes) or Squad, players will be put into a new instance with up to 10 players. If a Public mission engages the boss with fewer than 10 players, it will be locked down and no more players will be able to join. Activating the beacon does not lock entry, however starting the boss causes all further participants to enter dead.


  • Speak to the Blood Legion captain to begin the Strike Mission.
  • Players in Strike Mission: x (if public)
  • Brave the elements and reach the top of Shiverpeaks Pass.
  • Engage the icebrood construct.
    • Icebrood Construct
    • Event bar.jpgEvent boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 12:00
    • Defeat the boss quickly to obtain more reward chests.
    • Daily Chests Awarded: x
    • Bonus chest 1 disappears in: 7:00
    • Bonus chest 2 disappears in: 4:00
  • Strike Mission complete!
  • Daily Chests Awarded: x/3
  • Mission closes in: 2:00



This strike mission acts as a good entry point for players tackling instanced content for the first time. Players will be introduced to the concept of 10-player content in a low-pressure environment and can then advance to the Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen and Fraenir of Jormag strike missions, which are of similar difficulty. Due to their relative ease of difficulty, these three strike missions are collectively referred to by the community as the "IBS EZ3" strike missions.

Jumping puzzle[edit]

Ice Shock Wave (slam attack).
Spinning Ice.
Ice Flail (with Ice Shatter).

Interact with the Blood Legion Captain to open the cave entrance nearby. Large snowballs will roll down the cave path and periodically Launch.png Launch all players caught in their path. These hazards can be ignored by either hiding in the cave pockets on the side, using teleport skills, or mitigating the launch with the Stability.png Stability boon.

After passing the cave and climbing on top of the rocks, players must navigate to the end of the jumping puzzle area, which contains a total of five Grothmar Valley Chests along the path. Players can also glide and apply the Swiftness.png Swiftness boon to speed up the process.

The first person that reaches the end platform will unlock a teleport beacon. All players can then interact with the Shrine.png icon on either the map and minimap to instantly teleport to the final boss.

Legendary Icebrood Construct[edit]

Health: 11,698,890
Enrage Timer: 12 minutes
Enrage Effect: Defeats all players
Fixation Mechanic: None

The damage and healing pressure for this encounter is low. Healing and boons are proximity and priority-based, so it is important to stay near the group be in range of receiving them. Swiftness is one of the few boons not removed when engaging a boss in instanced content and can thus be applied to the group beforehand.

100% – 85%[edit]

The encounter begins once players attack the construct, which possesses the following skills:

Skill Notes
Frostbite Aura Pulsing damage every 3 seconds.
Ice Shock Wave Slams its left arm down and unleashes a shockwave. Several orange AoEs also spawn, each inflicting Chilled.png Chilled.
Spinning Ice Slams its left arm down, unleashing a shockwave and spinning ice chunks that inflict Chilled.png Chilled.

Players can dodge or jump over the shock waves to avoid damage. Staying near the boss will also prevent the ice chunks from hitting players.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Ice Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (behind) → rotates 90° clockwiseSpinning Ice.

The shock waves from Ice Shock Wave and Spinning Ice do not disable, despite their skill description and visual indicator.

85% – 75%[edit]

The construct adds a new skill upon reaching 85% health:

Skill Notes
Ice Arm Swing Sweeps its right arm across half the arena, dealing medium damage and Knockback.png knocking back then spinning players around it.

Players can apply Stability.png Stability or use stunbreaks to negate the knockback from this attack. This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Ice Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (behind) → rotates 90° clockwiseSpinning IceIce Arm Swing.

75% – 50%[edit]

Two additional skills are added for this phase:

Skill Notes
Ice Crystal Summons an ice crystal that falls onto a random target's position, inflicting low damage and Chilled.png Chilled.
Shatter Arm At 50% health, the construct shatters its left arm, falls forward, then inflicts low damage and Knockback.png Knockback.

Ice Crystals periodically fall for the rest of the encounter. This phase follows the same, repeating pattern as before: Ice Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (left) → rotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Shock Wave (behind) → rotates 90° clockwiseSpinning IceIce Arm Swing.

