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Conjured Amalgamate

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Conjured Amalgamate


Conjured Amalgamate portrait.png


Conjured Amalgamate is the first boss in the Mythwright Gambit.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Junk Absorption - Deals damage to foes in its path.
  • Junk Fall - Deals damage to foes and causes targets to drop all stacks of Conjured Power.
  • Pulverize - Deals incredible damage and knocks down foes in the targeted section of the platform.
  • Ruptured Ground - A damaging area left behind by Junk Torrent.
  • Thunderclap - Deals fatal damage to all foes.
  • Tremor - Deals damage to all foes outside of the platform section who are targeted by Pulverize.
Conjured Shield Skills
Conjured Greatsword Skills
  • Sword Spin - Deals damage to all foes around it and applies fractured. Fractured increases damage taken by 50% per stack. Hits twice per spin.


Event Rewards

Related achievements[edit]