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Whisper of Jormag

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the strike mission foe. For the creature from the Voice in the Deep story step in the Icebrood Saga, see The Whisper of Jormag.

Whisper of Jormag is the boss in the Whisper of Jormag strike mission.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]

Primary article: Strike Mission: Whisper of Jormag#Walkthrough
  • Shockwaves
  • Creates Wind
  • Ice Magic

DefianceLocked defiance bar (unlocked when casting Frigid Vortex)

  • Chains of Frost - The chain of frost between the Whisper of Jormag and one of its foes deals damage to those who touch it.
  • Frigid Vortex - A vortex of freezing cold air surrounds you, periodically dealing massive damage.
  • Frostbite Aura - The Whisper of Jormag pulses a volatile aura that deals damage every 3 seconds to all foes.
  • Ice Shatter - The Whisper of Jormag covers the ground with volatile ice magic that deals periodic damage.
  • Icy Slash - Lean to your left and strike in a 200° arc, temporarily covering the ground with ice.
  • Icy Slice - Lean to your right and strike in a 200° arc, temporarily covering the ground with ice.
  • Ice Tempest - The Whisper of Jormag summons deadly ice tornadoes.
  • Lethal Coalescence - The Whisper of Jormag targets a foe with a massive burst of frost magic. The damage done by this attack is distributed among all enemies caught in the blast.
  • Slithering Rime - The Whisper of Jormag rapidly spins, launching multiple icy explosions around itself and shooting out orbs of ice.
  • Spreading Ice - The Whisper of Jormag targets all enemies with deadly ice shards. While a target may evade their own shards, they may not evade others' shards.
  • Vicious Slam - Inflict Knockback.png Knockback to nearby players and slam your staff, launching all players into the air and spawning an icy spike underneath their original positions after a delay.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Gilded Strongbox.png Gilded Strongbox Container Exotic 1


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