50% – 0%[edit]

Upon reaching 50% health, the construct becomes untargetable and changes its skill rotation:

Skill Notes
Deadly Ice Shock Wave Slams its right arm and shatters all ice wall platforms, creating an unavoidable shock wave that inflicts heavy damage and Launch.png Launch.
Ice Flail Sweeps its right arm across half the arena, inflicting medium damage and Knockback.png Knockback.
Ice ShatterFrostbite Creates two ice platforms that continuously fire chunks of ice, which inflict Chilled.png Chilled. Players standing on the platform will take low pulsing damage until the chunks of ice stop firing.

The attacks during this phase deal more damage and can disable players. The shock wave cannot be mitigated with blocks, evades, normal jumps, or invulnerability. Players must stand on top of an ice platform to gain enough height to jump over the shock wave. Alternatively, players can apply Protection.png Protection and Stability.png Stability, tank the hit, then quickly heal up afterwards.

This phase follows a fixed, repeating pattern: Ice ShatterIce Flailrotates 90° counter-clockwiseIce Flailrotates 180°Deadly Ice Shock Wave.









Crecia Stoneglow

Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass


Thank you for your help during the All-Legion Rally.

Blood Legion must start rebuilding the bridge to the Shiverpeaks that Bangar's troops destroyed. I'm looking for volunteers to head back up the mountain pass to see if conditions have improved enough to do so. After seeing in person what you're capable of, I figured I'd reach out to you.

If you're interested, speak to my captain near Shiver Gate. Both Rytlock and I will try to stay in touch if you decide to head back up there.

Best Regards,

At the Shiver Gate
Blood Legion Captain: Commander! We're looking for volunteers to scout the pass. See if it's safe to go on. Want to help?

Shiverpeaks Pass[edit]

Speaking to the female captain
Blood Legion Captain: Do you want to return to Grothmar Valley?
Talk more option tango.png Yes.
Talk more option tango.png I want to return to the Eye of the North.
Talk end option tango.png Not right now.
Speaking to the male captain
Blood Legion Captain:Thanks for the assistance, Commander. Is your squad ready to go?
(If public)
(Advancing will lock your party and prevent any other players from joining the Strike Mission.)
Talk ready option.png Let's do this.
Talk end option tango.png We're still waiting for more people to show up.
If fewer than 10 players in public
Sure there's enough of you?
(You currently have fewer players than recommended for this Strike Mission. Choose to go forward anyway, or wait for more help.)
Talk ready option.png Yup. We're ready.
Your party has been locked.
No new players will be able to join the Strike Mission. Work with your party to complete the goal!
Talk end option tango.png We'll wait for more help.
If fewer than 5 players in public
You'll need more help. Report back with reinforcements.
(At least five players must be in the map to proceed. Wait for more players to join, or enter the squad version from outside.)
Talk end option tango.png I'll check back when help arrives.
Exploring the pass
Rytlock Brimstone: Commander. Heard you're headed back into the pass. I'll be right there—
Crecia Stoneglow: Give me that! YOU stay put.
Rytlock Brimstone: HEY!
Crecia Stoneglow: Be careful up there. Conditions have gotten worse since Bangar left. You'll have to find another way up.
Crecia Stoneglow: The storm isn't normal. Blocking us from following Bangar...
Crecia Stoneglow: Makes you wonder if it's intentional. And who's pulling the strings.
Rytlock Brimstone: Watch yourself out there, Commander.
Arriving at the platform
Teleport Beacon Lit.
<Character name> has braved the weather and reached Bitter Horn. An imbued Norn Beacon has been lit, allowing you to teleport to it if you choose to. While you're outside of Bitter Horn, an interactive icon for the Beacon will appear on your minimap.
Rytlock Brimstone: Commander! You heard it too, Cre. I should be there!
Crecia Stoneglow: You're being a distraction!
Upon defeating the Legendary Icebrood Construct
Rytlock Brimstone: Sounds like that worked out okay.
Crecia Stoneglow: But no change to the storm. If someone's responsible, it wasn't that thing. I'll send more scouts later.

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