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Legendary Divination

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Disambig icon.png "LD" redirects here. For the zone, see Lake Doric.

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Legendary Divination

Item type
Material type
Mystic item
Mat. storage
Advanced Crafting Materials
Account Bound
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Used at the Mystic Forge in the creation of the legendary ring Coalescence.

— In-game description

Legendary Divinations, commonly abbreviated as Ld or LD, are a crafting material obtained by defeating raid bosses in the Hall of Chains, Mythwright Gambit and The Key of Ahdashim raid wings, and are primarily used in the creation of Coalescence.

Legendary Divinations may also be used as raid kill proof.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative Lion's Arch Aerodrome Lion's Arch Aerodrome Legendary Insight.png
Scholar Glenna (Hall of Chains) Scholar Glenna   Hall of Chains Legendary Insight.png
Scholar Glenna (Mythwright Gambit) Scholar Glenna   Mythwright Gambit Legendary Insight.png
Scholar Glenna (The Key of Ahdashim) Scholar Glenna   The Key of Ahdashim Legendary Insight.png

Contained in[edit]

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Gift of Sentience.png Gift of Compassion Legendary Mystic Forge 0


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